bark on, superdog….

January 6, 2015



A guy with a dog very excited and barky about the woman smoking on the balcony went by the other night. The dog could not be convinced I was not bark worthy material. The guy was wearing a Superman costume so I get why the dog was a little on task. The fate of the world was hanging in the balance….



The dog was named Ace, by the way, and was a black dog. It is possible that was Batman’s dog and Superman just kidnapped him and Ace was shouting for help.





June 16, 2012



I have interesting convo’s with my upstairs neighbor.

[Not on purpose.]

I will be having a cig, wearing white sitting in a somewhat expensive fabric chair —

[I bring that up to point out how problematic dirty water pouring from above can be because it really fucks up white shorts and also puts out cigs and damages nice expensive fabric chairs]

— watching water pour down the side of my balcony.

Pressed to speak to my neighbor — and I do not like her so this is pushing me — I profer up to the heavens, “If that waterfall moves over here to where I am sitting there will be trouble.”

A voice echoes back, “It won’t, that’s why I moved the plants over here.”

She did too, apparently she has actually taken some action to not impact me and moved her plants so the water she showers on them which she cannot measure showers down the side of my balcony instead of on my head and white shorts.

I am amazed she is actually trying. It is so out of character. But it is a start.


she’s so dramatic

January 17, 2012

I had a life partner —

Who was always vaguely trying to apologize for me. We had these really interesting neighbors. Every once in a while in the hearing of others I would mention how really interesting the neighbors were — and not in a good way. And my partner would smile apologetically and say, She’s a writer. She over dramatizes.

Two months after I left, my ex life partner driving home was stopped by police.

The whole neighborhood was cordoned off and surrounded by police.

The really interesting — and not in a good way — neighbors had bombed a house with a body inside that had a bullet through its head.

I do not over dramatize.

I notice things other people do not.

I have noticed this country will be dead in ten years or less if we do not stop the wars.

where the art work comes from :
that is naty chabanenko by hugh lippe

bad day for the neighbors

February 11, 2009


eviction_equineI trot outside —

There is a notice taped on the new neighbor’s door : Three days to vacate.

Uh oh. Bad news for pilot guy who appears gay but also checks out my legs [bi?] and his interesting in too short shorts friend who like me sometimes does laundry too late on Friday nights for it to be right or acceptable.

Also for the mysterious visitor dog that sometimes was in residence.

They have not been here very long.

They have very nice antiques.


where the art work comes from :
that is from meaghan courtney

fun with vandal madness

April 10, 2007


v for vendettaSo a regular —

Occurance at the fun Hollywood loft building is discouraged tenants — that usually means evicted tenants — throwing furniture and overpriced glass light and security fixtures off the roof.

Tonight around 2:30 am, which is the time any respectable discouraged tenant arrives back from last call, furniture started flying. Which is of course pretty exciting and a group activity that involves much shouting and also female companionship which dispells feelings of loserdome for anyone being evicted and is probably a good thing except for the unfortunate high pitched too loud feminine laughter which if you are on a computer trying to work and think coherently kind of pierces your frontal lobe.

For me in my delicate coccoon state, pierced frontal lobe stuff is not so good. And for pedestrians and motorists, maybe a pile of furniture on a dark street arriving unexpectedly out of the air is not so good too. So. I called the police and said, Hey, furtniture is flying again, and, I just heard at least one car hit flying furniture on the street.

Unfortunately for the kids on the roof, cops have started taking calls from this building pretty seriously, and there was a helicopter in the sky nearby. Which immediately abandoned its search for a lone Hispanic who might be selling drugs on a corner somewhere and honed in on the roof here where most likely overpriviledged children of people with too much money who were pissed off Dad refused to support their artistic illusions and was pulling the cord — and so was the landlord for non-payment of rent — were perpetuating the saga creating bitter children hell bent on entertainment at the expense of rattan roof furniture.

Now, there are like five police cars, one helicopter, and at least seven people in strangely marked up black hoodies being tied down with pieces of plastic usually reserved for packaging Amazon express packages.

I am partially on the furniture thrower’s side. If they did not have that too high level of female copanionship laughter that pierced my frontal lobe I might be all the way on their side. Personally I do not like my night discouraged or interrupted by their activities. And personally I disdain most of the common demographic in this building. And yet.

Sometimes they are not common demographic, sometimes they are something else. And these guys had uniforms. That is kind of cute.

Or scary.