film festival frenzy!

November 4, 2015

Austin Film Festival was fun — and exhausting. That is a lot of socializing for someone who spends most of her days alone with bed hair facing off with a hostile computer. Here are some fun pics.


Also there is more crazy good AFW news for November :::go see:::



Max Adams, Richard Dane Scott


Max Adams, Terry Rossio


Travis Speegle, Max Adams


Vivi Gregg, Richard Dane Scott, Cathy Rescher


Alvaro Rodriguez, Max Adams


Festival Frenzy!


Jennifer Mulligan, Max Adams


Kent Williams, Pamela Segger, Max Adams


Pamela Segger, Kent Williams, Max Adams

Also there is more crazy good AFW news for November :::go see:::

When I am not amusing myself creating Max Action Figure and Max Pop Queen Paper Doll, [hey I need sanity breaks shut up] or attempting to meet writing deadlines [I’m on it, Pooks!], or working on webinar compilations [on it, Shannon!], I am usually working my ass off at AFW. And we had a really cool month this month — and it’s not over yet, Austin Film Festival is around the corner so things may get more exciting still. Here is some of the current good news  —





Debi just won her first competition. She’s been with me since Screenwriting I in Gotham and has placed in many — she won this one. Yay! afw_2  afw_4 afw_5






One of my baby writers just got hired for his first writing gig. Yay yay yay! Which is so cool. But also a secret. I don’t know what’s up with this new secret stuff. This has happened five times. My babies getting hired but it’s not announced. People used to send out press releases about hiring a writer to work on a project. Now it is all hush hush and non-public. I suspect this is about not wanting the writers to all show up at the studio cafeteria at the same table and share wage info. But I could be wrong. And it’s still so super cool another one of my workshoppers just got hired I’ll live with it.

5150 Online Screenwriting Workshop

The workshop launching these sassy secret careers is 5150. An international online screenwriting workshop. Interested? We have two open seats due to people being out on assignments. Find out more at :::5150:::


AND! I’m currently working on a webinar project with Stage 32 and Stage 32 is having a sassy party in Austin at the Austin Film Festival so if you are hitting the festival? I’ll be at the Stage 32 party on October 30th. Hit :::NEWS::: to find out how you can attend too. I’d love to see you.



Your Favorite Adams Girl


*Did I miss your news? Maybe you did not send it to me. Fix that.


before the storm

November 1, 2014

max adams, driskill, goof

That is Driskill before the storm.

This is Driskill during the storm:


*Photos by Chesher Cat
*There are more fun AFF photos :::here:::


best photo of the festival

October 31, 2014


Honorary 5150 Member Pumpkin the Dog with Jon Stewart.

Pumkin the Dog with Jon Stewart, AFF 2014



welcomeMax’s Good Hostess Checklist:

  1. Stock some sort of breakfast snack. In fact, stock some sort of food, period.
  2. Capture the prehistoric bug in the bathroom I have an armistice with. “Here Godzilla! Here Godzilla! Come to Max! Pay no attention to the super sized Tupperware container I am hiding behind my back….”
  3. Stock enough coffee beverages I will not have impulse to attack guest with sharp objects for cutting into Max coffee rations.
  4. Dust off the real toothpaste. [Others apparently do not tolerate baking soda tooth shenanigans well. This was brought to my attention when one house guest screamed and started foaming at the mouth.]
  5. Wash towels in laundry [and also washcloths]. Apparently linens growling and levitating are disturbing to guests.
  6. Stock some primary beverage other than Diet Coke? [Surely not, who in their right mind does not rely on Diet Coke as a primary source of hydration?]
  7. Bleach purple shampoo rings out of bathtub.
  8. Check stored sheets and pillows for “air fresh” quality. [Wash if “air fresh” quality went south in 2012.]
  9. Do dust bunny check. [Not everyone gives dust bunnies nicknames and cute outfits and stages wrestling matches.]
  10. Double check refrigerator for mystery alien visitors. [Some people whimsically refer to those visitations as “vegetables gone bad” but I cannot be fooled, THOSE are alien life forms.]



