Austin Film Festival 2012

October 26, 2012


Max Adams, Kitty Sibille, Vivi Gregg, Cathy Rescher and Vicky Illk, Austin Film Festival 2012.

(I have no idea why Kitty has Vicky in a choke hold, we are writing congressmen for explanations.)

Kitty Sibille, Vivi Gregg, Max Adams, Austin Film Festival 2012

Max Adams, Cathy Rescher, and Kent Williams, Austin Film Festival 2012

Kitty Sibille, Julie Howe, Christopher Bosley, Austin Film Festial 2012

Vivi Gregg, Jacqueline Radley, Kitty Sibbile, Austin Film Festival 2012


Julie Howe and Max Adams, Austin Film Festival 2012

Kent Williams, Max Adams, and Carl Miller, Austin Film Festival 2012

Max Adams and Carl Miller, Austin Film Festival 2012

Ben Green, Max Adams, and Kitty Sibille, Austin Film Festival 2012

Vivi Gregg, Terry Rossio and Max Adams, Austin Film Festival October 2012



costume time yay!

July 28, 2012


So a friend and I are headed to New Orleans for Halloween. Oh yez. Up your insurance policies and, as the Doctor says: “Basically. Run.”

This kind of high fallutin’ All Hallow’s Eve action requires costumes.  I am torn between three:

WWII Pin Up Girl?

Star Wars Fighter Babe?


Or the ever constant Sailor Moon?



See that poll down there? Help a girl out and — Vote!





After exhaustive study, and this is no small thing, being new to Texas and having to bone up on everything as a noob, and knowing full well I am a noob so may be making some glaring errors — point it out please before Tuesday if I am — I have come to conclusions about Republican candidates in upcoming primaries.

It’s important to do this because voting is next Tuesday and I figure it doesn’t do a whole hell of a lot of good to send someone to Washington as president if you don’t also send other people to DC that will back him up. And that means state support too. Because one of the big conflicts between federal and state government is the clash of federal power with state power. Don’t believe me? Look at all those medical marijuana facilities getting raided by the feds. Cancer patients can do medical marijuana in California, according to California state law. But the feds keep breaking down doors anyway. Not to mention since I’m shoving for a return of state power, well, maybe I better get cracking on what’s happening in the state. Sheesh. So many politics. So little time.



[*hint, do not hit star gifs below like links,
links are blue text here, not gifs.]


President: Ron Paul.

United States Senator: Glenn Addison: Addison’s the one guy staunchly in favor of constitutional rights. Like, not getting beat to shit when you peacefully protest and not getting thrown in jail for the rest of your life without charges or a lawyer or a trial. He’s anti-war. And he’s the one guy vocally supporting Ron Paul.

District 10 Rep: Eddie Traylor. Technically Traylor is not good. But his opposition is Michael McCaul. McCaul=CISPA. Throw that bastard out and vote Traylor.

District 17 Rep: George Hindman. I don’t really like Hindman either, he appears to be pro war. But he’s good on the Constitution and protecting citizen’s rights and his opposition is Bill Flores. Flores supports NDAA. Throw that bastard out and vote Hindman in.

District 21 Rep: Richard Morgan. Richard Morgan is all good. Yay! Also one of his opposers is Lamar Smith. Lamar Smith=CISPA. Vote that bastard out and vote Richard Morgan in.

District 25 Rep: Uncommitted. I can’t find anyone with any redeaming qualities running in this one. Several of them are flat out bad, and a couple of them I just can’t find info on online. Sorry District 25. You guys are screwed unless you come up with a write in candidate.

District 35 Rep: Rob Roark. Rob Roark is all good. Yay!

Railroad Commissioner: Becky Berger. Becky Berger has the smartest, most well written explanation and justification for why she should be the Railroad Commissioner. She’s also the best educated and qualified by her background. And she’s not a career politician, a lawyer, or one of Rick Perry’s appointees. [As far as I am concerned, if you are one of Rick Perry’s people? That is a black mark.]

Railroad Commissioner Unexpired Term: Barry Smitherton. This is really a default choice because Elizabeth Murray-Kolb appears pro-fracking [wtf!] and the other two guys look bad. So Smitherton is one of those “do the least damage” choices.

