tragedy strikes!

June 26, 2009



I lost. Damn!


If votes counted, I would have made it. And in the end I came in with over 525 votes in under a week, bringing me up to the #36 spot in the popularity counter. And you all rock so much for putting me there.

But. The Murphy-Goode people made their own selections and I was not one of their top 50 picks. Sucks to be me. [Okay not really but it is just polite to say so.]

Thank you everyone so much for your votes and support. That counts in the end way more than making the top 50. That just rocks. And I love you guys for doing it.

Meanwhile, here is the video yay!



As a result of all this madness I am on twitter @CelluloidBlonde. Also there is a vote for max facebook group and somehow someway that must have a purpose now for good — or evil. [I am still trying to decide.] And special special thanks to —

kym | kitty | jen | woe | ginny | sulya | rane | libby | chris | nancy | jordan | christie | debra | anita marie | grace | francisco | rachael | mary | toni | pixee and did I mention pooks?

And — many persons I have for sure failed to mention [ahh!] who rocked the vote. Thank you! You know who you are. And rock. And if you post here other people will know who you are too. [Post, dammit!]

Also special thanks to miss britt whose photo has become the end all be all mascot photo of the campaign.



where the art work comes from :
that is from miss britt

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