brokenmaskThere’s a big internet scare —

About Los Angeles being the next big 9-11 hit.


November 15th.


It’s kind of stupid. I’m not sure why anyone would follow up, say, I dunno, on a 2001 September attack in 20013 in November on a completely different day. Really? 12 years later? In a different month on a different day. Not that that is just bad marketing follow through. But, ultimately, completely stupid. Nobody waits 12 years to follow up. You are probably safe, Los Angeles. Unless your government wants to fuck with you. I’m pretty sure no terrorists are this marketing impaired. But the government? Pretty sure it is.


The internet warning says warnings are going out from Anonymous. People are talking. On one hand saying Anonymous is full of crap. On another hand saying, This is some government conspiracy to put info out there under the Anonymous handle to discredit Anonymous. And then there is the third hand, (nice to have three hands, right?), If Anonymous did just uncover and make public a 9-11 type attack, the fastest way to discredit Anonymous would be to just not do the attack.


Sucks to be you, Los Angeles, in the cross fire, in this discussion. Since, if you live in Los Angeles, this is not exactly an intellectual discussion, it is a question of whether or not you are going to get blown up tomorrow going into work.


I wonder sometimes how all of this turned into an “intellectual discussion.”


It’s not an intellectual discussion for me. I was born in Los Angeles. So were my parents. So were some of my grandparents. You’re not talking about, Oh I just happened to be there, when you talk about blowing up Los Angeles to me. You’re talking about blowing up my grandparents’ headstones.

Fuck you.


What people are not saying —

Los Angeles has already been hit. It is an insidious hit, but it’s a hit. Japan blew up and is spewing radioactivity into the Pacific and the airstream that is hitting the West Coast of the U.S., every day, and there’s a dog pile of radioactive flotsam from the Japan tsunami wake washing up all along the West Coast.


No one’s even talking about that effect on Hawaii, which was in the direct path of the first wash, but people at some point will have to start talking when thousands of pounds of radioactive flotsam hits shores from Baja to Seattle.

Also you have to consider the Hudson Current, which runs north to south from Alaska to Mexico unless there is an El Nino in effect, and then runs backwards, from Mexico to Alaska. Which means even places that shouldn’t be in the path, like Alaska? Are going to get hit.


Once upon a time after 9-11 some students and I in a chat room were talking about, if 9-11 were on purpose and a little more organized and insidious?, what would the next hit be.

We mapped it out.


So far that map is pretty accurate. But we missed some stuff. We thought Seattle would go before Los Angeles. Seattle has a for shit sea wall, bad bridges, a lot of political misbehaving in terms of funds, and is the easiest physical infrastructure to take down after New Orleans. But —

We just were not imaginative enough.


We never imagined someone would take out the entire Pacific Rim by blowing up Japan.




I wonder what my parents —

Card carrying Democrats and pacifists, would think about the fact I have moved to Texas, I own a gun — and know how to use it because a Marine taught me how, and —

Now I’m a card carrying Republican.

Sort of the final nail in the coffin of my upbringing, that Republican bit there.



My parents weren’t entirely pacifist. My father [allegedly] started riots. My mother ran over a possum three times for eating her rose bushes — and I’m not sure that possum ate her rose bushes, I suspect she just likes getting violent. But still, as a child, I was not allowed to play with toys that looked like guns.



But. Barack Obama.


I am astounded anyone purporting to be “liberal” or a “Democrat” could still actually advocate voting for Obama. Obama is, in the worst sense, a bad boyfriend. You know that guy. The guy who says he loves you while he holds you down and blacks your eye? Breaks your ribs? Kicks you in the stomach while asking, “Why do you make me do this to you?”



If you don’t know that guy personally, volunteer for a few hours on a woman’s crisis hotline. You will get to know him very well. He is a very bad boyfriend.

Obama is THAT bad boyfriend.



Obama has escalated and extended the wars, created new wars, extended Bush tax cuts for the very rich, given additional bail out money to banks, Wellpoint wrote his damn healthcare bill, (mandates for alles!), Obama extended the Patriot Act, fast forwarded Keystone, goes after whistleblowers with more passion and fervor than if they were Taliban, and Obama signed NDAA.

NDAA is such a crime. It is, really, an act of war against the American people, and more than that, treason and a violation of the oath to uphold the Constitution. An oath every president takes when he is sworn into office. But that’s not all —



Obama sicked TSA on the American people, and laughed. [But hey, those are the sacrifices we, not he, make, right?] Forget the freaking radiation people are being exposed to in airports that, in a hospital? Would require warning signs and lead plating. And while Obama says the “rule of law” requires he turn his DOJ loose on legal medical marijuana dispensaries across the country that give pain alleviating medicine to cancer patients — because, well, those dispensaries MIGHT at some future date sell marijuana to people who don’t have cancer? And oh yeah, Obama’s strip search thing, when the DOJ and Obama pushed the Supreme Court to rule it’s just fine and cool to strip search anyone arrested ever, even if it’s just for you know, your dog’s license tag fell off or a traffic ticket you paid but the clerk screwed up the upload. Yay! [Um. Hello, Obama, you’re not in Vanilla Sky here you don’t actually get to start wars because you can imagine a country might sometime in the far off future be capable of building a nuclear weapon or to arrest people because you imagine they might maybe in a wild stretch of the imagination have dynamite strapped to their scrotums that’s not the “rule of law.”] He has no problem turning a blind eye to “the rule of law” when he wants to protect and shield bank fraud and torture and facilitate the armed obfuscation of the BP oil spill. And, he is promoting more nuclear power facilities and totally lying about the dangers of nuclear energy and what is going on with Fukushima dumping radiation on our shores not to mention cows who will be shipping off milk to small children.



All I can figure is alleged “liberals” and “Democrats” who still [WTF?] support Obama have Stockholm Syndrome. How else could anyone stating they believe in civil rights vote for the president who has done the most in the nation’s history to strip the country of civil rights, the most in the nation’s history to make us hated and despised throughout the known world, the most in the nation’s history to promote injustice and war atrocities across the globe?

The most to make me ashamed I am an American.



[I didn’t think that was possible after Bush, but Obama pulled it off. Well done, Commander in Chief!]


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This is Helen Caldicott speaking in front of the EPA about nuclear radiation and the need to shut down the dozens of reactors in the United States that are identical to the Fukishima plant — and almost all on fault lines.



*Helen Caldicott is the author of Nuclear Power is Not the Answer.





april 15th, 2011, please turn your electrical appliances and lights off for 15 minuts at 9 PM EST


What: You Are Cordially Invited to Unplug Your Electrical Items
When: April 15th
What Time: 9 PM Eastern Standard Time
How Long: 15 Minutes
Where: World Wide
Why: You Don’t Want to See Little Kids Fried By Nuclear Plant Radioactive Fallout


*Your time zone Eastern Standard Time: :::world clock:::