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At the risk of being grossly commercial here [hey it is Christmas, never say I do not understand the Christmas spirit o’ commerce] if you are still running about and have not found that perfect gift for the screenwriter on your list [well diamonds would work too but let’s say you are thrifty and want to keep it under thirty bucks] The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide is available at these retail stores:


:::BOOK PEOPLE::: [Austin, TX]
:::BOOK SOUP::: [Hollywood, CA]
:::CINEMA BOOKS::: [Seattle, WA]
:::SAMUEL FRENCH::: [Hollywood, CA]


That only works if you are in Austin, Hollywood, Seattle, or Boston, but hey, we are doing our best here and you ARE the one who waited until Christmas Eve to shop, jeez.


*The book is also available on :::AMAZON.COM:::.  In case you get any pesky gift certificates and do not know what to do with them.



christmas_presentWriting is —

One of the few professions linked directly to screaming ads at Christmas time. Or at least that is a definite impression I get. “What to get the writer on your Christmas list!” You don’t see that with a lot of other professions. “Say, got a coal miner on your list? How about this nifty new pick axe?” “Got a pilot on your list? How about an altimeter?” “Here is the perfect gift for that nurse on your list, support hose!” I do not see those ads. And this may be the result of me just hanging out more places “writer” than places “coal miner/pilot/nurse.” But I suspect not.

I am not sure what this says. But I have suspicions. See, the other area that has big screaming advertisements directed specifically at an activity is –


“What to get the rock climber on your list!” “What to get the knitter on your list!” “What go get the cyclist on your list!” You see lots of ads directed at buying people specific gifts for their hobbies. And I find this a little concerning. The implication being, perhaps, that writing is still being considered a hobby and not an actual profession?

I’m not sure I like that.


*By the way if anyone is wondering what to get this writer for Christmas, she could really go for a case of Stag’s Leap merlot. I know! Not even writing related! Crazy, right?

*If you simply must get a writer something writing related? A MacBook Air is always a nice choice or, barring anything quite so nifty? Give a gift certificate. Writing IS a profession and a writer can write off purchases made on a gift certificate.



Okay maybe it says something —

About me that this is one of the coolest gifts I have ever gotten. A friend headed for parts Europe. [Yes, that is what we called it before all this “UK” sash. “Europe.”] She isn’t the kind of friend who feels compelled to bring back trinkets for everyone she knows every time she heads to parts Europe either. She goes there a lot. That would probably be exhausting. But she saw this and thought of me and brought it back for me.

It is a coaster.

And so fucking cool.


*i do not know which part is cooler that it was there or that my friend thought “max!”


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