meercats_250I bitch —

A lot about things gone wrong in scripts I read for Nicholl. Bad brads. Bad action. “Etcetera.” WAY too many Dead Elvis jokes —

There is another side to this too though. Sometimes things go really right in Nicholl scripts.

The thing about that is though, Nicholl reading requires a certain amount of confidentiality. So —

When I am bitching and complaining about something gone tragically wrong Nicholl, I cannot actually say, “This just happened.” I have to make something up that is close — but not identifiable.

And. When something goes really really right? I also cannot say, Hey I just read the coolest thing reading for Nicholl.

Well, okay I can say that. I just cannot tell you what it is.


I just read the coolest thing reading for Nicholl.

Wish I could tell you what it is.


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