15 reasons obama sucks

December 20, 2010



flagThis was —

Supposed to be a top ten list. But it grew. Oops —


Fifteen Reasons Obama Sucks

1. What happened to :::habeas corpus:::? :::Indefinite detention:::? Seriously?

2. Hey weren’t we going to close :::Guantanamo:::?

3. What is up with that closed door deal with :::Big Pharma:::? That was two months into office right?

4. Have you discussed that :::government transparency::: thing with that :::Assange guy::: or are you guys just playing phone tag?

5. Two words: Public. Option. Wait, let me rephrase: :::five health care promises candidate obama won’t keep:::

6. If the big auto bailout really worked, why can’t I find :::Detroit::: via global satellite?

7. If the bank bailout really worked, how come :::banks aren’t lending:::?

8. What was with those screaming tanks unleashed on :::Pittsburgh students:::? Aren’t those supposed to be used on “the enemy”?

9. Am I crazy or is :::putting BP in charge::: of an investigation of BP kind of like putting the lead suspect in a murder investigation in charge of the murder investigation?

10. White House beach themed parties :::during the Gulf spill:::? Genius!

11. Carbon? Wasn’t there something in there about :::carbon:::? [Sorry, so much has changed so fast my head is still kind of spinning. I guess the plan is to not block it yet?]

12. Say, didn’t a drawn out :::Russian Afghanistan occupation::: topple Russia? Or do you still think Reagan was responsible for that? Also, weren’t the Russians smart enough to get out after NINE years?

13. We all know being on TV is fun, but :::don’t you have a day job:::?

14. Being :::groped, fondled, and x-rayed naked::: for no apparent reason is one of the things we objected to in that Bill of Rights thing everyone signed here before we kicked King George to the curb. Also, :::unwarranted surveillance::: is not cool. You may not be familiar with the :::Bill of Rights::: but if you ask an aide, I am sure someone can rustle up a copy for you. Or just Google it: “Bill of Rights.”

15. :::Veterans::: came to see you this month. I guess you were busy. Your people threw 100 of them in jail. :::100 U.S. military veterans in jail!::: For fuck’s sake! What ever happened to hot chocolate?

[My kids are so not caroling at your place this Christmas.]


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what do i do what do i do?

October 23, 2009


flagFriday morning Oct 23 —

The House Democratic Caucus will meet and determine what version of the “public option” goes into the House bill.

As early as possible Friday morning, call the “leaning” Dems. You do not have to sound smart. You just have to sound like a voter. And stutter out “I vote, do public option.” And, if you want to sound a little more erudite? Tell them we needed single payer, we settled for public option, and if they blow public option too? Well screw them they are so out. But whatever you do and however you sound?


Pick up a phone and call :

* Ron Klein (FL-22): 202-225-3026, 561-544-6910
* Dennis Moore (KS-03): 202-225-2865, 913-621-0832, 913-383-2013
* Stephen Lynch (MA-09): 202-225-8273, 617-428-2000
* Bob Etheridge (NC-02): 202-225-4531, 919-829-9122, 919-829-9122
* Dina Titus (NV-3): 202-225-3252, 702-387-4941
* John Boccieri (OH-16): 202-225-3876, 330-489-4414
* Steve Driehaus (OH-1): 202-225-2216, 513-684-2723
* Charles Wilson (OH-06): 202-225-5705, 740-633-5705, 330-533-7250
* Christopher Carney (PA-10): 202-225-3731, 570-585-9988, 570-327-1902
* John Sprat (SC-05): 202-225-5501, 803-327-1114
* Ruben Hinojosa (TX-15): 202-225-2531, 956-682-5545, 361-358-8400
* Solomon Ortiz (TX-27): 202-225-7742, 956-541-1242, 361-883-5868


For superstar points? Call committee chairs :

* Steny Hoyer (MD-05): 202-225-4131, 301-474-0119, 301-843-1577
* Chris Van Hollen (MD-08): 202-225-5341, 301-424-3501
* Jim Clyburn (SC-06): 202-225-3315, 803-799-1100
* John Larson CT-01): 202-225-2265, 860-278-8888
* Chuck Rangel (NY-15): 202-225-4365, 212-663-3900
* Henry Waxman CA-30): 202-225-3976, 323-651-1040


Now suck down more caffeine and call your rep if he or she is on this list :

