speaking of bikram

March 4, 2013


This is pretty cool one of my Bikram instructors, Gianna Purcell, just won the 2013 National Yoga Asana competition.  If I can talk it into pasting in, this a clip of a performance by her.




Free Books!

November 9, 2012



Well not entirely free. You do have to win them in a competition:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a cool meme/graphic of a celebrity/historical figure/fictitious character/someone-recognizable-and-cool reading The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide. [If you need inspiration or ideas, hit this :::post:::] Then, go to the The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide Facebook page, like the page, and post your graphic.


You have two weeks.



*The Fine Print One: Winners will be announced on or around November 21st, 2012 – depending on release date – here on the The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide’s book site and on the The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide Facebook page. Most likely we will go a little crazy and mention you on the AFW blog too. And Twitter and Celluloid Blonde and, erm — okay we go a little crazy announcing winners so let’s just say all the hell over.

*The Fine Print Two: Winners are selected by Max Adams. Why? Because it is her book and as arbitrary as that may sound, that is how it goes. Though “likes” on your submission on the Facebook page could seriously sway her. Maybe you should hit “like” a lot. Maybe your friends should hit “like” a lot. It could not hurt.

*The Fine Print Three: Winners will be contacted via Facebook so you must like the page so Max can track you down to tell you that you won. Also we will make a big deal about you on the page if you win. Yay!

*The Fine Print Four: Inappropriate material and/or inappropriate posts will be deleted from the Facebook page. Who decides what is inappropriate material? Max Adams. Why? Because it is her book – see Fine Print Two.


The above Marilyn meme is from Jacqueline Radley, who instantly won a free book. Yay!



3PAGES is a comedy scene
writing competition
for screenwriters.
Anyone may enter.

The prize is a $375 AFW class.


Interested? Read on —



WHAT TO ENTER: A one to three page scene or scene sequence. It must be comedy. It must be original. And it must be written by you. Content is up to you but the judges do not really go for slapstick and bathroom humor. We do not care about genre — if it is comedy you are in. Public figures are fair game if it is satirical — but we are sort of tired of Elvis jokes. Characters owned and copyrighted by other individuals [for example Bat Man] may only be used if the entry is satire.


WHAT IT COSTS TO ENTER: Three bucks. We thought about it a lot and it just seemed like you should be making some sort of commitment here so three bucks is it. We’re calling this a submission fee. It will offset the cost of tuition for the classes we are giving away.


WHAT YOU GET OUT OF THIS IF YOU WIN: You win a free AFW class. Yay! That is $375 right there. Also winning entries are published on the AFW site and we make a fuss over you. [Classes for winners are classes offered in July, September, and November, 2012. Your choice. All classes are online classes so, you know, if you are in Sweden? No biggy. You are still in.]


WHAT YOU GET OUT OF THIS IF YOU DO NOT WIN: Well you don’t get a thing if you do not win. Sorry about that.


WHAT WE GET OUT OF THIS: Well, we do not expect to get rich. Three bucks is just not going to sponsor a cruise. It will offset the cost of tuition for the classes we are giving away and some of the processing time and reading time and band width going up in flames here. But. We are in it for notoriety. People like competitions. People talk about competitions. It’s a win/win situation. Word of mouth for us — free classes for you. Yay!


HOW MANY WINNERS ARE THERE: There are up to three winners. [We’re assuming at least three people will enter here but if not? You do the math.] Three pages, three bucks, three winners worked out for us. This is not a huge competition so we do not expect to be overwhelmed with entries. But it’s fun, it’s low rent, and you get a free class if you win. Excellent!


WHO ARE THE JUDGES: The judges are Max and/or writers selected by Max. Max is the final judge and her decisions are final.


WHAT DO THE JUDGES LOOK FOR: Good writing and funny scenes. Also we expect you to know what a screenplay looks like and format accordingly.


WHAT FEEDBACK CAN YOU EXPECT: Well, if you do not win, none. Sorry. If you do win, you will get plenty of feedback in class so do not sweat feedback, if you win there is plenty of feedback on your fast approaching horizon.


WHAT YOU AGREE TO BY ENTERING THREE PAGES: You agree that your submitted scene(s) may be published on the AFW website and/or its message board and sister websites [we have a scary website empire here, if you want more info, visit the forum and ask]. You agree that your name and scene(s) may be used by AFW for promotional and educational purposes. You promise that you understand submitted pages will not be returned to you and swear on a stack of bibles you kept a copy. You swear up and down you understand submission fees will not be returned even if you disqualify yourself and you will not whine about it. You understand contest judging is subjective and the judges’ decisions are final and if you win you win and if you lose you lose and that is the way it is. You guarantee the pages you are submitting are written by you and you only and your property and you did not swipe them off the internet or anywhere else.


