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April 26, 2017

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What’s up in May? Bunches. For one thing, we’ll find out whether the WGA and AMPTP come to an agreement on contracts or don’t — if they don’t, screenwriters are going on strike on May 2.

That has me a little tense.

The Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting Competition deadline hits May 1. Ahhh!

Did you enter?

After you collapse post Nicholl deadline and WGA/AMPTP strike trauma, I’m teaching three master screenwriting classes that begin May 16:





But you might want to grab those seats now if you are planning on attending, I’m seating those classes now.

*There are several other competition deadlines on the horizon to be aware of:


Knock ’em dead.

the winners!

October 1, 2010


On this day of —

October 1st, on or about the strike of Cinderella midnight, I hereby unveil the winners of the great date essay competition. Yay!

:::the winners:::


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that is from john carroll doyle


September 30, 2010


The —


Stay tuned to meet the winners.


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:::see the full gallery:::



I am —

Withdrawing from the June 12 Scriptwriters Network
Nicholl Fellowship Panel

Sorry about that. Let’s catch up at the July 11 Neon
Theatre :::hollywood meetup::: instead.


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script consults

February 15, 2010


photo_shootI am —

Doing :::script consults::: now through March. After March, things get spotty because I will be reading for Nicholl. That does not leave a lot of free time for individual consults.


:::script consults:::


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two more days!

December 30, 2009


I am —

Happy today. Yay! And, two more days until the new year. Yay!

[Wow that survey really worked.]

I am not sure why I have such high expectations for the new year. Every indication is the U.S. is in a tail spin and the coming year will just be worse. This forward charge for the new year is totally illogical. But maybe it is not that I have high expectations for the new year. Maybe it is just that I really want to kick the old year out.

2009 pretty much sucked. So many people died. The most personal to me were Gee Nicholl and my father. My father managed to hit me one more time with drama and financial hits on his way out. Seriously. There were lawyers. There were homicide detectives. It was very disturbing AND very expensive. [My father had a skill.] Gee Nicholl, well, Gee Nicholl did more for me than my father ever did I will always love Gee Nicholl.

Bottom line?

Two more days.

Yay! Yay! Yay!


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why i love greg

July 16, 2009


greg: i guess you got on those max

me: sometimes i am the ninja, sometimes i am the goat

greg: to me you are always the ninja max



meercats_250I bitch —

A lot about things gone wrong in scripts I read for Nicholl. Bad brads. Bad action. “Etcetera.” WAY too many Dead Elvis jokes —

There is another side to this too though. Sometimes things go really right in Nicholl scripts.

The thing about that is though, Nicholl reading requires a certain amount of confidentiality. So —

When I am bitching and complaining about something gone tragically wrong Nicholl, I cannot actually say, “This just happened.” I have to make something up that is close — but not identifiable.

And. When something goes really really right? I also cannot say, Hey I just read the coolest thing reading for Nicholl.

Well, okay I can say that. I just cannot tell you what it is.


I just read the coolest thing reading for Nicholl.

Wish I could tell you what it is.


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the full size image is here on celluloidblonde

But —

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etcetera my ass

June 7, 2009


girl with dunce cap by arthur tressOkay —

Never. Ever.

Put “etc.” in scene description.

Just don’t.


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that is girl with dunce cap by arthur tress

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