* Artur Davis (AL-07): 202-225-2665, 205-254-1960, 334-877-4414
* Marion Berry (AR-1): 202-225-4076, 501-843-3043, 870-972-4600
* Harry Mitchell (AZ-05): 202-225-2190, 480-946-2411
* Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ-1): 202-225-2215, 928-445-3434
* Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-8): 202-225-2542, 520-459-3115, 520-881-3588
* Dennis Cardoza (CA-18): 202-225-6131, 209-383-4455, 209-527-1914
* Jim Costa (CA-20): 202-225-3341, 661-869-1620, 559-495-1620
* Grace Napolitano (CA-38): 202-225-5256, 562-801-2134
* George Miller (CA-7): 202-225-2095, 925-602-1880, 510-262-6500
* Loretta Sanchez (CA-47): 202-225-2965, 714-621-0102
* Betsy Markey (CO-04): 202-225-4676, 970-221-7110
* Jim Himes (CT-4): 202-225-5541, 866-453-0028
* Allen Boyd (FL-02): 202-225-5235, 850-561-3979
* Ron Klein (FL-22): 202-225-3026, 561-544-6910
* Suzanne Kosmas (FL-24): 202-225-2706, 407-208-1106, 386-756-9798
* Leonard Boswell (IA-3):): 202-225-3806, 515-282-1909
* Debbie Halvorson (IL-11): 202-225-3635, 815-726-4998, 309-808-1194
* Daniel Lipinski (IL-3): 202-225-5701, 312-886-0481
* Bill Foster (IL-4): 202-225-2976, 630-406-1114,
* Melissa Bean (IL-8): 202-225-3711, 847-517-2927
* Baron Hill (IN-09): 202-225-5315, 812-336-3000, 812-288-3999
* Joe Donnelly (IN-2): 202-225-3915, 574-288-2780
* Brad Ellsworth (IN-8): 202-225-4636, 812-465-6484, 812-232-0523
* Dennis Moore (KS-03): 202-225-2865, 913-621-0832, 913-383-2013
* Ben Chandler (KY-06): 202-225-4706, 859-219-1366
* Stephen Lynch (MA-09): 202-225-8273, 617-428-2000
* Dutch Ruppersberger (MD-02): 202-225-3061, 410-628-2701
* Frank Kratovil (MD-1): 202-225-5311, 410-420-8822
* Michael Michaud (ME-02): 202-225-6306, 207-782-3704, 207-942-6935
* Bart Stupak (MI-01): 202-225-4735, 989-356-0690
* Gary Peters (MI-09): 202-225-5802, 248-273-4227
* Collin Peterson (MN-7): 202-225-2165, 218-847-5056, 320-235-1061
* Ike Skelton (MO-04): 202-225-2876, 816-228-4242, 573-635-3499
* Heath Shuler (NC-11): 202-225-6401, 828-252-1651
* Bob Etheridge (NC-2): 202-225-4531, 910-814-0335, 919-829-9122
* David Price (NC-4): 202-225-1784, 919-859-5999, 919-688-3004
* Mike McIntyre (NC-7): 202-225-2731, 910-323-0260, 910-735-0610
* Earl Pomeroy (ND-AL): 202-225-2611, 701-224-0355, 701-235-9760
* Paul Hodes (NH-02): 202-225-5206, 603-223-9814
* Carol Shea-Porter (NH-1): 202-225-5456, 603-743-4813, 603-641-9536
* Albio Sires (NJ-13): 202-225-7919, 201-222-2828, 201-558-0800
* John Adler (NJ-3): 202-225-4765, 856-985-2777, 732-608-7235
* Steven Rothman (NJ-9): 202-225-5061, 201-646-0808
* Harry Teague (NM-02): 202-225-2365, 575-523-8751
* Shelley Berkley (NV-1): 202-225-5965, 702-220-9823
* Dina Titus (NV-3): 202-225-3252, 702-387-4941
* Timothy Bishop (NY-1): 202-225-3826, 631-696-6500
* Michael McMahon (NY-13): 202-225-3371, 718-351-1062
* Scott Murphy (NY-20): 202-225-5614, 518-581-8247
* Michael Arcuri (NY-24): 202-225-3665, 315-793-8146
* Eric Massa (NY-29): 202-225-3161, 585-218-0040
* Charles Wilson (OH-06): 202-225-5705, 740-633-5705, 330-533-7250
* Steve Driehaus (OH-1): 202-225-2216, 513-684-2723
* John Boccieri (OH-16): 202-225-3876, 330-489-4414
* Zachary Space (OH-18): 202-225-6265, 330-364-4300, 740-779-1636
* Mary Jo Kilroy (OH-5): 202-225-2015, 614-294-2196
* Marcy Kaptur (OH-9): 202-225-4146, 419-259-7500
* Curt Schraeder (OR-05): 202-225-5711, 503-588-9100
* Kathy Dahlkemper (PA-03): 202-225-5406, 814-456-2038
* Jason Altmire (PA-04): 202-225-2565, 724-378-0928
* Christopher Carney (PA-10): 202-225-3731, 570-585-9988, 570-327-1902
* Paul Kanjorski (PA-11): 202-225-6511, 570-825-2200
* Tim Holden (PA-17): 202-225-5546, 717-234-5904, 610-921-3502
* Patrick Murphy (PA-8): 202-225-4276, 215-829-1963, 215-348-1194
* John Sprat (SC-05): 202-225-5501, 803-327-1114
* Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD-AL): 202-225-2801, 605-367-8371
* Lincoln Davis (TN-04): 202-225-6831, 931-490-8699, 931-473-7251
* Bart Gordon (TN-06): 202-225-4231, 615-896-1986
* John Tanner (TN-08): 202-225-4714, 731-423-4848, 731-885-7070
* Ruben Hinojosa (TX-15): 202-225-2531, 956-682-5545, 361-358-8400
* Chet Edwards (TX-17): 202-225-6105, 254-752-9600
* Solomon Ortiz (TX-27): 202-225-7742, 956-541-1242, 361-883-5868
* Henry Cuellar (TX-28): 202-225-1640, 956-725-0639, 210-271-2851
* Tom Perriello (VA-05): 202-225-4711, 434-293-9631
* Glenn Nye (VA-2): 202-225-4215, 757-326-6201
* Rick Boucher (VA-9): 202-225-3861, 276-628-1145
* Adam Smith (WA-09): 202-225-8901, 253-896-3775
* Rick Larsen (WA-2): 202-225-2605, 425-252-3188, 360-733-4500
* Brian Baird (WA-3): 202-225-3536, 360-695-6292
* Alan Mollohan (WV-01): 202-225-4172, 304-623-4422
* Nick Rahall (WV-03): 202-225-3452, 304-252-5000