Place 2 Justice Supreme Court: Steve Smith
. Steve Smith gets a star from me and his opposition Don Willett is a Bush/Perry crony. Vote that bastard out and vote Steve Smith in.

Place 4 Justice Supreme Court: Uncommitted. David Medina is a Perry person. John Devine looks bad. And I can’t find anything about Joe Pool Jr. online to give me much of an idea about him.

Place 6 Justice Supreme Court: Nathan Hecht. He’s running unopposed and looks okay.

Presiding Judge Court of Criminal Appeals: Uncommitted. Sharon Keller is running unopposed. There’s a lot of nasty baggage here, going back to an appeal she refused to look at, saying, “We close at 5.” Granted, the guy being appealed for by his attorneys appears to have been a real monster who had already lost two appeals, but this sort of response is not necessarily what you want sitting on the bench if your loved one, or you, are on death row.

Place 7 Judge Court of Criminal Appeals: Barbara Parker Hervey. Running unopposed. Looks okay.

Place 8 Court of Criminal Appeals: Elsa Alcala. Running unopposed. Looks okay. You should check out this woman’s back story too. It’s pretty amazing.

District 5 Member State Board of Education: Steve Salyer. Steve Salyer gets a star from me.

District 10 Member State Board of Education: Rebecca Osborne. She’s a teacher, she’s very well educated with a PhD, she’s strongly involved and very pro the students. She gets a star from me.

District 14 State Senator: Uncommitted. Guy Fielder is running unopposed and I just can’t find enough information on him online to form an opinion there. Sorry Fielder, might want to work on that internet presence.

District 21 State Senator: Grant Rostig. Grant’s a Ron Paul supporter. Yay!

District 24 State Senator: Uncommitted. Troy Fraser is a natural resources guy and I couldn’t find info much outside of that on the guy.

District 25 State Senator: Anyone but Jeff Wentworth. Seriously. The guy was a spook, a lawyer, and now looks like a careerist politician. That’s not a good combo. His opposition is Donna Campbell, who looked bad, and Elizabeth Ames Jones who pretty much wins by default not because she’s good, she isn’t, but because she’s the least bad. But looks pretty establishment generic which is, well, bad. Dear District 25: You need a write in.

District 47 State Representative: Paul Workman. He is anti NDAA, which is good, though he looks a little gun rabid. Oh well. This IS Texas. Everyone is gun rabid. His opposition is Ryan Downtown who is seriously establishment. Establishment status quo is bad. Vote that bastard out and vote Paul Workman in.

District 48 State Representative: Robert Thomas
. Robert Thomas is firmly anti-NDAA. Though tragically I have lost the link that demonstrates that. Oops. Also running unopposed.

Place 2 Justice 3rd Court of Appeals: Jeff Rose. Running unopposed. Looks okay.

Place 3 Justice 3rd Court of Appeals: Madeleine Connor
. She looks solid and her opposition Scott Field doesn’t.

Place 5 Justice 3rd Court of Appeals: Uncommitted. David Puryear is running unopposed there. Just couldn’t find enough on him to make a solid estimation.

Place 6 Justice 3rd Court of Appeals: Bob Pemberton
. Bob Pemberton looks all good. Yay!

Sheriff: Raymond Frank. Frank is a Ron Paul guy. Yay! He also says he is against the misuse of tasers. Double yay!

County Tax Assessor-Collector: Vik Vad. He’s running unopposed. He seems okay.

Precinct 3 County Commissioner: Ira Yates. It took a lot of digging to find info on Ira Yates and I was kind of despairing and then I found info and bam, he got a star for massive expertise and hands on personal and professional experience.

Precinct 2 Constable: Toby Miller. He wins because he looks okay and his opposition Harrera appears pro war on drugs. Ugh.

Precinct 3 Constable: J Miller. He wins because I can’t find much on his opposition and he’s got a long track record in law enforcement that looks decent and he’s also done lots with K9 units. [I trust dog people over most other people. Right or wrong, it’s a character fluke. Sorry.]

There are four issues on the ballot. I’m for school choice, for repealing the mandatory purchase of health insurance that’s unconstitutional, for prohibiting government restriction of public prayer, not because I’m big on public prayer but because I think it’s a freedom of speech issue and I’m pro freedom of speech. I’m still studying this balanced budget thing and don’t know much about what that’s about. And I don’t know much about this redistricting issue. Though historically, redistricting is usually an establishment tool used to disenfranchise opposition so I’m not big on it generally. But I have to study more.

