*None of this has changed under Obama. Under Obama, The Patriot Act has been extended and expanded — twice.

*That is James Spader in Boston Legal playing Alan Shore — Crazily, Boston Legal’s creator David E. Kelly got to say more about the political situation in the US on Boston Legal than any other show since All In The Family. I chalk this up to masking political statements with a whole lot of sex. [Good job, Kelly!]

45 minutes to save the world

December 20, 2010


How much did you spend on your car?
How much did you spend on your government?

Which one works?


I am going to ask you to spend 45 minutes watching this clip. It won’t even cost you cash. Just time. Less than an hour.

[Oh like you do not have the time I know you spent at least that much time on your hair.]

Just watch it. It might save the world.



grayson on maher

October 17, 2009



*let’s see how long this one stays up on youtube


nobel peace wtf?

October 9, 2009


President Obama was just awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

This is really cool considering President Obama just oversaw Congress pass the largest war budget ever in US history: $626 billion dollars to kick the shit out of other countries.

Good job President Obama.

What are we spending on universal healthcare again?


the limits of charisma

September 30, 2009


set_light_iiThe more I see of Obama —

The more I dislike him. I am a Democrat. This is not supposed to happen. I voted for him. I talked other people into voting for him, people seriously heart broken when Clinton lost who were talking about not voting at all. I told them they had to vote. It was that important to put a Democrat in the White House. And I should like him. I should be swept away by the joy of actually seeing a president speak in public who can pronounce “nuclear.” Be awed by his sweeping plans for the future, his deft poses, head tilted just so, hand raised in stillness as if he can hear something the rest of us cannot. It is all very pretty. It is all very eloquent. But —

All I see these days when I look at Obama is a man who leaves whenever the real fighting starts, comes back when it looks like a masked crusader might get the biggest cheer, who has broken campaign promise after campaign promise and who spends an awful lot of time figuring out what people want to hear and saying it —

And spends no time figuring out how to do it.

This is not a popular opinion. Well, not among fellow Democrats. It also however is not just my opinion :


:::the limits of charisma:::

:::other promises not kept:::


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guitar_case“The writer of this article —

“Is from the conservative part of the political firmament. However, he’s struck by what seems like a relative lack of backbone in the Obama administration. As far as my side of the ideological divide goes, hey, great. We’ll push as much as we can to either get what we want or make sure that the left doesn’t get what it wants.

“However, were this writer a Democrat, he might start getting a bit distraught over how quickly the Obama team caves on both principle and defense of its own supporters and colleagues.

“The latest… resignation accepted on Thursday of Yosi Sergeant, Communications Director of the National Endowment of the Arts —


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that is by robert a. george from nbc washington

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Remember “Candidate” Obama? Back before he became “President” Obama? Remember THOSE promises? Here are five he will not be keeping:


1. No Individual Mandate.

2. Complete Transparency

3. Government To Negotiate Lower Drug Prices

4. Allow Drug Importation

5. Lower Premiums by $2,500 for Family of Four


The mandate is in, sorry ‘bout that kids. Baucus’s bill — fondly referred to in D.C. as The White House Bill — was so non-transparent Baucus’s own party was not even privy to its details before insurance lobbyists were, forget the American people. The government did negotiate drug prices –– um, higher or to stay the same prices –– and drug importation is out via a very not transparent closed door negotiation between Obama and Big Pharma. And oh yeah? Those lower premiums? Those are out too and if, God forbid, you are a single parent? More out. And by the way, if you don’t buy that promised-not-to-be-mandated insurance? You now pay a $3,800 fine. I can see that working out for the people who live in boxes in Downtown L.A. right off. And I have not even brought up the “public option.” [delicate cough]


:::cbs special report:::


where that info comes from :
that is from stephanie condon’s cbs special report

can america be salvaged?

September 20, 2009


flagI do not know —

The answer to that question. It looks less and less probable as I watch the new president, allegedly the answer to all our woes, skip opportunities, allow his Green Man and to hear it told the voice of America’s youth to be drummed out of Washington, distance himself from the progressive economic advisers who strategized his election win, sell out to Big Pharma, extend the Patriot Act, celebrate a big signature on closing Guantanamo Bay and then fail in any way to follow through leaving it up instead to the Senate to block closure of what is essentially an American concentration camp while Pentagon lawyers hedge on the date for closure, humor Wellness Insurance’s Max Buacus’s $856 billion dollar “let’s force thirty million people to buy new insurance policies and fine the fuck out of them if they don’t” bill while totally ignoring smarter, better ways like the HR 676 single payer plan [which would by the way save $350 billion dollars a year and flat out pay for itself] — the more I see, the more I think Obama is just another corporation whore who really likes being on TV [Hello, Mr. President, contrary to your advisor’s counsel, you are not Angelina Jolie and I really WOULD like to see you in the office MORE and on TV LESS] and it is maybe time for one slightly used American screenwriter to start looking for means of employment in France.

But this is a very good essay you should read it.


Excepted from Can America be Salvaged by David Michael Green

… The moment correlates precisely with the peaking of the empire several decades ago, now further exacerbated as the deep wells of remedial pillaging — our credit cards, our mortgages, our children, a rising Chinese middle class, brown people everywhere, the environment — have disappeared entirely, with nothing but despair and moral dessication left in their place. Moreover, the folks most aggrieved and most estranged from their senses of late are precisely the people who were bought off of their sanity at every turn with the latest form of bigotry du jour, used to assuage their ever-diminishing sense of relative social status. Over and over again, the people I see on my television screen acting absolutely and incoherently stupid in their senseless rage seem to be little more than fat, white, Southern, sixty-something racist good ol’ boys.

Well past their sell-by dates, they’ve of course gotten tremendous help cranking it up again. That’s no surprise. I’m not sure these crackers are smart enough to even be stupid without coaching. As Lyndon Johnson used to say: “Couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel”. Lucky for them, those marching orders come from a host of politicians and media whores who, in an even moderately just world, would receive a wee taste of Abu Ghraib in repayment for the reckless destructiveness they’ve fomented upon the always precarious edifice of liberal democracy. There’s special place in Hell reserved for these shouters of “Fire!” in crowded theaters, these bloodsucking bottom-feeders, especially since they are being paid so handsomely for their faithful service as prolocutors for predators —


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