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June 12, 2013



Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to hit the book’s Amazon customer review page and show some love for the reviewers.

It’s pretty easy. Just hit the :::link::: and hit “yes” next to “was this review helpful to you?”

It’s a small action that goes a long way.


You might want to skip the crazy stalker’s review but all the other reviewers are golden, thanks again to everyone who took the time to review the book, you rock.


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amazon follies

May 6, 2013


amazon_2So I have —

Some Twitter stalker going all balls out to hit me. This happens. The stalker thing. I appear to be stalker candy.

Sometimes I wonder if I should even be out in the world, but, fuck it, I want to live my life.

It generally happens because someone makes up in his or her mind what I am supposed to be. And then splat, they meet me, and I’m not it. Ahhh! She isn’t my imagined girl on the unicorn! Ahhhh!



Look I’m not a girl on a unicorn. And a very smart friend once told me, Look, you owe people who bought the book one thing and one thing only: The book. And you don’t have to be anything more or less than that. The end.

This fucker didn’t even buy the book. He just chased me around on Twitter. His intro was him telling me how amusing he found the Boston Marathon Bombing and West, Texas explosions. And since I did not find either amusing, it went downhill from there.



But he kept following me.



When I posted, Had anyone read the book who could give it a review? He said, “So, did I want HIM to give it a review”?

It was a threat.

I said I’d prefer people who read the book gave it reviews. And then he got more freaky and I blocked him.



He reviewed the book on Amazon. Just like he promised to do if I wasn’t nicer to him. A book he never read.

And he started a WordPress blog titled MaxAdamsAndTwitter. And pasted my photo on it and went to town with posts — with a link off his Amazon “review.”



WordPress took the blog down. Seeing as it was wearing my name and was draped in my photos and that’s kind of fucked up.

Amazon, however, is a little kinder and friskier with stalkers.



Amazon was the link out to the Max Adams Stalker Blog, see. But no worries. First, Amazon couldn’t find the one 1 star review on the book’s Amazon page even with an ISBN and link to the review. I know, that was the first email a week or so later after I asked for help.

(No worries, Amazon, I will send them to you again.)

Then, the review that flat out says “I didn’t read the book I just hate and want to fuck with the author” and links to a WordPress blog wearing the author’s name and photo attacking the author, well, no worries. That doesn’t violate Amazon terms of service. Because I guess being a conduit to personal and professional attacks on authors on the internet is no biggy, Amazon?

For fuck’s sake, Amazon, what are your terms of service?

Just curious.



I have to go call my lawyers now to find out what it means when an online business is actively operating as a conduit for personal and professional stalker attacks on female individuals through the internet. I asked for help more than once from you guys.

Love and Kisses,

Your Fuck You Amazon Adams Girl


PS: Hey, I posted your photo up there, you won’t mind right? You didn’t mind linking out to a stalker who was posting my photos, so I figured it would not bother you. Smooches!




look, ma, no hands!

December 16, 2012

 Screen shot 2012-12-16 at 6.41.40 AM










In the how cool is this department, the book hit #10 in the Kindle Screenwriting category today. Yay! And Amazon listed it in the “hot new releases” sidebar.

If Amazon were a man, right now I would be so naked for him.

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like THIS

December 12, 2012



“Likes” drive the world now.  Every once in a while I will post on Facebook or on Twitter, It would help if you guys go like my book on Amazon.

I get weird responses.  “Max, don’t they have to read the book!  What are you doing!  Soliciting wrong likes!?”

Oh feck off.  Over 50,000 people read the first book.  I know this because my editor called and congratulated me on the third print run and the book stayed available to book stores through AT LEAST two more print runs, though I never heard about those because by then my editor was gone [probably for telling writers how many prints runs they had] and Time Warner Books paperwork has never, to this day, reflected more than a first print run.  [In other words, I never got paid. And you wonder why I am self publishing this time, right?]

David Trottier comes out with new editions of The Screenwriter’s Bible.  And I go like them.  Do I read every single one of them?  No.  I read David’s original books and I am just happy to see he’s still putting out new versions.

William Martell came out with a new edition of The Secrets of Action Screenwriting.  Have I read it?  No.  I read the first one.  I kept recommending it except it was out of print.  So.  I’m just really happy a new edition is available so  I can tell my students to go get it.

And there is another aspect to “liking.”  It’s not always about being some critic who read the book and line edited it and pontificated over it and went crazy evaluating it.  Sometimes, you like a book because you know the author is good and you support the author.  The end.  I can’t read every book a student or workshopper or friend writes.  I just can’t.  I am spread too thin to read everything.  But I am often there during the initial stages when they are first writing them, I know what talent and work and craft went in there.  And I show up and like the book, whether I have time to read the final version or not, because —

[Pay attention to these words.]





Go like my book dammit.




max_close_gold_bull_frameOh yez, I now have —

A fancy author’s page on Amazon. This came about because one, I was trying to convince Amazon it should list my books together under, well, moi. And two because I was feeling guilt after asking people to go like my Amazon page (that is new, that like feature, it was not around when the first book came out or I do not remember it being around) and realizing I had all these author friends and students and I had better go like all their pages too. Oops. So off I went on a “liking” spree and discovered author pages.

Aha! A way to make Amazon link my titles.

So there it is. The fancy Amazon author page. Yay!

Now if I can convince Amazon to bring up The NEW Screenwriter’s Survival Guide when someone does a search for my name we will all be in gravy.


*Photo Credit Michael J. Canales


magic tricks

December 3, 2012


book_designYou don’t actually appreciate —

What goes into book design until you have done it. You don’t even appreciate it as an author, because if someone else is publishing the book, someone else is doing all sorts of things you never thought to consider. You look at the cover with no clue all the thought and technique that goes into cover design, you are just thinking, do you like how it looks? You don’t think about things like choosing a page size, and a print size, and a font, and choosing ways to open the chapters with interesting markings or text or headers. Or what kind of paper to use. And how thick that will make the book so how wide the spine has to be. Which will determine the spine design. Or spacing the text on the page. You don’t think about any of this stuff you just sort of take it for granted.


You build your own book.

Holy Mother of God that was work.

And now I have been sending copies out to people who pre-ordered the iBook (Kindle people stay frosty, it is coming) and people keep saying, That is so cool congratulations on the book. And part of me is gratified and says thanks. And part of me wants to yell, Who cares, did you see what it looks like!? Isn’t it pretty!?

Because to me, since I hunted for and found fonts and did page lay out and chapter header lay out and cover design and then needed help with that layout just to be sure so worked more on that and also decided how big to make the first letter in every first sentence in a chapter opening so it would stand out and what colors to use and then chose to justify these things just this way and —

All the stuff I would normally take for granted, I just did here and can no longer take for granted because now I know. And now I sit here paging through the book on the iPad marveling at what it looks like and over the fact all those choices finally came together and actually worked in the book and it is pretty, dammit. At least to me.

But no one else will see and get that unless he or she has designed and self published his or her own book.

But maybe that is the magic of publishing. Maybe it is like writing. If you do it right, people don’t need to understand the technique and magic behind the scenes, they just have to see it really works. And really, people only notice the magic technique when there is something wrong and the trick doesn’t work.


*You too can pre-order the book and get it before it hits iBooks, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.


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