ndaa and obama’s crown

September 13, 2012


The president —

“Strongly believes that to detain American citizens in military custody infinitely without trial, would be a break with our traditions and values as a nation, and wants to make sure that any type of authorization coming from congress, complies with our Constitution, our rules of war and any applicable laws.”

So that was a lie. U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest ruled in favor of Chris Hedges’ suit against Obama and NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act], permanently blocking disputed provisions in the NDAA as unconstitutional. And Obama and friends immediately filed an appeal. Actually they filed some sort of appeal a while back, anticipating NDAA would be knocked down by the judge after her May stance which temporarily restrained the implementation of NDAA.

Here is the thing to think about. A US president is fighting tooth and nail for the legal right to throw US citizens into jail, for life, without charges or a trial.

What sick science fiction movie is this coming out of?

And why is anyone voting for a president who would want the power to or try to do that?


There is another guy, by the way, who was big on arresting citizens and throwing them into prisons without charges or trial. His name was Stalin.


where the art work comes from :
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is this america?

May 27, 2012





so where do you go?

May 25, 2012


So. We have an —

Election coming up in November. People seem to think this election, if it does not work, will be like any other election, there will be four more years to get it right.

[This is an illusion the American people have, that every four years we have an opportunity to peacefully revolt and if that does not work out, we have another four years to think it out and get it right next time. We don’t actually have another four years. We have gotten it wrong too many times in a row.]

I keep remembering this interesting exchange I saw reprinted that was between a [really clueless] reporter and Billy Wilder. The reporter asked, So what made you decide to come to the US? Billy Wilder replied [drily] it seemed like a bad time to be a Jew in Germany.

[If this doesn’t mean anything to you, Google WWII. And after that, Billy Wilder.]

It seems like a bad time to be an American in the US. Especially an American who doesn’t like the president. Who speaks out in favor of Occupy and dissent. Who is college educated. A teacher. Is easily labeled an “intellectual” and “dissenter.”

Those were the first to go in Stalin’s Russia.

So I am watching everything I know about my country slide into a crevasse, thinking about who’s going to go first, how to get out, how to stop the need to get out, and the Democrats don’t seem to be doing anything about it, they’re actually backing the asshole who signed indefinite detention into law. And the big question is, if things go really really wrong this coming election and it is time to flee the country — which looks highly possible —

Where do you go?

Greece is burning. Canada is up in arms with protests just as fierce as US protests. Mexico is dying, fueled by the drug war the US does not appear capable of letting go of. Ditto for South America. France is in tatters, though trying, they just elected someone willing to pull out of NATO and say no more war we’re leaving Afghanistan. [Go France! But that doesn’t mean they’d welcome me and also I don’t speak French.] Russia is seriously pissed off and there is a real threat of thermonuclear war if NATO pushes ahead shoving new missiles into Russia’s back yard after pushing for a nuclear arms draw back that the US and Russia both signed. [What a piece of crock that was, sorry Russia, Obama lied to us too.] The president, our “Commander In Chief,” has pushed through his [imperial right to sign laws into place] executive orders sans any say so or input of the legislative branch, granting himself the right to categorically target anyone he wants for assassination, abroad, or on native soil, regardless of citizenship and without charges or habeas corpus. [“Constitutional scholar” my ass.] Drones are infiltrating our skies, more and more every day. The same drones that are blasting women and children civilians dead overseas — which should outrage the Liberal Left, except the Liberal Left apparently has Stockholm Syndrome. Tens of thousands of people are gathering in the streets in the Occupy movement to protest, though they and the Tea Party, which protested when Obama first took office, can’t seem to find enough common ground like, I dunno, being human and wanting to maintain the Constitution and civil rights, to protest together — and getting the crap beat out of them daily by the more and more militarized and aggressive police. And mainstream media does not even cover Occupy, mainstream media now being owned by estimates are 4-6 conglomerates, depending on whom you talk too, all of which are linked into corporate America and at this point bought and paid for by the same entities buying and paying for elections and everything else in this country. And all of whom’s slick reporters want an invite to the White House that might not come if, you know, anyone asked a hard question or told the fucking truth.

The best most accurate news you can get now is on the internet on Russian TV. Russian. TV. Seriously. Our former Cold War enemies. Who might blow us up if NATO pushes through its unsane missile “defense” plane. What does that tell you when Russia is a better reporter of American politics than American mainstream media?

Meanwhile the one presidential candidate who says, Hey, maybe we should attempt to honor the US Constitution and uphold the Bill of Rights? Is labeled offhand a “crazy” or a “whacko” by mainstream media and the bulk of Democrats I know — not because it’s crazy to say honor the Constitution, but out of conditioning. More Stockholm Syndrome.

I’m thinking maybe New Zealand. Or Iceland. If they’ll take me. I’m in the arts. People in the arts are not a hot commodity ticket. And I hit the Hollywood scene right out of college so I never bothered with that masters thing so many people seem to value so highly. Bummer.

