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August 29, 2012



I have been avoiding news and politics. One, I really hate politics, two, I am too emotionally involved in politics [yes, politics and me, it’s like a bad boyfriend] — and three, I figured I did everything I could do for Ron Paul and now it was just a case of wait and see what happened at the Republican National Convention.

It wasn’t good.

Quoting a Minnesota Paul supporter, “They stole votes. They stole delegates. They refused to send buses for our delegates. [*Max note, when they did send buses, the buses got mysteriously lost for hours during important votes.] It’s a totalitarian process. This is not democracy.”

:::what happened at the republican national convention:::



So Ron Paul is out. He wasn’t even allowed to speak at the Republican convention unless he’d agree to have his speech written by the RNC and to publicly endorse Romney. [Bummer RNC. Ron Paul doesn’t take dictation. Though his son does. Rand is one of yours I figure.]

That leaves one man standing who might bring the troops home, end the “war on drugs,” and start putting the Constitution back together: Gary Johnson.



I don’t know that much about Gary Johnson.
I know what his campaign site says. He’s pro due process, anti nation building, internet friendly and anti SOPA/CISPA/et al/censorship, anti “drug war” — those are all good. He is kind of anti Medicare medical care which is not so good, but if he stops the damn wars and deployments and nation building, I’ll trade off on that. I was willing to do that with Ron Paul. He seems to be more localized control of education, but I haven’t yet sussed out in what way to interpret that. Bottom line. Bring the troops home, end the war on drugs, reinstate the Constitution and protect the internet is a fucking moonshot beyond what Obama or Romney are talking about.



Johnson’s got a crap campaign. The site is weak, the mission statement’s unclear. And the site and campaign are hanging on by trying to tuck into Ron Paul’s coattails. Unfortunate. But then —

Independents always do have crap campaigns, crap websites — they don’t have big money, they don’t get on TV. Only Democrats and Republicans get on TV and then only Democrat and Republican candidates networks like or can’t ignore — and the networks all have dogs in the race. That’s why Ron Paul went on the Republican ticket, it was the only way to get on stage and be heard.



Johnson hasn’t been fighting for decades to do the things that matter most to me like Ron Paul has, bring the troops home, end the war on drugs, protect and defend the Constitution — and more recently, protect the internet. And I am distrustful of political promises from newer younger politicians. Why wouldn’t I be? Obama was lying through his teeth. But —



Gary Johnson’s nomination pick for VP is one of my personal heroes:

Judge Jim Gray.

Judge Gray has been fighting a long time to stop the war on drugs:





Votes more than likely won’t make any difference in this election. They haven’t for a while. Not while paper ballots are gone — or being dumped in Louisiana swamps or worse discounted for “chad” infractions” [seriously, chad infractions, Florida you so dick elections away, why?] and electronic voting machines rule the day and are manipulated with algorithms. Which everyone knows but no one is doing anything about.



And why would anyone do anything about that? The people in charge don’t want to do anything about boxes that can be manipulated. They are doing the manipulating.



There is no oversight on electronic voting machines. There are only a few companies, only one that programs, and it looks somewhat problematic how this all works. For example :::the landes report::: — you get that link because I am tired tonight, it’s hard to dig out the good links, and the fifty articles I have read on this that are stronger are buried beneath Google’s horrifying hundred page accruement of bad links so don’t get all excited it is not the New York Times, the New York Times, according to its editor, Arthur Brisbane, the New York Times doesn’t fact check any more [that would be “vigilante journalism — according to Brisbane — though when I was in school it was called just, um, you know, fucking journalism]. So now The New York Times just takes dictation from politicians. So think about your news sources. Maybe they aren’t as “legitimate” as you think.

But, anyway —



American citizens dutifully trudge to the polls and cast votes and the machines dutifully spit out a different result someone else programmed in. Someone’s benefitting from that. That someone is not the American people though. The American people keep thinking their votes count. I think that is called “cognitive dissonance.” But I will do it anyway. Better a cast vote that is manipulated than no cast vote at all. The only thing worse than being gagged by someone else is gagging yourself for them.



