throw back thursday

June 26, 2014




biological imperative

February 27, 2014


max_viper_bw_375Every once in a while, I remember, almost everyone I know wants to join up with another human being and create children.

Most of the time I forget other people have that imperative.

It startles me.





where the art work comes from :
that is from the afw gallery

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bri sends a photo

June 4, 2007


Brian sent me a photo.


I am sure we took like twenty group photos and instead this is one he sneaked when I was not looking. [Bri you are in so much trouble.]

And I have the totally goofy max “oh you think i will believe that” expression in place [which means it is a real whopper me being all credulous and stuff] and also in future I should really reconsider tying bulky black jackets around my hips.

I did say I would post Bri photos though.

I also said I would post a silver band photo.

Voila. “One” Bri photo. Bonus silver band included.


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