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January 30, 2016


The January Stage 32 webinar went well. If you could not catch it live, never fear, you can still watch it online on Stage 32: :::CRASH COURSE: WRITING DYNAMIC SCENES:::


Also, if you missed the December Stage 32 webinar, that is still available to watch too: :::CRASH COURSE: HIGH CONCEPT WRITING:::


There is an open seat in the online screenwriting workshop 5150. For more info, hit :::5150 THE WORKSHOP:::

There is also fun new January news over on the AFW site. If you have not been keeping up with the January movers & shakers, what’s wrong with you? :::GO SEE:::

Also, The Screenwriter’s Survival Guide has some fun new reviews over on Amazon. :::CHECK OUT THE NEW AMAZON REVIEWS:::

Screen shot 2016-01-30 at 2.48.25 AM

I am working too hard this month and am sorry I am neglecting you. But —

Never fear.

February is Max Mas yay!

I will for sure be back and posting then.



5150 and AFW are nine years old.

Holy cats!

Happy Birthday, 5150 and AFW!

january classes

December 7, 2011



Two January classes The Art of the Pitch and Visual Writing start January 10th. There is a preview of things to come in Art of the Pitch on the Austin Film Festival blog.


Begins January 10, 2012

MAKE YOUR READERS “SEE” YOUR MOVIE: You will learn how to use the visual elements space, light, and texture to create locations and scenes readers can “see”; how to establish and utilize perspective in scenes and sequences to make a script visually dynamic; how to create and utilize perspective; techniques to make characters visually dynamic and “real” for readers; techniques to juxtapose exterior and interior visuals to create visually dynamic motion and space on the film screen; and more….

Instructor | Max Adams

Reading Material | supplied in class forum & library | some outside material is linked to

Viewing Materials | posted or available via Netflix, iTunes, YouTube or your friendly neighborhood video rental

Weekly Chats | Thursday nights | 8 PM EST

Class Seating Limit : 12 |

Course Fee : $375 |


:::more info:::


Begins January 10, 2012

GET READ AND SELL: You will learn the five essential elements your pitch must contain to sell to producers and studios; the two pitch models; action driven vs. character driven pitching; the six points an elevator pitch must contain to interest a potential buyer — and what an elevator pitch is; how to open; how to close; how to use your story’s turning points to make your story compelling; when film comparisons work — and when they don’t; how to address the specific concerns of different members of the entertainment industry; and how to condense and expand your pitch to take advantage of new pitching opportunities and mediums.

Instructor | Max Adams

Reading Material | supplied in class forum & library. Some outside material is linked to.

Viewing Materials | posted or available via Netflix, iTunes, YouTube or your friendly neighborhood video rental.

Weekly Chats | Thursday nights | 9 PM EST.

Class Seating Limit : 12 |

Course Fee : $375 |


:::more info:::



Two March classes High Concept Writing and Character Writing start March 13th, 2012. For a full list of upcoming classes visit :::classes:::


:::more info:::



upcoming classes

November 7, 2011


Two classes begin November 15th —

Structural Writing and Non-Static Writing. I have a couple seats left so if you move fast you can be added to a roster.

Meanwhile, if you missed the new gallery photos, what is wrong with you? Go see :::here:::

And if you missed the October Newsletter, wow are you slacking that is :::here:::

A full schedule of upcoming classes is :::here:::

Classes being offered through the U are in January and March so if you are a U student, those are the classes for you. And if you are outside matriculation, hey, the world is your oyster you can sign up for anything on the list just hit me up with an email: :::contact:::


some gotham love for max

February 19, 2011


This is fun, Gotham did a write up on me yay!


Profile: Max Adams
~By Britt Gambino


Gotham teacher Max Adams has only one hard and fast rule for great screenwriting: don’t be boring. That and always use 12-point Courier font (and even that rule, she says, can be broken). If you were to follow Max’s example, you would learn another lesson about the screenwriting trade—be bold.

Originally, Max had planned to become a novelist but, by happy accident, she decided to take a screenwriting class and fell in love with the medium. She then burst onto the scene by winning first place in two of the most prestigious screenplay competitions—the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting and the Austin Film Festival’s feature screenwriting award.

Max now serves as a judge for the Nicholl Fellowships. She notes that over the years the scripts have gotten better and the competition stronger. However, it seems that one bothersome trend has not altered visibly; specifically, women still aren’t writing as many screenplays as men. According to Max, the submissions to the Nicholl are about 3 to 1, male to female. “I don’t know what that says,” Max offers. “Maybe it’s a more masculine desire. Then again, you have an industry that’s skewed toward a masculine perspective.” But Max makes a clear case for the need for female filmmakers—women are also consumers of film. In simple terms, behold the power of audiences for movies like Sex and the City or Twilight.

The Nicholl fellows have created “a family of sorts, a community.” They meet regularly for lunch. Max says, “We talk about working, agents, jobs we’re doing, jobs we’re considering doing, people we’re working for, releases that are coming out, that sort of thing.”