I know the arguments. The arguments will be fierce and ongoing and I will be besieged. “A vote for Johnson is a vote for [Obama/Romney, pick your “brand” candidate]!. Newsflash. One, I would rather throw away a vote than throw away my country. Two? Obama/Romney? They’re the same face on one politically corrupt machine taking this country to hell. And I’d rather be shot dead than vote for either one of them.

Take that to the bank that financed both of them.


where that art work comes from:
that is dovima with elephants by richard avedon




I wonder what my parents —

Card carrying Democrats and pacifists, would think about the fact I have moved to Texas, I own a gun — and know how to use it because a Marine taught me how, and —

Now I’m a card carrying Republican.

Sort of the final nail in the coffin of my upbringing, that Republican bit there.



My parents weren’t entirely pacifist. My father [allegedly] started riots. My mother ran over a possum three times for eating her rose bushes — and I’m not sure that possum ate her rose bushes, I suspect she just likes getting violent. But still, as a child, I was not allowed to play with toys that looked like guns.



But. Barack Obama.


I am astounded anyone purporting to be “liberal” or a “Democrat” could still actually advocate voting for Obama. Obama is, in the worst sense, a bad boyfriend. You know that guy. The guy who says he loves you while he holds you down and blacks your eye? Breaks your ribs? Kicks you in the stomach while asking, “Why do you make me do this to you?”



If you don’t know that guy personally, volunteer for a few hours on a woman’s crisis hotline. You will get to know him very well. He is a very bad boyfriend.

Obama is THAT bad boyfriend.



Obama has escalated and extended the wars, created new wars, extended Bush tax cuts for the very rich, given additional bail out money to banks, Wellpoint wrote his damn healthcare bill, (mandates for alles!), Obama extended the Patriot Act, fast forwarded Keystone, goes after whistleblowers with more passion and fervor than if they were Taliban, and Obama signed NDAA.

NDAA is such a crime. It is, really, an act of war against the American people, and more than that, treason and a violation of the oath to uphold the Constitution. An oath every president takes when he is sworn into office. But that’s not all —



Obama sicked TSA on the American people, and laughed. [But hey, those are the sacrifices we, not he, make, right?] Forget the freaking radiation people are being exposed to in airports that, in a hospital? Would require warning signs and lead plating. And while Obama says the “rule of law” requires he turn his DOJ loose on legal medical marijuana dispensaries across the country that give pain alleviating medicine to cancer patients — because, well, those dispensaries MIGHT at some future date sell marijuana to people who don’t have cancer? And oh yeah, Obama’s strip search thing, when the DOJ and Obama pushed the Supreme Court to rule it’s just fine and cool to strip search anyone arrested ever, even if it’s just for you know, your dog’s license tag fell off or a traffic ticket you paid but the clerk screwed up the upload. Yay! [Um. Hello, Obama, you’re not in Vanilla Sky here you don’t actually get to start wars because you can imagine a country might sometime in the far off future be capable of building a nuclear weapon or to arrest people because you imagine they might maybe in a wild stretch of the imagination have dynamite strapped to their scrotums that’s not the “rule of law.”] He has no problem turning a blind eye to “the rule of law” when he wants to protect and shield bank fraud and torture and facilitate the armed obfuscation of the BP oil spill. And, he is promoting more nuclear power facilities and totally lying about the dangers of nuclear energy and what is going on with Fukushima dumping radiation on our shores not to mention cows who will be shipping off milk to small children.



All I can figure is alleged “liberals” and “Democrats” who still [WTF?] support Obama have Stockholm Syndrome. How else could anyone stating they believe in civil rights vote for the president who has done the most in the nation’s history to strip the country of civil rights, the most in the nation’s history to make us hated and despised throughout the known world, the most in the nation’s history to promote injustice and war atrocities across the globe?

The most to make me ashamed I am an American.



[I didn’t think that was possible after Bush, but Obama pulled it off. Well done, Commander in Chief!]


