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June 7, 2014


Screen shot 2014-06-07 at 2.22.43 AM

My beautiful little office chair is trying to go poof like a :::lucky T-shirt:::

Well the edge of the seat is.

It’s not actually covered in leather, it is covered in “leatherette.”

I guess “leatherette” has a 3 year expiration date.

I’m tracking down the manufacturer to see if I can buy the little chair a new seat.

I’m looking really hard at vinyl repair kits.

Dear Universe, if you know a good way to repair “leatherette,” help!


*i am mad dependent on unchanging physical pillars in my work environment, change or move furniture and it shoots a shock wave through so hard it can shut me down for weeks — this really confuses the :::social writers:::


copernicus was here

November 3, 2013


clock_copernicusEvery device —

With a clock should have a button that says “clock.” That way, you can change the time without hunting up and studying a manual and directions that would confound NASA space technicians.

Since the car and CD player do not have this NECESSARY button their clocks will remain on the wrong time until further notice.


[This is going to really piss off the car.]

[It is the car’s own fault for not letting me into the glove box where the manual is trapped.]



December 23, 2011



On Monday night, my cousin’s teen daughters, Solana and Maya, lost their home.

It burned to the ground.




I am beyond grateful Solana and Maya and their mother Stefanie are okay. But they need, well —


If you have extra clothes — emphasis on teenage girl clothes — you were thinking of tossing [the girls are sizes 2-6] please consider packing them up and sending them to:


Solana & Maya
c/o Marta Schill
PO Box 1118
Sierra Madre Ca 91025



And please consider doing that TODAY. I know it’s the holidays. I know everyone is crazed. But teenage girls need clothes.


Thank you for helping,


Your Teenage Girls Need Clothes Adams Girl


help me obi wan kenobi!

March 6, 2010


I am trying —

To come up with a cool nickname that is sassy. It has to rhyme and be fun. Craig Ferguson is The Hot Mess from Loch Ness. Surely I can come up with something as good. I am a comedy writer.

Tragically my head got locked in on The Confused Lay from L.A.

It is like when you get a song stuck in your head I have not been able to get my brain out of that repeat.


[Okay really it was “hot” first but that was just whacky and then “confused” landed which is less suggestive but still. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi!]


[Girl in Gray from L.A. is not sassy and Blonde Assassin does not rhyme with L.A. Also I had to look up the spelling of Kenobi.]


where the artwork comes from :
that is from

wordpress help sucks

October 30, 2009


So WordPress every time I try to look at comments tells me I don’t have any comments. In the old days, you could just ignore this a couple days and it would straighten out. But lately it is every time and this has been going on months. [Which is why I am not responding to anyone sorry about that.]

I get annoyed at this. Of course I have comments. Not just on my blog, but like other places I would like to check in on?

Oh no, according to WordPress, I just have no comments.

I try to get help by, you know, hitting the WordPress help link. I am immediately hit with a page of different scenarios I might need help with. No help. No contact info. Just, Yay! This huge fucking list.

I wade through that. I find something that is help 24/7. I think, Well, that might work, I could actually talk to a human being? Maybe it is chat or something.

I click it.

It’s another fucking list page, with a hundred things to choose from that might be my problem.

None of them of course are my problem.

WordPress, your help sucks.


time to go

October 21, 2009


corset_horst_iiI post a link on Twitter —

It is about one out of every hundred American Citizens being incarcerated. As in prison. That doesn’t count jail. Or awaiting trial. Or just detained for oh I dunno any reason you want for seven YEARS without charges or representation, as in Guantanamo. That’s just people serving your normal every day prison terms.

I have a lot of these links. Dating back to early 2000. I’ve posted one on Cell Blonde here: :::one out of a hundred:::

And I post a lot on Twitter. I am sort of cute and charming and sometimes funny and also pretty fact based. I am also a bitch on fire when someone pisses me off, and sometimes I think that, more than anything, people find amusing, the nice girl yelling her socks off to tell someone off when she gets mad. Or tell them they are blocked for being an asshole. Whatever it is, the result is this rock hitting the pond effect. I post. At least 10 people repeat, often more, repeat, and another ten for each of them repeat, and it moves outwards. A ripple. Information. Attitude. Thoughts. On the war. On the health care sitch. On the KBR rape sitch. But —

Not on the Americans behind bars sitch.

I post again. And again. Still, it doesn’t move.

Dead silence.

I guess no one is worried about that, that we are a police state, have been for more than at least ten years, and it is getting worse. That the countries we heard horror stories about in history class are actually afraid of us because we incarcerate more citizens than any other country in the world?

I am getting out. Seriously. Unless I go and get incarcerated for just being a little too outspoken first. Also this is going to take some figuring out since, you know, being from the humanities and all, I don’t know exactly how to escape a police state military power failing empire. But. If I can figure it out? Out of here.

I am a serious American too. An Adams. My father’s name is [or was before he died in January] John Quincy Adams. Son of. Son of. Son of. My forefathers fought the revolutionary war. Founded the nation. Wrote the constitution.

I think my forefathers also knew when it was time to cut and run though. That’s how they got here right?


*as i post this, i am listening to police instructions on loud speakers [in west hollywood] and helicopters [which i endure every night] in west hollywood and it is 3 am — that should be wrong right, to live every day and night with police yelling through loud speakers and overhead police helicopter action?

*slightly used screenwriter seeking employment in non police state send help


where the art work came from :
that is mosbacher corset by horst

things i don’t know

December 11, 2008


camerasThings I think I know :

My mother and father married specifically because my mother was pregnant.

I look exactly like my father — except for being one foot shorter and also that breasts and being a girl thing.

My first name is Russian.

I was named after a girl my father grew up next door to — who was Russian.


Things as far as I know : There is no Russian in my family line. They are all Czechs and Scots.


Things I do not know : Why true from Russia Russians keep taking one look at me and thinking I am Russian. To the point they instantly speak Russian to me.


Things I wonder : If something is going on no one told me about.


where the art work comes from :
that comes from akulis2

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