Screenwriters Billy Wilder and I.A. Diamond

Screenwriters Billy Wilder and I.A. Diamond

I ran into —

Joanne Lammers at Austin Film Festival. Joanne is a friend and really cool and is the Director of the Archive at Writer’s Guild of America.

I have known Joanne more years than I will say in public but to put it in perspective, one of those babies was a bump in a hot dress at a big awards ceremony when we first met.

Joanne was out at AFF with a really cool WGA exhibit featuring archives like Billy Wilder’s original scripts and the typewriter the original Psycho was written on. [That type writer weighs like a hundred pounds too so kiss your laptap and say “Thank you dear God, that I live in a time in which moving the writing machine does not include a hernia and blow up donut” — also they didn’t have blow up hernia donuts back then either, those poor bastards.]


One of the things Joanne said to me was how surprised she was a lot of exhibit guests [and people lined up around the block so I give credit for that, that is pretty cool, but still, there’s a question here] and these exhibit guests are, you know, “writers”? How many of them looked at script pages in the presentation and and looked mystified and said, Wow I didn’t know they wrote what the characters were actually doing in the scenes.

This of course confused Joanne because she was wondering, Well what are these people writing or even doing at a writer’s conference if they don’t know that? And, haven’t they ever read a script before? Because all scripts — okay, all good scripts — do that.


People trying to write scripts who have never read scripts was not as much confusing or mystifying to me because even though it is totally confusing and mystifying that anyone would actually attempt to write a script without actually reading one? Ever?

[Isn’t that like trying to write a symphony without learning how to read sheet music? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?]


I have been around on the internet long enough to know it happens. Over and over again. [I blame Final Draft! Anyone can write a movie! Just buy this software! Ahhh!] I also have seen the appalling statements online that go something like, “Oh I don’t write anything that characters do physically or that actually happens in scenes physically or describe any settings or action at all, the director will do that and I would be stepping on his toes if I put that in.

Really? Writing the movie would be “stepping on the director’s toes”? Because, you know, no movie? In the real world, no movie on the page usually spells, no director signs up to direct. But I digress. Bottom line —

You should wonder, if you aren’t writing action or setting descriptions or what characters are doing or, you know, a movie? What is the director actually supposed to sign on to direct?


I’ve never met a director who wanted to write the script for the writer since the writer didn’t actually write it. I meet a lot of directors who want to change the fuck out of an existing script. Just not so many who want to write the script that doesn’t exist.


Let’s ask a real question. In a poll. Yay!

How many film scripts have you read?



is it time to sleep yet?

October 27, 2013



Festival frenzy continues.

I am tired!

But so you aren’t out here all on your lonesome unentertained, go check out the TNSSG Pinterest page. It is fun:



We are having fun. Also I find it crazy fun that people actually come looking for me on the smoking patio behind Driskill Bar. Okay sure that is predictable but also, how cool is that?

Also here are some photos to cheer you up before you go all “don’t smoke” on my ass. Yay!

Max Adams, Terry Rossio, Jocelyn Jolly Stamat

Max Adams, Terry Rossio, Jocelyn Jolly Stamat, Austin Film Festival, October 2013

The Salt Lick, oh yez, we are all there, Austin Texas October 2013

The Salt Lick, oh yez, we are all there, Austin Texas October 2013

Max Adams, Vivi Gregg, with unsuspecting bystander who kept buying us beers, Austin Texas October 2013

Max Adams, Vivi Gregg, with unsuspecting bystander who kept buying us beers, Austin Texas October 2013

Kitty Sibille looking cute as hell in the TNSSG shirt yay!

Kitty Sibille looking cute as hell in the TNSSG shirt yay!

Kitty Sibille, Blane Sibillle, and Max Adams taking TNSSG out on the town at Salt Lick, Austin Texas, October 2013 yay!

