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couch potato austin

January 25, 2015


Screen shot 2015-01-25 at 10.23.05 PM

This is totally overdue, Couch Potato Austin has kept me up and running and alive while I was recovering from an injury and Couch Potato Austin rocks so I should give them a shout out.

Here it is. Shout Out! Couch Potato Austin! Yay!

Part of me is hesitant to do that because, you know, if you unwashed masses start using MY awesome delivery service, you might overwhelm Couch Potato Austin and then Couch Potato could not deliver to me. Also, you might go all crazy and start ordering my cigarettes so then when I order they are out and no cigarettes for me! Ahhh!

[Not really, I figure most of you are too cheap to order my cigarettes.]

But, I adhere to the philosophy the universe is big and full of so much goodness there just is enough for everybody and I don’t have to hog Couch Potato Austin for it to keep being awesome.

[Whew! Lucky for you that is my philosophy or I would totally not be sharing Couch Potato Austin with you.]


*Okay, “alive” might be an overstatement, I probably would have lived AND recovered without cigs and ice cream — or not, it really wouldn’t have been smart to walk far and I definitely wasn’t driving and I was out of cigs hmmm — but happy. Definitely happy. And to me, happy counts. Yay!

*Other people who get a shout out for getting me through the housebound Christmas injury too: Sparkle Hayter sent me Christmas cookies, yay! Jared Thomas sent Christmas chocolate, yay! Kym Kemp sent the coolest Christmas shirt in the verse. Yay!



cookies vs. jayne cobb

January 23, 2009


jayne_collage_iiiSo I have been —

Stressed. And Kym wrote me and natch I told her right off send Jayne Cobb that would fix everything but she is strict in her love o’ Jayne and said no [stingy!] and then today I opened the mail and there were —

Cookies! Yay!

They are delish and wonderful and homemade by Kym and almost as good as Jayne Cobb. Almost. Maybe if I put little hats on them….


toying with the masses

August 6, 2008




where that cartoon comes from :
that is from xkcd


adam baldwinSo The Faust —

Posts this perfectly innocent topic, I am a leaf on the wind. It is a Firefly quiz and The Faust is Wash who is a totally fun character and the topic title is a Wash quote.

Natch, rather than taking the fun quiz or behaving like the ladies we are supposed to be [ahem] Kym and I immediately battle each other for Jayne dominion.

[This has happened before. Even though Kym is totally unfaithful and sneaks off to make sassy posts about Mal jeez.]

It comes to the point though, battling in poor Faust’s topic, where I have to sit back and take stock. See. I cannot outlast Kym in a war of words. Kym is tenacious and a really good debater. And it is not a good idea for me to wrestle Kym. Kym is taller than I am and also has a black belt. So. I only have one recourse.

I guess I just have to shoot her.


ps : i am river tam yay!


cultural wasteland

June 24, 2007


Since clearly some people around here have no pride in their cultural heritage and are not up on things Serenity and Firefly I hunted up some Serenity YouTube.

This is pretty representative of the show….



And this is why skinny little ballerina chicks are never the right girls to take on in a dark alley….



And hey there is even a birthday octopus in there for Rain.


serenity yay!

June 11, 2007


serenityYou scored as a Serenity [Firefly]

You like to live your own way and don’t enjoy when anyone but a friend tries to tell you you should do different. Now if only the Reavers would quit trying to skin you.

Also Jayne wants you not that fibber Kym.

Yay! Yay! Yay!

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