Also, the dollar is going to have to be strong enough to get out of the country for anyone to actually get out of the country. That’s not guaranteed. The dollar is sinking pretty fast. Check your savings. What did that cash buy last year? Five years ago? What does that cash buy today? What will it buy tomorrow after the Fed prints another few trillion to feed the war and everyone overseas says, Hey wait a minute, how much of this can you print and expect us to still take it seriously?

The dollar won’t go up. Be careful.


By the way, you should really be paying attention to the internet war. To control a population, from a military perspective, you have to control transportation and communication. Transportation is almost complete. Airlines are under wraps and the DOJ just bought a crap lot of bullet proof road check point booths and hollow points. What isn’t down yet is communication. But it will be. SOPA failed. But CISPA in on the horizon. Don’t know what CISPA is? Google it. Now.






a vote for obama

May 21, 2012


This is going to be an ugly post. It needs to be said however. Obama is the presidential candidate who said he would close Guantanamo. And then? Signed into law NDAA. Not only did he not close a prison that met no US requirements of law, he made it law he could do the same thing to you. This is voting for Obama.

There are worse photos. Lots worse. I’m hoping these are enough.

You voted for him.

I voted for him.

He said he would stop this.

Instead, he made it law he can do it to you.

Are you voting for that?


Today’s hero is —

US District Judge Katherine Forrest who issued a temporary injunction prohibiting enforcement of portions of the National Defense Authorization Act 2012 (NDAA) that relate to open-ended military detention of “suspects,” rejecting the Obama Administration’s arguments that the eight plaintiffs in the case, including Noam Chomsky and Daniel Ellsberg, did not have standing to contest such detention practices.

Take that, you unconstitutional scholar you. I mean, erm, Mr. President.

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April 30, 2012







I wonder what my parents —

Card carrying Democrats and pacifists, would think about the fact I have moved to Texas, I own a gun — and know how to use it because a Marine taught me how, and —

Now I’m a card carrying Republican.

Sort of the final nail in the coffin of my upbringing, that Republican bit there.



My parents weren’t entirely pacifist. My father [allegedly] started riots. My mother ran over a possum three times for eating her rose bushes — and I’m not sure that possum ate her rose bushes, I suspect she just likes getting violent. But still, as a child, I was not allowed to play with toys that looked like guns.



But. Barack Obama.


I am astounded anyone purporting to be “liberal” or a “Democrat” could still actually advocate voting for Obama. Obama is, in the worst sense, a bad boyfriend. You know that guy. The guy who says he loves you while he holds you down and blacks your eye? Breaks your ribs? Kicks you in the stomach while asking, “Why do you make me do this to you?”



If you don’t know that guy personally, volunteer for a few hours on a woman’s crisis hotline. You will get to know him very well. He is a very bad boyfriend.

Obama is THAT bad boyfriend.



Obama has escalated and extended the wars, created new wars, extended Bush tax cuts for the very rich, given additional bail out money to banks, Wellpoint wrote his damn healthcare bill, (mandates for alles!), Obama extended the Patriot Act, fast forwarded Keystone, goes after whistleblowers with more passion and fervor than if they were Taliban, and Obama signed NDAA.

NDAA is such a crime. It is, really, an act of war against the American people, and more than that, treason and a violation of the oath to uphold the Constitution. An oath every president takes when he is sworn into office. But that’s not all —



Obama sicked TSA on the American people, and laughed. [But hey, those are the sacrifices we, not he, make, right?] Forget the freaking radiation people are being exposed to in airports that, in a hospital? Would require warning signs and lead plating. And while Obama says the “rule of law” requires he turn his DOJ loose on legal medical marijuana dispensaries across the country that give pain alleviating medicine to cancer patients — because, well, those dispensaries MIGHT at some future date sell marijuana to people who don’t have cancer? And oh yeah, Obama’s strip search thing, when the DOJ and Obama pushed the Supreme Court to rule it’s just fine and cool to strip search anyone arrested ever, even if it’s just for you know, your dog’s license tag fell off or a traffic ticket you paid but the clerk screwed up the upload. Yay! [Um. Hello, Obama, you’re not in Vanilla Sky here you don’t actually get to start wars because you can imagine a country might sometime in the far off future be capable of building a nuclear weapon or to arrest people because you imagine they might maybe in a wild stretch of the imagination have dynamite strapped to their scrotums that’s not the “rule of law.”] He has no problem turning a blind eye to “the rule of law” when he wants to protect and shield bank fraud and torture and facilitate the armed obfuscation of the BP oil spill. And, he is promoting more nuclear power facilities and totally lying about the dangers of nuclear energy and what is going on with Fukushima dumping radiation on our shores not to mention cows who will be shipping off milk to small children.



All I can figure is alleged “liberals” and “Democrats” who still [WTF?] support Obama have Stockholm Syndrome. How else could anyone stating they believe in civil rights vote for the president who has done the most in the nation’s history to strip the country of civil rights, the most in the nation’s history to make us hated and despised throughout the known world, the most in the nation’s history to promote injustice and war atrocities across the globe?

The most to make me ashamed I am an American.



[I didn’t think that was possible after Bush, but Obama pulled it off. Well done, Commander in Chief!]


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