Being industry savvy is something Max knows a thing or two about. This year marks the ten-year anniversary of the publication of her book, The Screenwriter’s Survival Guide: Or, Guerilla Meeting Tactics and Other Acts of War. The book focuses on the business aspects of screenwriting, including such tidbits as what to wear to a meeting. The traditional “screenwriter’s uniform,” Max says, “is a t-shirt, jeans, and a casual jacket thrown on top.” She adds, “The illusion is that you are working at the computer, then throw on a jacket and head out the door to a meeting. I say illusion because writers are not actually that put together in front of the computer.”

Max claims that new technology is an ally to the bold new screenwriter. “Editing and filming have become cheaper,” Max says. “You can shoot stuff digitally and not spend an exorbitant amount of money on film.” (As opposed to spending $1,000 per minute on film some ten to twenty years ago.) Technology has also enabled screenwriters to learn by doing. “Things may work on paper that don’t work on film,” Max says. “It’s a lesson you don’t learn unless you go out there with a camera.”

Max tries to impart what she’s learned to her students. She makes them aware of what they’re up against, but she’s also encouraging. “People break the gates everyday…break the mold, break new ground.”

Most of all, Max advises confidence, saying, “Write like a pro if you want to be a pro.”


*max is a faculty member of :::gotham writers’ workshop::: and :::the university of utah::: and is the founder of :::the academy of film writing:::


where that article comes from :
that is from gotham writers’ workshop


tweet this!

February 1, 2011



Tweet This :

Online Master Screenwriting Classes #newacademy

And win a $15 iTunes card.


Hey do not scoff that is three episodes of Supernatural. Woohoo!

I will be collecting tweets on that hashtag #newacademy and a week from today on Feb 8 will draw a winner. And if that winner is your tweet, you win a $15 iTunes card yay!

Did I mention that is three episodes of Supernatural? Or, you know, if you are less discerning, three episodes of whatever you choose to pick up.

Get tweeting. You have three episodes of Supernatural on the line here. Jeez!


Love and Kisses,

Your Tweet This Adams Girl


*the rules: you can tweet as much as you like as often as you like
*food for thought: you could follow @celluloidblonde on twitter while you are at it but she is all political and stuff maybe not your cup o’ tea


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that is twitter wall art from zoice

professor max

December 22, 2010


As of January 2011 —

AFW online courses are accredited University of Utah courses. For info on course credit, contact Paula Lee in the Film & Media Arts Department via paula.lee @ or Max via :::afw contact page:::

Spring Classes:

The Art of the Pitch, 01.11.11
Visual Writing, 01.11.11
Character Writing, 03.15.11
High Concept Writing, 03.15.11

For a list of all upcoming classes, visit :::afw courses:::


*afw classes are open to max students outside of the u’s film & media arts department for info on that contact max directly via the :::contact page:::


where the art work comes from :
that is from rich legg

upcoming max classes

December 9, 2010


from screenwriter max adams



ONLINE 6 week master class | the art of the pitch |
START DATE 01.11.11 || •this class is full || *next class 09.13.11


ONLINE 6 week master class | visual writing |
START DATE 01.11.11 || •now registering || open





ONLINE 6 week master class | high concept writing |
START DATE 03.15.11 || •now registering || open


ONLINE 6 week master class | character writing |
START DATE 03.15.11 || •now registering || open





ONLINE 6 week master class | non static writing |
START DATE 05.17.11 || •now registering || open


ONLINE 6 week master class | structural writing |
START DATE 05.17.11 || •now registering || open





structural writing ahoy

July 21, 2010


The Academy of Film Writing’s Structure Class Begins September 14, 2010. This is a six week online master class taught by yours truly, Max Adams.

Seating is limited to 12 students. There are currently 5 seats left in the class. Please register early to reserve your seat in this class.

More info on the class is available at :::structure:::

A full schedule of upcoming classes is online at :::classes:::

To register for this class shoot me an email at :::contact:::

*A course fee is required for this class
*A writing sample may be required to register for this class
*This is an online class



max adams

*above, max adams discusses the art of the pitch
*neon venus art theatre, july 11 2010
*photo by :::deborah chesher:::

:::more photos:::


*note, this was originally missposted
saying a wrong date, this class starts september 14, 2010


photo_shootKeeping up with the calendar —

The July 11th pitch meetup filled, but we have opened a few more chairs so you can still get in if you jump now: :::pitch meetup:::

The July 13th online master class, Character Writing, has seats still open, this is an online master class in screenplay character choices, construction, presentation, and plotting with character: :::classes:::

The July 25th in person three hour pitch seminal in Los Angeles has seats open, more info about that is also available at :::classes:::

The September 14th online master class, Structural Writing, is now open for registration. Again, more info at :::classes:::

5150 the online screenwriting workshop is currently full. There may be a chair opening in September. Not sure yet. If you are interested in the workshop, you can read up on it at :::5150:::

Questions? Feel free to ask here or write in at :::contact:::


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