January 25, 2015



It’s been so long since I had anything resembling long hair, I forgot it gets tangles in it that have to be brushed out. Where do these tangles come from? What causes them? Does the hair just go on a tangling spree on its own? Does it have its own brain?

[Okay wait I know hair has its own brain, that is clear even with short hair. Maybe the hair is stealing my brain. Ahhhh!]


PS: It has not escaped my attention my second father on FB renamed that photo “BratPunzel.” I am pretty sure he was not referring to the photo either. :::grrr:::



feng shui pumpkin!

October 26, 2009



A pumpkin for me. Yay!

[Seriously, are these not the coolest pumpkins you have ever seen? I know my obsession with black and white can get a little out of hand but these are too cool I must have a pumpkin this year and paint it yay!]


[They call one of those “wood grain” pumpkin but they cannot fool me that is zebra pumpkin yay!]


where those faboo pumpkins came from :
country living can you believe it?

[okay normally i do not read country living
but my amazingly stylish friend myriana
found those there she is style on the hoof]

the dichotomy of being me

December 9, 2008



I love minimal lines and spaces and yet am cursed with a need for massive bedding. So I look at all these beautiful bedrooms and homes and most of my life is very much like that very streamlined. But not the bedroom.

One thing the fancy pretty streamlined minimalist bedrooms all have in common is a little flat mattress and just sheets and two clean pillows.

My bed?

A regular bed plus a feather mattress plus a mattress warmer plus two down comforters plus eight feather pillows.

Seriously. I could probably be a book cover for The Princess and the Pea.

That is not minimalist.

That is not streamlined.

That is not aesthetic.

That is not feng shui!


*i am also the woman who had to have all white furniture with two dogs and when that was not enough challenge went for white berber carpet with two dogs too


where the art work comes from :
that is from eugenio recuenco

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