polar_bear_no_santaThere is —

Such an enforced extreme in your face “jocularity” during the holiday season, blaring from the speakers in stores and malls and hospital elevators, shouting at you from the television and radio, enforced cheerful near hysterical holiday mania shouting “Your life is supposed to be this!”

“This” apparently being some sort of Norman Rockwell painting that leaves no room for anyone not receiving diamond bracelets and being embraced by fat children and loving cake bearing grandparents.

There’s a whole world out there and a lot of it is not a Rockwell painting. And if you are among those not receiving diamond bracelets, ponies, new and overpriced phones, Ford trucks that according to Ford commercials are on every eight year old’s wish list, or the embalming love of Stepford relatives with perfect wrapping skills and even more perfect hair —

If you need to know you are going to be okay in place of a screaming message “you are not okay you are doing it wrong!” amplified across a million plus blaring electronic speakers stretching from Rhode Island to Hawaii?


And remember. It IS going to be okay.


*shout out to ana maria montoya for the danielle laporte link


land of opportunity

October 11, 2011





convos with expectant fathers

February 20, 2009



Expectant Father : You don’t really need that much to prepare.

Me : [cue evil laughter] You have really not spent much time around babies have you?

Expectant Father : Um. No. They’re kind of independent, like cats, right?

Me : They are exactly like cats. Except they do not walk, use a litter box, or groom or feed themselves. Also authorities get sort of tiffy if you leave them home alone and people get a little alarmed if they have tails.

Expectant Father : Hey, that doesn’t sound like cats at all.

Me : They both drink milk.


were the art work comes from :
that is black cat watercolor by pam houle

[and that is the best link i can find for her]

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