So that’s it. The cheat sheet to date. Do with it what you will.


Love and Kisses,

Your See You At The Polls Adams Girl


:::max adams texas presidential primary cheat sheet:::





There are issues in motion right now that I consider the most important political issues of our day and this election those are big factors in my filtering of candidates criteria:

•NDAA, the Patriot Act, TSA and all accompanying inroads against the rights of citizens in the US including the ongoing military police assault against Occupy Wall Street and peaceful protest.

•CISPA/SOPA/ACTA and all its bastard offshoots and clones.

•Wars, occupation, and military spending in the Middle East that are gutting this country and killing off the younger generation of soldiers either in the field or when they suicide either in the field or after returning home.

•The “war on drugs.” Which is contributing substantially and not in a good way to the militarization of police forces at home in conjunction with the “war on terror.”

As far as I am concerned, there are no more pressing issues right here, right now, in play in politics.


Ron Paul and I don’t see eye to eye on everything. Given other options, I’d want Dennis Kucinich. But there are no other options and Dennis Kucinich is not on the ballot and the next best choice is Ron Paul.

Ron Paul will pull us out of the wars, occupations, and nation building that are bleeding this country dry, not only of years to come of its gross national product, but of the lives of young soldiers dying daily not just from enemy fire, but suicide as a result of the damage done to them by these wars. And not two or three or five or fifteen years from now. NOW. He’ll un-write indefinite detention [NDAA] of American Citizens; He’ll kill the Patriot Act and unwarranted searches and wiretapping; He’ll dismantle the groping and ever reaching TSA; He’ll stop the ongoing police assault on peaceful protesters in the Occupy movement and the militarization of domestic police forces; He’ll end the insane war on drugs that has made the US the world leader in private [for profit] prisons and incarceration of citizens; And he’ll stop the ongoing and perpetual assault on a free and functioning internet that show up daily in the forms of SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, and more recently CISPA. Add to this he does not believe in the ongoing assault on whistle blowers and Bradley Manning might just see the sky again someday if Ron Paul is elected president and the ongoing world wide witch hunt for Julian Assange might stop. And, he’ll stop the drones. Which are killing civilians every day overseas, and coming to your neighborhood street corner any day soon if either Obama or Romney are voted into office.

That’s a lot of reasons to vote for Ron Paul.


People shove a lot of objections at me on the Ron Paul argument:

He’s a racist!

Um. Right. One number:


That’s the DAILY AVERAGE OF PEOPLE ARRESTED IN THE US EVERY DAY. It’s a fucking huge number. The majority of those arrests are for non-violent drug crimes. And the majority of them, poor or of color, will go on to join the vast, near-voiceless crowd of 2.3 million incarcerated Americans. And what will most of them have in common? They will be poor people of color. So don’t talk to me about racism. The one presidential candidate who is trying to take Black America off the prison block, which appears to have replaced the slave block, may have a few personal foibles about whom he wants to invite over for Thanksgiving dinner, but he’s trying to do something that will be of more value to the communities of color in this country than any other candidate is. He’s trying to end the drug war. Which is not incarcerating White America. It is incarcerating Black America.


Then there is the abortion issue. Ron Paul doesn’t like abortion! Okay. So what? He’s the president. That is the executive branch, not the legistlative or judiciary branch.

[For fuck’s sake, learn your branches!]

The president doesn’t get to outlaw abortion. He doesn’t get to outlaw anything. All he can do is veto laws coming through he does not approve of, or, suggest lawmakers make laws he might like to see, or, in some cases, really strong arm his party to create laws. But he doesn’t make laws. Ever. Because. He’s not the branch of government that makes Law.

I think Obama was kind of counting on the public citizenry getting this when he just sat there doing nothing during the whole health care thing. Or at least his handlers were. But at this point, everyone is so used to treating the president like a king, I’m not sure the general public actually knows —

The President does not write laws.

Or —

Is not supposed to write laws.

