perving on the towels

February 25, 2007


So I have been totally perving out on Jared Padalecki’s towel scene admiring Jared Padalecki’s acting skills in Supernatural. I figured if I was going to talk about that I should go find a shot to post and I am not the only perve admirer of talent I found this YouTube clip by a someone named tc_raina who is not me that is not an alias and I will swear that on a bible my mother’s life Calvin & Hobbes.

This opens with a Jensen Ackles towel scene serious acting scene too which is only right since AJ is responsible for all this and says she thinks he is totally pervable totally talented except she has mouth issues with him [for no good reason I checked] she is obviously confused but that is another story and he is in the towel fest too yay! acting study too.



PS: This Supernatural perv fest is totally not my fault I was only watching Supernatural because AJ told me Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in it [and he totally is not or at least is not much] and it totally was supposed to be actor research and then whammo to my total chagrin I am subjected to illicit towel shots of cute actor boys and everyone knows that is just wrong.

PPS: Say has anyone else noticed when I lie make stuff up sort of stretch the truth am being especially creative I say ‘totally’ too much?


23 Responses to “perving on the towels”

  1. cheshercat said

    It is obvious to me the tc_raina is your long lost twin.

    Or your alter ego (as in one of the other people who live in your head).

    Have you been noticing any lapses in time lately?

  2. aj said

    What a way to start the week off. Good work, Adams.

  3. Oh my, this video is too dirty for me to watch!

    I totally forgot how hot the two guys in this show are. I like the older brother myself but anyway…definitely wouldn’t kick this one out of bed!

  4. max said

    It is totally scary to me there are more comments under “writers are horribly boring” than there are under the pervy towel post. Good thing you all are on task.

  5. You know, Max, if I were you, I would select the actor I most perv for, and would give him a call and tell him that I am writing a script for a movie, and that I have envisioned him in the lead role. I would tell him that I need to embed with him in his life for a week, to study his nuances.

  6. max said

    Um. Lulu. I have to work in this town.

  7. True. Well, you could really write the script.

  8. max said

    Or I could just perv on a foreign sports figure who does not speak English who I will never have to work with. [wink]

  9. Unless he gets cast in your next film. As a sports figure with locks.

  10. max said

    Lulu, one of the best qualities of an imaginary boyfriend is, he is imaginary.

  11. Well, if you insist.

  12. max said

    You are such a romantic. You practically had me married off to Trench. [smile]

  13. Chris said

    I warned you, Max!

  14. max said

    That was not a warning that was a taunt.

  15. True. I did. The way I figure it, if I cannot be your girlfriend, than I can love you by finding you the perfect man. I guess I am romantic. I once sent a girl I liked flowers and a poem she inspired me to write. We dated for a little bit, but she had 7 other boyfriends, and that was a bit much for me–only because she didn’t give me any time. [shy smile back]

  16. max said

    Well I know you mean well but things like wives, continents, and large expanses of ocean are sort of a deterrent for me. This is not a Diana Ross song you know.

  17. max said

    Say, this whole post got totally side tracked this is supposed to be cute guys in towels talk. What is wrong with you people?

  18. Hey, you know my crush on Trench didn’t end so great, but you probably know that from my blog. I will say he is a very nice, descent man, but I don’t think he digs me.

    Say, lets all go down to the sauna and sit amongst those very attractive, towel laden guys!! [feeble attempt at being on topic]

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  21. troper said

    Blast, YouTube ToS’d the video. tc_raina’s gone, too. Too bad she’s completely anonymous and we now have no way to contact her and insist she re-upload it to some other, less prominent site. As a public service, of course.

  22. max said

    Oh no. It was so funny. What did they toss it for? It was not crude.

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