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December 29, 2014

unmade_bed_iiI find it eternally annoying a photographer can artfully shoot an unmade bed and the resulting photo looks like art, but when I take a photo of my unmade bed, it looks like, um, an unmade bed.


killing ourselves softly

December 2, 2009


You know some dogs —

Cannot be delivered without human intervention? It is true. Some of the Bulldog smushed face dogs simply cannot be born without human involvement. Their heads are too big, their breathing apparatus too complicated, a human being has to be present to help with the birth to keep the puppies alive.

Also, many human babies cannot be delivered without human intervention. To make pregnancies hold we administer drugs, to make pregnancies take, we do in vitro, and carrying difficult pregnancies in extreme cases? Doctors sew women’s wombs shut to make pregnancies hold.

How weird is that? Sewing someone’s cervix shut? I did not learn that in embroidery school. Jeez. But there is more —

We cut women’s abdomens open to deliver babies.


I wonder sometimes if we are becoming like specialized breeds of dogs, too dependent on outside forces to be born or to continue to exist if everything went heads up.

Some anthropologists think that is what happened to the bun heads.

Anthropologists do not call them bun heads. That is just what I call them. Long long ago, according to anthropologists, there were two kinds of humans, they had branched off, and one had a really long gestation time and really big heads and the other was us, smaller heads, shorter gestation.

[Kind of a blessing, according to anthropologists their gestation was twelve months, gah!]

But anyway.

In some theories, the other group just died off. In others, we converged.


A lot of anthropology theory depends on whom you talk to, physical anthropologists or cultural anthropologists. Cultural anthropologists tend to get really philosophical and miss a lot of physical clues. They think this other group was nicer and kinder and less violent and just either died off [the gentler theory] or got killed off by our current set of Homo Sapiens sapiens. [Which means wise wise man, kind of questionable, also that is all about genus, family, order, which I tend to mix up so I may have something backwards there –– I usually forget which parts to capitalize — but I did actually try to check it on Wikipedia and I think Wikipedia has it wrong, oh nos, Wikipedia fail!] The physical anthropologists have noticed that this bun shaped construction at the base of the skull of the other group did not disappear though. It just started to appear in various forms in our group.


I call them the bun people because of that skull configuration. That bun shaped lump at the base of the skull. It is very recognizable and distinct. It is also why I know the bun people are not gone and the cultural anthropologists missed something. Because that bun configuration did not go missing. It just started showing up smaller and less defined in our group. And. In dark moments?

I figure that bun shape at the base of the skull starting to show up in our group? When the bun people as a whole went entirely missing from the face of the earth? Just means our group went in, tore up the other villages and men, and raped all the women. So now the only bun people left are descendents of rape and pillaging by our group.

[Nicer more philosophical cultural anthropologists think we all fell in love and just merged.]


Now is when I get to say something all erudite like, “Oh but I degress.”

Oh but I digress.


I am worried about human beings being unable to be born unless medical intervention is employed.

I am also fully aware I would not have survived my birth without medical intervention.

Kind of a conundrum.


where the art work comes from :
that is from cinemagypsy

there are no puzzles here

November 8, 2008


Sometimes —

When I talk to people I have this feeling they are trying to find riddles in me that are not there. I say something simple like, The sky is blue, and a day later they say, You said this thing, The sky is blue, and I have been thinking about what it means and I think it means the sky is an odd circumvention of the jet propulsion system. [I am making that up but you get the gist.] And I sit there, kind of perplexed, and finally say, Well no, it just sort of meant exactly what I said: The sky is blue.

When I get in these situations I always feel like the person I am talking to is looking at a blackboard behind my head trying to find clues when really they do not need clues. I am pretty much a what you see is what you get girl. I do not speak in code. I say what I mean.


The other side of the coin is someone who continually tells me what my reactions or actions should be or would be if I was really saying what was true in a situation. I say, Hey, that made me mad, that is why I did that. [Mad as in angry, not mad as in hatter.] The person says, Well if you were mad wouldn’t it be more logical to do this other thing?

I sit there in those scenarios thinking, Um, what about being mad is logical? Mad is not logic, mad is emotion and emotion is not logical. And also why are you trying to rewrite me or change the meanings of my actions instead of just believing me when I tell you, When I am mad, this is what I do?


where the art work comes from :
that is from mcmone

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