Don’t Know Who Your Rep Is? :

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Don’t know what single payer is? :

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nurse_vrcThe big question —

What is H.R. 676?

H.R. 676, also called the United States National Health Insurance Act, is a bill to create a single-payer, publicly-financed, privately-delivered universal health care program that would cover all Americans without charging co-pays or deductibles. It guarantees access to the highest quality and most affordable health care services regardless of employment, ability to pay or pre-existing health conditions.

What is “single-payer”?

The term single-payer describes the kind of financing system that H.R. 676 uses. It means that one entity–in this case, established by the government–handles all billing and payment for health care services. Right now, there are thousands upon thousands of “payers”– HMOs, PPOs, bill collection agencies, etc. The sheer volume of paperwork required by our current system means that administrative waste accounts for roughly 31% of the money spent on health care. The single-payer system would eliminate the wasteful paperwork and administrative costs, redirecting more of our health care dollars to providing care.

Medicare is perhaps the best known single-payer system. Essentially, H.R. 676 would improve Medicare and expand it, so that it covers all Americans, regardless of their income.

Who will be eligible for health care coverage under H.R. 676?

All Americans will be eligible for health care coverage. Every person who enrolls in the program and receive a United States National Health Insurance Card and individual ID number, and that is all anyone will need to receive care.

What health care services are covered?

The program established by H.R. 676 will cover all medically-necessary services without charging co-pays or deductibles. The services covered will include: primary care; inpatient, outpatient and emergency hospital care; prescription drugs; durable medical equipment; hearing, dental and vision care; chiropratic treatment; mental health services; and long-term care.

What about “catastrophic” care? Will I ever reach a limit for coverage?

No. There are no limits on coverage. Just as you will never pay a co-pay or a deductible under the universal national health care program, you will never reach a ceiling on your coverage.

Will I be able to choose my doctor?

Yes. Patients will have their choice of physicians, providers, hospitals and clinics. The financing will be public, but the providers will all remain private.

No co-pays or deductibles– what’s the catch? Will I actually pay less for health care?

There is no catch. Both families and employers will pay significantly less for health care.

Currently, the average family of four covered by an employer-provided health care plan spends roughly $4,225 on health care each year, including premiums, services, prescription drugs and supplies. This figure does not include the annual Medicare payroll tax, currently at 1.45%. Under the plan created by H.R. 676, a family of four making the median income of $56,200 would pay about $2,700 in payroll tax for all health care costs. No deductibles, no co-pays, no worrying about catastrophic coverage.

