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January 15, 2014


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Here is an excerpt:



To hell with you.

To hell with every greedhead operator who flocked here throughout history because you wanted what we had, but wanted us to go underground and get it for you. To hell with you for offering above-average wages in a place filled with workers who’d never had a decent shot at employment or education, and then treating the people you found here like just another material resource—suitable for exploiting and using up, and discarding when they’d outlived their usefulness. To hell with you for rigging the game so that those wages were paid in currency that was worthless everywhere but at the company store, so that all you did was let the workers hold it for a while, before they went into debt they couldn’t get out of.

To hell with you all for continuing, as coal became chemical, to exploit the lax, poorly-enforced safety regulations here, so that you could do your business in the cheapest manner possible by shortcutting the health and quality of life not only of your workers, but of everybody who lives here. To hell with every operator who ever referred to West Virginians as “our neighbors.”

To hell with every single screwjob elected official and politico under whose watch it all went on, who helped write those lax regulations and then turned away when even those weren’t followed. To hell with you all, who were supposed to be stewards of the public interest, and who sold us out for money, for political power. To hell with every one of you who decided that making life convenient for business meant making life dangerous for us. To hell with you for making us the eggs you had to break in order to make breakfast.

To hell with everyone who ever asked me how I could stand to live in a place like this, so dirty and unhealthy and uneducated. To hell with everyone who ever asked me why people don’t just leave, don’t just quit (and go to one of the other thousand jobs I suppose you imagine are widely available here), like it never occurred to us, like if only we dumb hilljacks would listen as you explained the safety hazards, we’d all suddenly recognize something that hadn’t been on our radar until now.

To hell with the superior attitude one so often encounters in these conversations, and usually from people who have no idea about the complexity and the long history at work in it. To hell with the person I met during my PhD work who, within ten seconds of finding out I was from West Virginia, congratulated me on being able to read. (Stranger, wherever you are today, please know this: Standing in that room full of people, three feet away from you while you smiled at your joke, I very nearly lost control over every civil checkpoint in my body. And though civility was plainly not your native tongue, I did what we have done for generations where I come from, when faced with rude stupidity: I tamped down my first response, and I managed to restrain myself from behaving in a way that would have required a deep cleaning and medical sterilization of the carpet. I did not do any of the things I wanted to. But stranger, please know how badly I wanted to do them.)

And, as long as I’m roundhouse damning everyone, and since my own relatives worked in the coal mines and I can therefore play the Family Card, the one that trumps everything around here: To hell with all of my fellow West Virginians who bought so deeply into the idea of avoidable personal risk and constant sacrifice as an honorable condition under which to live, that they turned that condition into a culture of perverted, twisted pride and self-righteousness, to be celebrated and defended against outsiders. To hell with that insular, xenophobic pathology. To hell with everyone whose only take-away from every story about every explosion, every leak, every mine collapse, is some vague and idiotic vanity in the continued endurance of West Virginians under adverse, sometimes killing circumstances. To hell with everyone everywhere who ever mistook suffering for honor, and who ever taught that to their kids. There’s nothing honorable about suffering. Nothing.






This is Helen Caldicott speaking in front of the EPA about nuclear radiation and the need to shut down the dozens of reactors in the United States that are identical to the Fukishima plant — and almost all on fault lines.



*Helen Caldicott is the author of Nuclear Power is Not the Answer.



april 15th, 2011, please turn your electrical appliances and lights off for 15 minuts at 9 PM EST


What: You Are Cordially Invited to Unplug Your Electrical Items
When: April 15th
What Time: 9 PM Eastern Standard Time
How Long: 15 Minutes
Where: World Wide
Why: You Don’t Want to See Little Kids Fried By Nuclear Plant Radioactive Fallout


*Your time zone Eastern Standard Time: :::world clock:::





15 reasons obama sucks

December 20, 2010



flagThis was —

Supposed to be a top ten list. But it grew. Oops —


Fifteen Reasons Obama Sucks

1. What happened to :::habeas corpus:::? :::Indefinite detention:::? Seriously?

2. Hey weren’t we going to close :::Guantanamo:::?

3. What is up with that closed door deal with :::Big Pharma:::? That was two months into office right?

4. Have you discussed that :::government transparency::: thing with that :::Assange guy::: or are you guys just playing phone tag?