THE RULES: You may enter more than once but each submission requires its own entry form and submission fee. We know you could cheat this but we are going on the honor system here. We have faith in you. You can only win once so if your submission comes in in the top three and you have submitted other page sets, other page sets submitted by you will be set aside so two other people get a chance too. Scenes must be submitted in screenplay format and that means twelve point Courier font with real screenplay margins. No writing partners. Sorry. There is no way to share a seat in the class. No posting entries on the message board. If you do that the administrators will evaporate your post in two seconds. Also, you must be over 18, or have the consent of a legal guardian to enter this competition — or be independent so, you know, no legal guardian is going to sue our asses over luring you to the Hollywood side.


HOW TO GET THROWN OUT OF THE COMPETITION RIGHT OFF: If your entry is over three pages, you are out of there. [Heads up UK, that means US pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, format accordingly.] If your scene is not in script format, you are out of there. If your scene is not funny, you are out of there. If your entry is not submitted as a PDF you are out of there. If your entry is submitted without an entry form and/or submission fee, you are out of there. If you swiped your entry from someone or somewhere else and we catch you doing it [and we will] you are out of there. If you submit a full length script we promise we can spot the difference between three pages and a full length script and you are out of there.


DATES & TIMELINES: Entries must be received by March 31, 2012. Winners will be announced on or around May 15, 2012.


NEWS & UPDATES: Updates and news about the competition will be posted on the AFW News Page. Winning and featured entries will be posted here on the blog. Questions and comments should be posted in the AFW forum.


HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR SCENE/SCENE SEQUENCE: Go to the bottom of this page where it says “Sounds good to me.”


•Click the link.
•Send in your three bucks. (this goes in via Paypal)
•You will be redirected to a page with the link to the entry form on it.
•Copy and paste the entry form into an email — and fill in the blanks.
•Place the page number and your email address in the upper right corner of each page in your submission just in case it gets separated from the submission email.
•Attach your entry as a PDF to your email and send it in to the email address provided on the entry form.


ARE SUBMISSIONS ANONYMOUS: No, sorry. We can’t pretend we don’t know who you are. We do know. We will not hold it against you.


HOW YOU KNOW YOUR SUBMISSION ARRIVED: We are doing a fancy auto responder at the 3Pages mail box so when your submission comes in, you will get a nice note telling you so.


Because we said so. Really, that’s all you get. We’re taking it on faith you paid for that submission form. You’re taking it on faith we read the material. [Hint: We do. We’re actually looking for talented people here. We like talented people. They are the most fun in class.]


GENERAL CAVEATS AND FINE PRINT: We reserve the right to extend deadlines and/or announcement dates. Class dates do at times shift for unforeseen reasons. [Blame the whacky film industry.] If this happens, we’ll make arrangements with you to place you in another class you want to take. In the event some egregious oversight on our part comes up in relation to these rules, regs, and general competition guidelines, we reserve the right to amend them — and worst case scenario, if you win and things are so out of whack no reasonable alternative we offer you works for you, hey, we’ll give you back your three bucks.





September 30, 2010


The —


Stay tuned to meet the winners.


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one more day….

September 28, 2010


One day left for —

The great date essay competition. Ooh la la.

This has actually resulted in a certain amount of trauma because people keep sending in letters with attachments that my poor old Outlook program cannot read or see. Finally, I was forced to dust off Thunderbird just so I could see some of the attachments. Which got more complex because I forgot the email password so then had to open the site to go change the email password only another browser was fighting with the site so I couldn’t find the email account so then I had to change browsers again to see that to change the password in order to –

Let’s just say it turned into a lot of work.

Who knew?


This probably means I am going to have to finally give up Outlook and change over to another mail program. I knew it was coming. Sigh.


:::best date competition:::
:::the lovely ms adams:::
:::nicholl fellowships in screenwriting:::



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Ooh la la —

It is a competition of another kind. It is the Plus One Competition. Yay!

This is not my fault. It was Donna’s idea. Really. I was saying on FB that it is tragic I have this plus one to the Nicholl Fellowships Awards Banquet and all my single guy friends have gone and gotten themselves married off so now what do I do? And Donna said, Oh it is obvious essay contest! Yay! And the “WHY I WOULD BE YOUR BEST DATE FOR THE 2010 NICHOLL FELLOWSHIPS IN SCREENWRITING AWARDS AND BANQUET” essay contest was born.


Enter at your own peril.


*note, no entry fee is required this is a not for profit competition


where the art work comes from :
that is from john carroll doyle


Okay, it is past time someone do this. Open the doors and state clearly what has been going on behind closed doors at the now infamous Silver Screenwriting Competition. It doesn’t look like anyone else is going to do it. Everyone I talk to appears to be afraid of Julie Gray. Why I am not sure. She does not appear really connected to me and I don’t expect she is able to get on the phone and blackball me at Paramount or something. She just doesn’t have that kind of clout. But someone needs to say something out loud here because it is wrong that people who have the information are not sharing it and people who do not have the information are generally novice screenwriters about to get fleeced because nobody bothered to warn them they were walking into a tar pit. So here we go —


Fear & Loathing in Competition Land

Silver Screenwriting Competition is run by a woman named Julie Gray. She also runs a screenplay consulting firm, The Script Department. She’s done a good job of promoting both, though most indications are a few years ago she was a struggling screenwriter who couldn’t herself get read or find an agent — who just went for the money by founding a business in which other writers paid her to tell them how to write and get agents and sell scripts. Kind of interesting since it doesn’t appear she had much success pulling any of the above off herself.