There were those Executive Orders Bush kept writing that “Candidate Obama” railed against, and “President Obama” has gone catnip happy for. These things go up every day, in triplicate. Which would be humorous, looking back at Candidate Obama railing against Bush, if it were not so awful.

But, Hello, the president is not the law making branch of government. So those should not be happening in the first place.


Then there is the argument, but he gets to name new Supreme Court members. Yeah he does. I used to fall for that one too. Also, a little late for that, Bush WAS in office EIGHT YEARS. AHHH! But yes. Naming the Supreme Court peeps is major. Unless the Supreme Court and Federal Government are not in charge of EVERYTHING.

Maybe this is something you have been missing. The president can actually say, Hey, the Supreme Court doesn’t get to rule on this issue. [Didn’t know that one did you? Any president since Roe vs. Wade could have killed Roe vs. Wade. All they had to do was say, This is not the purview of the the Supreme Court. They didn’t though, did they? Think about that one if you voted for a president because you thought he was anti-abortion. He lied to you. He could have ended it any day. And he didn’t.] This is, from a pro-choice perspective, actually the real danger of a Paul presidency. He does know how that works. He can nullify Roe vs. Wade. And, being one of the men in DC who actually knows how that all works? And being anti choice? He might do it.

However. He’s a constitutionalist. Every vote he makes is about whether the federal government should be imposing or overriding state law. He might overturn Roe vs. Wade. But he won’t walk storm troopers into any state that makes abortion legal.

As things stand now, if anyone on the federal level were to overturn Roe vs. Wade, the establishment would.

This is what I think people often do not get about Paul. His stances on any issue are always, should this be federally imposed? Should the federal government be imposing this, and capable of taking this away, or should this be up to states, period? That’s his stance on civil rights, that’s his stance on abortion, if you give that right to the federal government, it can be taken away from all people at any time, if you hold it with the state, you have some input and ability to change it sans the National Guard and/or drones attacking.

And, if you think about it, it doesn’t matter if Roe vs. Wade is still hovering on the brink of extinction in federal court if your state makes it nearly or entirely impossible to obtain an abortion despite it being federally legal. [Which is happening in a load of states.] So maybe if we stop worrying about the federal government dictating this and start pushing on a state level for choice, you and I can make our states allow choice. [Also Ron Paul is the only candidate in the Republican primary debates who, during a discussion about this when the “ABORTION PILL!” came up in discussion said, “Well don’t be stupid that is just birth control.”]

Back to choice. Though it is kind of cool to have someone who will say, Don’t be stupid, that’s just birth control. [Yay for doctor candidates!]

Right now, apparently all it takes is one [more] Supreme Court judge to say no and the whole freaking country goes toes up on Roe vs. Wade. Though that might be a little optimistic, considering what else the Supreme Court, allegedly more balanced than it really was, has done recently. [Corporations are people, anyone?] In fact, if you leave something in the entire control of the federal government, that’s how it works. If the federal government goes the wrong way, and it has a lot, recently, everyone goes the wrong way. So. Which do you have more access to? Your federal government? Or your town and state? Who do you want dictating to you? That guy from South Carolina? [Sorry South Carolina but you guys have been sort of dicks recently.] Or the governor you can actually maybe talk to or put some pressure on?


Then there is gay marriage. “Ron Paul is against gay marriage!” Um, no he isn’t. He doesn’t want to do it himself. He isn’t entirely down with the concept. But what he doesn’t want to do is federally control or dictate it. He thinks states should make their own laws. The end, period. And the federal government should be as hands off in this and every matter as possible. You want to make gay marriage legal in South Carolina? Go fucking boot out the bozo in South Carolina who is against it. Wait, you don’t live in South Carolina? Then go boot out the guy messing with you in your own state and let South Carolina worry about itself and boot out its own guy. This will work, state by state, if you become active instead of waiting for the federal government to do things and then relying on compromise with [sorry, but you were dicks] South Carolina.


