good travels, sol

July 26, 2015


david and sol feldthouse

From left to right, brothers David Feldthouse & Sol Feldthouse performing.


My cousin Sol left us on July 24th, 2015.

It will be a sadder world for the lack of him.

Good travels wherever your next journey takes you Sol.

I love you.



that’s fair

July 2, 2014




Not much, but enough people think I should I figured that would get your attention.

Let’s do something better.

Instead of making me feel like an asshole?

Let’s give you something that makes you feel like less of an asshole.



When I watch this —

I feel uplifted.

And like there might still be hope for the human race.




sister cristina

March 23, 2014



*Yes, you WANT to click play. Also be sure to click “cc” — “cc” will show in the lower right of the viewing window after the clip starts playing — if you need English subtitles. Yes, you want those too.


my favorite christmas song

December 22, 2013





raise your voice

February 24, 2012


Word of Mouth’s first single Raise Your Voices off of the upcoming album Speaks.





*i can’t help it, i love this song



October 5, 2010




I originally posted this in September 2009. I am in the mood to post it again:

In the midst of fire, flame, brimstone and political purgatory —

A friend sent me this. It is very beautiful. And time outs for beauty are warranted. Without it the eternal battle would be very empty. What would we win?




And then I found this too. Which I cannot leave out it has to be here too.



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