Employers who provide health insurance currently pay, on average, 74% of employee health premiums. For a family of four, the average employer share is $8,510 per year. Under H.R. 676, the employer pays a 4.75% payroll tax, not a premium to health insurance companies. For an employee making the median family income of $56,200 annually, the employer would pay roughly $2,700.

Estimates taken from: Employer Health Benefits 2006 Annual Survey, Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research and Educational Trust; Consumer Expenditure Survey, U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics; and Study by the Center for Economic Research and Policy.

How will the transition to the new system work?

The full conversion to a non-profit, single-payer universal health care program will not take place overnight once the bill is passed. The total transition time will be roughly a 15-year period. Important elements of the transition will include:

• Private health insurance companies will be prohibited from selling coverage that duplicates any benefits included in the universal national health care program. The private companies will, however, still be able to sell coverage for services that are not deemed medically necessary, such as many cosmetic surgery procedures.

• Private insurance company workers who are displaced as a result of the transition will be the first to be hired and retained by the new single-payer entity. Any of the displaced workers who are not rehired will receive two years of unemployment benefits.

How will the universal program be paid for?

First, switching to a single-payer system will lead to billions of dollars saved in reduced administrative costs. Those savings will be passed on through the system and allow coverage for all Americans. Additional savings in the overall cost of health care will come from annual reimbursement rate negotiations with physicians and negotiated prices for prescription drugs, medical supplies and equipment.

Second, a “Medicare For All Trust Fund” will be created to ensure a dedicated source of funding in addition to annual appropriations. Sources of funding will include:

• Maintain current federal and state funding for existing health care programs
• Closing corporate tax loopholes
• Repealing the Bush tax cuts for the highest income earners
• Establish employer/employee payroll tax of 4.75% [includes present 1.45% Medicare tax]
• Establish a 5% health tax on the top 5% of income earners; a 10% tax on top 1% of wage earners
• One quarter of one percent stock transaction tax


*source :::john conyers for congress:::


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e.t. cannot come out to play

September 15, 2009


Having watched the debacle unfolding that is health care reform debate, it is utterly clear to me why, if there are extraterrestrials, they are keeping a VERY low profile.



*look at how many cops it took to keep one guy safe there?





Didn’t think I would really do that did you?


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maher & weiner

September 13, 2009


This is an excellent interview between Bill Maher and Anthony Weiner I wish I could upload it in full but [tragedy!] I have it in two parts so you too get it in two parts:

[Update 09.15.09, wow I hate when they do this, these links are down, I must hunt up another link but meantime you can go catch other Weiner interviews.]




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In other news, bad things are happening in Washington but you can help by supporting the Blues who are holding strong in Congress against any form of bill that tries to exclude the public option — the last vestige of doing something positive left in the weak ass excuse for health care reform going down right now and probably the last way to stop a bad bill from passing that shoves thirty million people into the insurance industry pocket by mandate [dear Prez Obama wtf?].

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the big sell out

September 11, 2009


guitar_caseNow that the —

Sale of health care reform has gone public, the only thing I can ask is that real democrats left in D.C. refuse to sign the ridiculous lie that is being peddled by the President and his new friends the Republicans.

And I mean lie. Because thirty million new customers for health insurance companies, although clearly a boon to Wall Street where stocks just jumped, does not equal health care reform. And mandating citizens buy insurance from insurance company and backing that up with tax dollars that will lose 30% to insurance company graft is a crime to my way of thinking. Not to mention, just where is this going to go? People caught driving unisured lose driving privileges. What are people caught living uninsured going to lose? Living privileges? May I remind my government, while driving may be called a privilege, living is a right guaranteed by the founders.

Nothing so clearly demonstrates the sell out underway than Speaker of the House Pelosi, upon abandoning the public option, suddenly having a fundraiser thrown for Pelosi by a health insurance lobbyist. That’s not even subtle. And do not fall for talk about a trigger either, trigger in this context is another word for joke.

But I will leave the final word here to Congressman Dennis Kucinich, co author of the HR676 single payer plan who summed things up appropriately after the President’s congressional address.




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guitar_caseI am not going —

To self edit here, I am just going to type and you guys can shoot after. This is in part because I just want to get the thought out, and because I know it won’t be pretty, and because my mouse has gone unhinged again so it is a freaking bitch at the moment to edit anyway. So, here goes —

I have an impending sense of doom.

This is not something shared by most of the people I spend time with, pushing for health care reform. Or I do not sense it from them. The presidential address is over. The Republicans made asses of themselves. The President was very presidential. All should be well. The crazies are exposed, the plan moves forward, right?

