This is for Kym & Mara



cookies vs. jayne cobb

January 23, 2009


jayne_collage_iiiSo I have been —

Stressed. And Kym wrote me and natch I told her right off send Jayne Cobb that would fix everything but she is strict in her love o’ Jayne and said no [stingy!] and then today I opened the mail and there were —

Cookies! Yay!

They are delish and wonderful and homemade by Kym and almost as good as Jayne Cobb. Almost. Maybe if I put little hats on them….



adam baldwinSo The Faust —

Posts this perfectly innocent topic, I am a leaf on the wind. It is a Firefly quiz and The Faust is Wash who is a totally fun character and the topic title is a Wash quote.

Natch, rather than taking the fun quiz or behaving like the ladies we are supposed to be [ahem] Kym and I immediately battle each other for Jayne dominion.

[This has happened before. Even though Kym is totally unfaithful and sneaks off to make sassy posts about Mal jeez.]

It comes to the point though, battling in poor Faust’s topic, where I have to sit back and take stock. See. I cannot outlast Kym in a war of words. Kym is tenacious and a really good debater. And it is not a good idea for me to wrestle Kym. Kym is taller than I am and also has a black belt. So. I only have one recourse.

I guess I just have to shoot her.


ps : i am river tam yay!