shiver in your boots telemarketer guy

July 7, 2007


girl on phoneWhen telemarketers call me —

I just tell them I do whatever they are trying to sell.

Telemarketer : Hi, we would like to give you a free photo session at Sears.
Me : I am a professional model.
Telemarketer : Oh.

Telemarketer : Hi, we would like to give you a free vacation.
Me : I am a professional travel guide.
Telemarketer : Oh.

That usually works.

But it is not fun.

This is fun.



who the comedian is :
that is tom mabe

where i nabbed that :
nabbed without remorse at ration reality

where the art work comes from :
that is girl on telephone by irving penn


23 Responses to “shiver in your boots telemarketer guy”

  1. Kitty said

    Somebody pull me up off the floor.

  2. Jennifer said

    I need this guy to come and answer my phone for a day!

  3. Hey, thanks for the pingback!

  4. Woeful said

    I like the Seinfeld episode where he asks the telemarketer for his home number so that he can call him back later :)

  5. When I used to do body removals and the phone would ring or the clock radio or alarm used to go off it would FREAK ME OUT.

    Which is pretty funny, when you think about it.


  6. max said

    Jesse, sure. It is very funny.

  7. lacy said

    what a howl!
    tom mabe is my new hero.

  8. max said

    Doesn’t that rock?

    Telemarketers do not call IP phones, btw. They have not figured that one out yet.

  9. i’m not sure what’s so fun about a bunch of blurry letters, with an arrow facing to the right over them, but when telemarketers call me i smack the wall, and one of the kids screams bloody murder. It only once resulted in police coming to my door, but it always results in a hangup

  10. max said

    It is youtube, Criminy, you have to turn your volume on to hear it.

  11. aw hell. This thing has speakers?

    hiya max…

  12. I can’t get it to work. try as I might, my finger just will not clicik when i get the mouse on the arrow.

  13. there…i did it. I youtubed. I would be so ashamed if the result wasn’t so hilarious. I heard that live on the Bob and tom show, a couple of local boys that managed to get syndicated.

    I you tubed…for a rerun

    you will so pay max adams

  14. yeah, had i a mouthful of coke I would have expectorated it all over my screen.

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  16. Stiletto said


    Max, awesome! Holy sh1t. This is the most insane laugh I’ve had in a long time.

    I may have to steal this. Mexican midget? Gays in that closet? Oh oh oh

  17. max said

    I laughed so hard I was crying. That almost never happens.

  18. max said

    I laughed so hard I was crying. That so never happens.

  19. these are the maniacs that the comedian is talking to. they probably cause half of the rush hour accidents here in town by having guys like that on during it.

  20. My husband and I practically peed our pants. I like your way, too, Max. And it’s not so involved.

    One time I told someone the person they were calling for was dead. But then I felt bad afterwards.

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