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Nancy Bilyeau on Debris & Detritus

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Debris & Detritus, the lesser Greek gods running amok -- a fantasy anthology collection of short stories



workshopper makes good

June 5, 2013


Nancy has been making good for a while actually but this is cool I am posting it.




This is very cool news. Nancy Bilyeau’s The Chalice book trailer just won the YouGottaRead trailer contest. Yay!

Oh why am I yaying, you ask? Doy. Nancy is an AFW student of mine and a 5150 peep and so is Christie, the book trailer creator and founder of Trailer Works — which also created the TNSSG trailer.

Yez, we are nepotism times twelve. Get over it. That can also mean soldiers in arms.



Guerrilla Tactics: Interview With Author & Screenwriter Max Adams
(December 10, 2012)

~ by Nancy Bilyeau

In the middle of attempting to write my first screenplay, I bought a paperback called The Screenwriter’s Survival Guide: Or, Guerrilla Meeting Tactics and Other Acts of War, by Max Adams. It was a fast, smart read, very funny, with an insider’s wisdom about how to get off the ground as a screenwriter.

Max, I learned, had won the two hottest screenwriting contests—the Nicholl Fellowship and Austin Film Festival—in the same year, sold a spec script for real money that made it onto the big screen, and scored a whole bunch of studio assignments. She also taught writing, and so when I saw her name in the faculty list for Gotham Writer’s Workshop online, I jumped.

Max has taught me an incredible amount on writing visually, creating characters and plotting. Before I took a swerve into fiction, I got pretty far with the Nicholl myself, reaching semi-finalist twice, and getting some producers to read my scripts. Who knows? Someday one of those stories could be at a movie screen near you.

The New Screenwriter's Survival Guide;  Or, Guerrilla Meeting Tactics and Other Acts of war by screenwriter Max AdamsNow Max is back with an updated version of her book The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide. This is not one of those cases where the author wrote a few new paragraphs for the Introduction. Max overhauled her book, making it even more useful and on target. Chapters range from “What You Really Get Paid” to “Writer Speak Versus Mogul Speak.”

I chased her down–no easy feat–and persuaded her to submit to an interview on her new book. I’ve met Max in person as well as participated in her invite-only online workshops, and, well, Max has a conversational style like no other, one I wanted the blogosphere to experience. As you can see from this photo, she’s not shy. What you can’t see is she swears by killer shoes — :::continue reading:::


That is the cover for The Crown.

One of my students [Nancy Bilyeau] wrote The Crown and is steadily taking over the world, even Oprah is suggesting you grab and read that book. Whoa. Pretty soon my students will be bossing me around.

[Not really.]

I am supposed to have a copy of that book. It is signed just for me and Nancy packaged it up and mailed it back in late December/early January. The book did not show and did not show and I thought, Oh well lots of late Christmas gifts in the mail are slowing things down still. And I waited. But it still did not show.

Then Nancy got the book back in the mail. The address label where my name and address were supposed to be had been ripped off the package so it was sent back to her.

She repackaged it up and put it in the mail to me —

And it hasn’t shown and hasn’t shown and hasn’t shown.

I am beginning to wonder if maybe an ex pissed off boyfriend is working at the Post Office in Queens ripping my name off packages.



*Postscript: FB Mail From Nancy Today: “You know what? I mailed it again today — a third time. PRIORITY MAIL. Supposed to be there by Friday at the latest. You WILL get this fucker!”


*There is a spiff trailer for Nancy’s book The Crown :::here:::
*You can order the book The Crown :::here:::
*Also I have been sprucing the AFW site and it has a new nifty gallery page :::go see:::


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