austin glam party!

September 15, 2016


That is right, sports fans, yours truly Max Adams along with Kate Leatherwood from Last Satellite are having a party. We’ll be showcasing Kate’s amazing makeup skills for eyes, my Instantly Ageless, and the fabulous Ambra del Nepal from i Profumi di Firenze. If you are in Austin and feeling like you need some more glam in your life, please RSVP on the Last Satellite Facebook event page so we know to expect you.


Max & Kate Transformations!


Max & Kate Transformations










photo day

July 3, 2014



Max, Wild Orchid Salon Party, June 2014, Austin TX


closed for max mas

February 10, 2013




*Blog closed for Max’s birthday, see you back here after Tuesday.
*Not doing invites this year, you know who you are, if you should be here, send email for times and locations.


Austin Film Festival 2012

October 26, 2012


Max Adams, Kitty Sibille, Vivi Gregg, Cathy Rescher and Vicky Illk, Austin Film Festival 2012.

(I have no idea why Kitty has Vicky in a choke hold, we are writing congressmen for explanations.)

Kitty Sibille, Vivi Gregg, Max Adams, Austin Film Festival 2012

Max Adams, Cathy Rescher, and Kent Williams, Austin Film Festival 2012

Kitty Sibille, Julie Howe, Christopher Bosley, Austin Film Festial 2012

Vivi Gregg, Jacqueline Radley, Kitty Sibbile, Austin Film Festival 2012


Julie Howe and Max Adams, Austin Film Festival 2012

Kent Williams, Max Adams, and Carl Miller, Austin Film Festival 2012

Max Adams and Carl Miller, Austin Film Festival 2012

Ben Green, Max Adams, and Kitty Sibille, Austin Film Festival 2012

Vivi Gregg, Terry Rossio and Max Adams, Austin Film Festival October 2012


the max rules

October 9, 2010


I go to this party. I am talking to my friends Richard and Patrick. My essay contest for a Nicholl date comes up. They think it is funny as hell.

Later Richard is talking. [Richard and Patrick are both also Nicholl fellows.] He says, You know, if I heard just that a Nicholl fellow was running a competition for a date to the Nicholl awards I would be appalled. But if I hear it is Max, it is perfect and makes sense.

It occurs to me somehow I have made a life in which there are Max rules for me that only apply to me and no one else.


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