5. Two words: Public. Option. Wait, let me rephrase: :::five health care promises candidate obama won’t keep:::

6. If the big auto bailout really worked, why can’t I find :::Detroit::: via global satellite?

7. If the bank bailout really worked, how come :::banks aren’t lending:::?

8. What was with those screaming tanks unleashed on :::Pittsburgh students:::? Aren’t those supposed to be used on “the enemy”?

9. Am I crazy or is :::putting BP in charge::: of an investigation of BP kind of like putting the lead suspect in a murder investigation in charge of the murder investigation?

10. White House beach themed parties :::during the Gulf spill:::? Genius!

11. Carbon? Wasn’t there something in there about :::carbon:::? [Sorry, so much has changed so fast my head is still kind of spinning. I guess the plan is to not block it yet?]

12. Say, didn’t a drawn out :::Russian Afghanistan occupation::: topple Russia? Or do you still think Reagan was responsible for that? Also, weren’t the Russians smart enough to get out after NINE years?

13. We all know being on TV is fun, but :::don’t you have a day job:::?

14. Being :::groped, fondled, and x-rayed naked::: for no apparent reason is one of the things we objected to in that Bill of Rights thing everyone signed here before we kicked King George to the curb. Also, :::unwarranted surveillance::: is not cool. You may not be familiar with the :::Bill of Rights::: but if you ask an aide, I am sure someone can rustle up a copy for you. Or just Google it: “Bill of Rights.”

15. :::Veterans::: came to see you this month. I guess you were busy. Your people threw 100 of them in jail. :::100 U.S. military veterans in jail!::: For fuck’s sake! What ever happened to hot chocolate?

[My kids are so not caroling at your place this Christmas.]


where the art work comes from :
that is from king of the wild frontier

the end of oil dependence

September 23, 2009


Renault_favThis is very cool. It is an —

Electronic vehicle [EV] conceptualized by Better Place and built by Renault. The effort that went into setting this up is huge, the cars require a city-wide recharge infrastructure as well as a computer component on board the vehicle. [Also they did the first smart thing I have seen anyone do in an electronic vehicle, hello, change out batteries so no sitting by the side of the road waiting on the battery to tank up, cell phone companies figured out you could do this why didn’t electronic car manufacturers?] But, Better Place has pulled this off, working with the Renault-Nissan Alliance as well as it appears Microsoft and unveiled the cars at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show and is set to launch wide spread use of the vehicles [estimated 100,000 vehicles initially] in Israel and Denmark by 2016.

:::press release:::
:::wired on renault ev:::


*btw, i am not a complete idealist, there are still probs, like, um, convincing american automobile manufacturers and city infrastructures to work putting this together, like overruling the oil companies, long kings of finance, they are dinosaurs and must step aside and brand into new energy ventures, like the fact this isn’t going to power any planes trains or trucks yet — i get all that but it is still a damn good start so don’t rain on my parade



recycling dilemma #2,068

June 22, 2008


Pooks was posting —

About recycling. I separate out paper and plastics for the paper and plastics bin but the manager told me he thinks the regular trash guys just take that stuff too so I was all chagrined I was doing that if the paper and plastics bin was just faux recycling.

Pooks said well I was doing the right thing so no big deal.

That is not true though.

You have to wash out plastics to recycle them. You cannot just throw a gooey yogurt container in there. And I live in a desert. People forget Southern California is a desert but it is and all that water going down the drain? That is not springing from the ground water that is piped in shipped in water. And if I am washing out containers for a faux recycling program it is not just an issue of stuff I stick in that bin not being recycled. It is not even an issue just of me being annoyed I am wasting my time washing things out that hello are going to landfill.

It is an issue of all that water going down the drain.


Clearly i am not in enough consternation over all this Pooks posted that recycling post in January and while the recycling sitch weighs on me I am still just washing and rinsing plastic even though I know this is probably wasted water and effort I should call someone about this and find out what the real recycling sitch is — though you know they will lie to me and say sure they are recycling even if they are not. Hmm.


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that is from abrazier

fire z missiles

June 2, 2008


This is hillarious to me.


where i got that youtube :
i nabbed that at kitty’s while she was angsting about workshop mins

penguin conspiracy

March 31, 2008


penguin conspiracyEveryone is asking —

What is up with the South Pole and all that ice melting.

Doy. It is a penguin conspiracy.

Didn’t anyone see the penguin movie? Those penguins have to walk too far. In the old days, penguins did not walk that far. But penguin mating grounds are tradition and more and more ice keeps piling up and now penguins have to walk A HUNDRED MILES just for a date.

Those penguins have had enough. They are melting the South Pole.


where the art work comes from :
that is from richardgin.org