Flash forward, Ms. Gray’s consulting business is doing well and her competition is barreling along getting entries a few years later when a blog post comes out on one of her associate’s blogs saying the associate while reading for an unnamed competition screamed through 75 competition scripts in three hours, often dumping a script from the competition because she didn’t care for the way the title page was formatted or for the writer’s zip code. This started moving on the web — and the blog post was ultimately removed, though is still available in a pdf download here and yeah you do have to register with the forum to download that sorry — when Jeff Lowell, an established TV/film writer/director, posted the post’s link on Done Deal, an established online forum for writers in every tier of the screenwriting community from rank amateur to veteran. The fall out from this post was major. I am pretty sure it got talked about everywhere from MovieBytes to Zoetrope and places in between, the only screenwriting community I haven’t seen it talked about on is Wordplay. And since then, there have been a whole lot of lies — yeah I said it, lies — posted online, often by Gray herself, in defense of the competition and Gray’s consulting firm.

The first lie was that Margaux Froley wasn’t actually reading for or talking about the Silver Screenwriting Competition when she posted that blog post. This is a lie. She was reading for Silver Screenwriting Competition. This was later even stated by Gray herself.

Another major untruth is the statement Margaux Froley, the reader who blogged about blowing through 75 scripts in three hours, wasn’t actually operating as a first tier reader for the competition, that she was actually doing some sort of last chance read for scripts that had been dinked in the competition but the folks at the competition just want to be sure so check the losers one more time. Another lie. Margaux Froley was reading first tier scripts entered in the competition.

Another lie is that there were reader guidelines and judging practices in place for Silver Screenwriting Competition at the time of the Froley blow up. This is also untrue. Prior to the Froley upheaval, there were no judging standard practices or guidelines for the competition. Those were only created and posted online after public fall out over the Froley post.

Since that time I’ve done some more digging and a few more interesting facts have come up about the Silver Screenwriting competition and Julie Gray. One is, Gray’s 16 year old daughter is one of the readers for the competition. I do not know about you, but if I were shelling out $50 to $65 for a screenwriting competition entry fee, I’d like to know the judge reading and evaluating my script was more qualified than the competition founder’s under age daughter. Many of Gray’s readers also apparently did not get paid this year. And other past readers have worked for free on the basis of promises they would share in future competition profits if they would just work for free for a while building the competition and consulting business up — and also maybe bring in some investors to help Gray expand the business and competition. Gray also allegedly organized reading parties at which readers would meet to read aloud and mock unintentionally funny sections of Silver Screenwriting script entries. I get reading can be trying, I get sometimes you want to blow off steam and share something inadvertently entertaining you came across in a competition script. That happens. But organizing a party specifically for readers to mock competition entry scripts as a group seems a bit bizarre and cruel coming from the competition’s founder and organizer, someone who presents herself as a nurturing figure who cares about and mentors writers.

Meanwhile, there are rumors an industry “pro” listed on the consultant company’s page as being available to read scripts at The Script Department does not actually read for The Script Department, those reads are done by someone else. Other rumors Gray is in a fight with the agents of a writer quoted prominently on her site saying great things about her services — except the quotes are allegedly not actual quotes from the writer being quoted and the writer wants the “quotes” removed from Gray’s site. And still other rumors Gray is facing legal action from at least one disillusioned investor if not more.

Gray posted a diatribe on Huffington Post, “What’s the Deal With Cyber-Jerks?,” denouncing anyone who was saying less than glowing things about her competition and consulting business and essentially calling anyone posting negative commentary bullies and/or bitter losers.

That’s not why people are posting negative commentary on your competition, Ms. Gray. Some people are posting because people who are involved with ethical competitions don’t want to share the taint of your unethical behavior. Others because we remember what it was like to be new and it sure would have been nice if someone had stepped up and said, Whoah, hold on there kid, that’s a tar pit, take the other path. And I am sure still others because they don’t like being mislead and taken advantage of. In other words —

We are not bullies, Ms. Gray. We are defenders of writers. I wish you had been too.


*thank you to the numerous sources who made this post possible, all of whom wish to remain nameless at this time

*i’d link zoetrope but they’ve screwed up my account, don’t respond to email, their auto responder password resetter doesn’t work and their auto responder setting up new accounts doesn’t work either so no link for you zoetrope

*i’m getting a lot of crap for the word “rumor” okay let’s put that in perspective, i was being nice!


dear other max adams

July 3, 2010


Dear Other Max Adams:

Congratulations on making the Script Pimp competition cut. Now win you bastard way too many people think that is me.

Love and Kisses,

The Cuter Max


25 to go…

June 24, 2009



435 votes in.

25 to go.

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40 to go…

June 24, 2009



420 votes in.

40 to go.

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where the art work comes from :
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