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There is this great scene in —

The 13th Warrior. The Arab protagonist has against his will and better judgment embarked on a journey with to his way of thinking a bunch of crazy barbaric unclean Norsemen and is stuck on the road with them and every night around the camp fire they tells stories. In a language he does not know, but hey, he is a writer, writers are good at language, and he starts to pick up words and then phrases and one night has enough words and phrases he gets someone is making a rude comment about his mother and he snaps back, “My mother was a pure woman of noble birth and at least I know who my father is.” And there is some stopping people from killing other people and then someone demands, How do you know our language?

He spits back, I listen!



Listening is the most abandoned and underrated gift in America today.



For three years, I posted, I stated, I ranted, Obama has betrayed every candidate promise and every hope voters held when they put him in office, I will never again vote for that man.

Nobody listened.



I’m a born and bred Democrat. We are not supposed to say those things. And I was accepted by fellow liberals and progressives and democrats as a pretty strong voice, before I started saying those things. After I started saying those things, some of them dropped off. But others? They stuck around, I think humoring me. “Oh Max, she is so cute and volatile, she doesn’t mean it, when the time comes, she will vote the right way. The right way being the Obama way.



This insane and really stupid assessment of someone railing against Obama for three years is seriously the result of not listening.



Flash forward, I’m at a film festival sitting across a table from a clearly sane sincere intelligent young man who is saying he is voting for Ron Paul.

To me this is one of those blink moments.

My knee jerk reaction is, But he’s a crank. Because, you know, my whole party, everyone I associate with, that is what they say. What they are trained to say. Indoctrinated to say. “Don’t pay attention to Ron Paul, he’s a crank.”



The thing is, I don’t know anything about Ron Paul. Nothing. All I know is I am supposed to say, He’s a crank. Why do I have a response to this man’s name built in based on absolutely no knowledge?



I drop his name to a couple friends. They don’t know a thing about him either. But they have built in responses too. “He’s a racist.” “He’s anti-choice.” This is getting a little freaky. Why does everyone I know have a programmed response and no actual knowledge about the guy? Cue Twilight Zone music.



It takes a couple weeks to lighten the load, but I get Ron Paul’s book and read it. He’s not a crank. And he says a lot of things I agree with. Like bring our soldiers home. Like stop the insane “war on drugs.” Stop telling people who they can sleep with. Stop telling people who they can marry. Stop spying on people. Stop torturing people. I look up more stuff on the guy: Stop feeling people up at airports. Stop writing laws that say you can assassinate people or incarcerate people without charges cause or a trial. And that is all working for me —

But that isn’t when I become a Ron Paul supporter.



I post on Facebook, I am looking at this Ron Paul thing. I get seriously attacked, like crazy, by fellow Democrats.

That isn’t when I became a Ron Paul supporter.



I post on Twitter, Ron Paul is interesting. I get called everything from a white supremacist to a fascist to a – okay maybe that language is too strong to post.

That isn’t when I became a Ron Paul supporter.



I post on the blog, linking to some stories and comments by people like David Sirota and Glen Greenwald who are saying maybe Ron Paul has something worthwhile to say. They aren’t “supporting him,” but maybe there is something to this. I get attacked. Again.

That isn’t when I became a Ron Paul supporter.



The day I become a Ron Paul supporter is when I have been on the net looking at interviews and treatises and clips and articles all featuring some of the 15 smartest journalists and satirists in the country all Democrats and the one thing I see over and over again is, “I don’t support this guy I just think what he is saying makes sense and you should read it but then dismiss it because he is a crank.”

That is the day I say, Fuck it, I support Ron Paul.

Because that is the day I get, I can’t be another liberal coward sitting back saying this is the only guy in America running for the presidency who says anything reasonable or worthy of election or even progressive, but I have to preface any repeat of what he says with “I don’t support this guy he is a crank” to make sure my liberal brethren don’t go unhinged on my ass.


Who’s A Real Progressive ~ David Sirota
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go grayson go!

October 1, 2009


I adore Alan Grayson. First he gives it to the Republicans — who are totally used to dishing it out but not at all used to getting it back. Then they get all het up and demand an apology and he apologizes — the Grayson way. Get ’em, Grayson yay!




:::act blue support grayson:::


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