Kitty Sibille, Blane Sibillle, and Max Adams taking TNSSG out on the town at Salt Lick, Austin Texas, October 2013 yay!

Deborah Eli Solis an Max Adams, Austin Film Festival, October 2013

Deborah Eli Solis and Max Adams, Austin Film Festival, October 2013



Salt_LickThe TNSSG Street Team and —

Terry Rossio are having a total barbeque frenzy Wednesday, October 23rd, in Austin Texas [yes the kick off day of the Austin Film Festival] at a totally famous Austin barbeque place.




I could tell you how to get to this fabulous extravaganza, but —

I don’t want to coddle you.

And —

I am bored with trying to bribe people.



Choose the correct door below and you will get the details. And could totally show for this faboo barbeque extravaganza.

Don’t choose the right door?




Good luck, Sports Fans.

Love and Kisses,

Your No More Coddling Adams Girl


:::door number one:::
:::door number two:::
:::door number three:::
:::door number four:::


go julie go!

February 28, 2013



Julie is one of my students. I would love to take credit for everything she has accomplished, but I can’t. I am her teacher, I guide. I’m a good teacher and a good guide. Hell, I’m a good writer, if it comes down to that. But. A guide can only guide someone willing to be guided who has drive to push through. I could be walking someone up Kilimanjaro, but it would not do any good if that person said, Oh I’m tired now, I think I’ll turn back. And it wouldn’t do any good if I said, Hey, try to avoid that edge. And the person being guided didn’t listen to me and walked over the edge. So there is this fine line of taking credit for the student’s accomplishments. Because, if the student isn’t special, well all the guiding in the world won’t stop that student from quitting or walking over that edge.

That said? I’m mad cap proud of Julie Howe. Here is her recent post on the Austin Film Festival blog:


I know what you’re thinking. “She must be directionally confused, poor thing.” But hear me out because I actually do own a compass and know the difference between north and south.

When Matt Dy first rang me back in 2010 to say Joyce San Pedro, a producer based at Sony and an AFF judge and panelist, wanted to meet with me about my script, I was thinking he must have meant to call someone else — some OTHER writer who may have had the same last name as me — and he hit my number by mistake. Happens, right? Thankfully, it wasn’t a butt dial.

I’m one of those lucky writers who caught a break thanks to Austin Film Festival; as well as to an army of fellow writers who were generous and kind, brutal and honest, and most of all just plain supportive. As a result, my 2010 AFF comedy script is in development with Joyce San Pedro and Alex Siskin. It’s not a studio deal; it’s a handmade independent production deal. And I didn’t leave the baby on the doorstep and walk away. Instead, I made an arrangement with the producers that included involvement from start to finish. I wanted to learn, I wanted to know what it was really like to make a movie, to be part of a team. I didn’t know if I would be chewed up and spit out like a stale Chiclet or be able to hold my own. Not to mention being able to hold my tongue when necessary while still holding true to my vision.

As luck would have it, I was taken under the wings of the good guys and I’m thanking the gods of screenwriting I didn’t end up stuck to the bottom of somebody’s Nike. Those who championed the script from the beginning, Joyce San Pedro. Michael-Ryan Fletchall and Alex Siskin, opened the door for me and I ran through it like my hair was on fire. Let’s face it, I’m not a kid. I’m staring down the point-blank barrel of middle age. I want my shot before Medicare kicks in or I start thinking my purse belongs in the refrigerator.

I owe my tenacious attitude not only to the opportunity afforded me by Austin Film Festival but also to an amazing writer’s group called 5150 whose founder Max Adams, won the screenplay award when AFF was a pup. From the beginning of my tenure in the group, Austin Film Festival was touted as THE festival. Everyone in the group aspired to place well in the screenplay competition. Needless to say, winning was unbelievable and surreal. Like I had brought home 5150’s version of the Stanley Cup (yeah, I’m from a hockey state!). I would not be where I am without the help and guidance of these wickedly smart, talented peeps.

Although this all sounds like rah-rah cheerleader fluff…


:::continue reading:::


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