And I back it. And I stomp liars and crazies.

But. Doom.

A lot of my compatriots do not even know the difference between “Medicare for all” and “single payer plan” and “public option.” They use them interchangeably. Or say things like, “buy into Medicare.” They just do not know what the different things are. This is maybe understandable. They have lived in a system in which you pay for insurance your whole life. The idea of walking into a hospital that does not have a billing department is maybe inconceivable to them. This lack of knowledge or comprehension of the differences in programs, though —

It is problematic when you are on the right side and do not even know what you are talking about or fighting for. That means you, like the crazies on the other side, are espousing dogma without a real understanding of it.

I said something about triggers and some nice girl tried to explain to me that trigger just meant it would take four years to enact insurance reform because that took a while.

I asked her if that was French and she did not talk to me anymore.

Oops. Maybe I should be more patient.

And I think sometimes, WTF have I gotten myself into here?

Especially because, from what I am seeing, it is a bad plan.

That is after hearing the address. I was withholding judgment until after the address. And everyone else seems reassured by it. But I am not. In other words —

I mean it. Bad. You cannot enact this without some incurred cost. But the president is saying he won’t sign anything that contributes one dime to the deficit. Okay, that cannot be done. So. What? He won’t sign anything? You cannot enact this kind of change without a price tag — unless you sell your soul in some way to pull it off. So who’s soul is on the block here? Problem.

Second, engaging in a program that demands people prove income to qualify for different measures is such a morass of paper, it will just be inconceivable. But this is the plan. Figure out what everyone makes and distribute plans that way.

Next, fine people who don’t buy insurance either from insurance companies or a Federal plan. The insurance companies have to be creaming themselves over this concept. They are just licking their lips thinking, Wow, fifty million people who must by law buy insurance.

Meanwhile, there is something unethical about demanding someone buy an insurance policy just because he or she is born. I can see it, with a car. You buy a car and drive a car? Okay, you should be responsible in some way for what you do with it. But just being born and being liable for whatever genetics or accidents of fates befall you? That is not something you chose to take on or should be responsible for. It is not property you took on. It is life and you did not get asked before it happened. But now you have to insure it?


An expansion of Medicare or the single payer scenario is simple. Everyone pays into one big pot, yes, it is taxes, but it is a huge pool and no one is paying for insurance so you have that extra cash anyway and that national pool insures everyone and if someone goes down, well it is covered. And you do not bitch about paying for someone else’s chemo because hello, you are healthy and not on chemo so should just be happy about that because what, you are jealous they get chemo and you do not? No one pays for insurance. No one has to prove they are too poor to pay for it so carry some stigma of poverty or inequality just to get it. No one has to pay a fine because they bought groceries instead of buying health insurance. And. Everyone gets it. And no one buys insurance from an insurance conglomerate or a Federal government program trying to put too much new paperwork into play to replace the old paperwork and —

Let’s just say I see so much wrong with what is going down.

And at the same time, it does have to happen. Something does have to happen. So, I am supporting the lesser of two evils.

Didn’t I just go through a freaking strike just like this? And weren’t the same evil bastards in charge and doing just the same things then? And didn’t, in the end, the good guys lose then too?

I would sure like for a change to support something actually good. Or equitable. Or right. That had a chance in hell of actually “winning” instead of “not losing as badly as doing nothing would mean.”


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This is just atrocious. No wonder government reps want to protect us from health care reform. Two day waits? Any medical treatment you require? Any doctor you choose? Specialists? In any country? No co pay?

What Satanic conspiracy is this?




sick & wrong

September 6, 2009


oxygen_valveThis is the —

Best article I have seen on the health care fiasco. It should be required reading for every American:


Sick and Wrong

written by Matt Taibbi
[originally published in rolling stone]

Let’s start with the obvious: America has not only the worst but the dumbest health care system in the developed world. It’s become a black leprosy eating away at the American experiment — a bureaucracy so insipid and mean and illogical that even our darkest criminal minds wouldn’t be equal to dreaming it up on purpose.

The system doesn’t work for anyone. It cheats patients and leaves them to die, denies insurance to 47 million Americans, forces hospitals to spend billions haggling over claims, and systematically bleeds and harasses doctors with the specter of catastrophic litigation. Even as a mechanism for delivering bonuses to insurance-company fat cats, it’s a miserable failure: Greedy insurance bosses who spent a generation denying preventive care to patients now see their profits sapped by millions of customers who enter the system only when they’re sick with incurably expensive illnesses.

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