Another argument: Regulation. “Ron Paul will get rid of regulation and environmental protection agencies!” Um, well, in case you hadn’t noticed, Obama has Monsanto in charge of the FDA, Goldman Sachs in charge of banking regulation, Exelon is running nuclear regulation, BP and Haliburton and other oil entities are running oil drilling regulation, Wellpoint wrote the new health care bill, GE is in charge of job creation… do I have to keep going here or do you get the picture? The protection and regulation agencies, on top of costing the American tax payer a load of coin to operate because they keep growing and costing more, are already asylums being run by the inmates. They don’t regulate. They don’t protect. They have become antimatter agencies tearing down everything they are supposed to protect. Add to that, each industry that is allegedly being regulated, except it is being “regulated” by double agents it sent in? [Being paid and supported on the tax payer’s dime.] Each of those industries is still getting seed fund cash from the government. Big oil gets incentive cash. Nuclear companies get seed money cash. Monsanto gets seed money cash. [That was not a pun on purpose.] We are paying tax payer cash into these companies to create the very things killing us, then paying them again in the form of regulatory agencies to stop themselves after we paid their start up fees and when their own executives and lobbyists are running regulatory agencies in order to ignore any wrong doing and while the heads of these companies are swapping in and out of the presidential cabinet to “advise” the president on how to keep it all going this way.

Which I call hell in a hand basket.

So yeah. As far as I am concerned? Tear those motherfuckers down. And then? Cut off their tax payer paid start up funds. And see how willing they are to build a new nuclear facility if it’s them, not the tax payers, who have to put out the 40 billion dollar fee to build the new facility. We’re paying to build EVERY nuclear plant. Under Paul? It’s all “real capital” baby, the government and taxpayers won’t pay your bills to build a new nuclear facility.

So. Want to stop new nuclear reactors being built? Maybe Paul is your guy. Because he won’t give nuclear companies tax cash to build the nuclear facilities. Or. You know. You could keep giving them that cash and then paying for regulatory agencies headed by their lobbyists to allegedly play watch dog while the hoses inside the nuclear facilities burn.

Your choice.


Have I addressed all objections?

Probably not.

But that is a pretty good start.


:::the continuing saga of the max adams texas republicans primary cheat sheet:::





*save a soldier, vote ron paul


god damn!

April 28, 2012



*start a revolution, vote ron paul






There is this great scene in —

The 13th Warrior. The Arab protagonist has against his will and better judgment embarked on a journey with to his way of thinking a bunch of crazy barbaric unclean Norsemen and is stuck on the road with them and every night around the camp fire they tells stories. In a language he does not know, but hey, he is a writer, writers are good at language, and he starts to pick up words and then phrases and one night has enough words and phrases he gets someone is making a rude comment about his mother and he snaps back, “My mother was a pure woman of noble birth and at least I know who my father is.” And there is some stopping people from killing other people and then someone demands, How do you know our language?

He spits back, I listen!



Listening is the most abandoned and underrated gift in America today.



For three years, I posted, I stated, I ranted, Obama has betrayed every candidate promise and every hope voters held when they put him in office, I will never again vote for that man.

Nobody listened.



I’m a born and bred Democrat. We are not supposed to say those things. And I was accepted by fellow liberals and progressives and democrats as a pretty strong voice, before I started saying those things. After I started saying those things, some of them dropped off. But others? They stuck around, I think humoring me. “Oh Max, she is so cute and volatile, she doesn’t mean it, when the time comes, she will vote the right way. The right way being the Obama way.



This insane and really stupid assessment of someone railing against Obama for three years is seriously the result of not listening.



Flash forward, I’m at a film festival sitting across a table from a clearly sane sincere intelligent young man who is saying he is voting for Ron Paul.

To me this is one of those blink moments.

My knee jerk reaction is, But he’s a crank. Because, you know, my whole party, everyone I associate with, that is what they say. What they are trained to say. Indoctrinated to say. “Don’t pay attention to Ron Paul, he’s a crank.”



The thing is, I don’t know anything about Ron Paul. Nothing. All I know is I am supposed to say, He’s a crank. Why do I have a response to this man’s name built in based on absolutely no knowledge?



I drop his name to a couple friends. They don’t know a thing about him either. But they have built in responses too. “He’s a racist.” “He’s anti-choice.” This is getting a little freaky. Why does everyone I know have a programmed response and no actual knowledge about the guy? Cue Twilight Zone music.



It takes a couple weeks to lighten the load, but I get Ron Paul’s book and read it. He’s not a crank. And he says a lot of things I agree with. Like bring our soldiers home. Like stop the insane “war on drugs.” Stop telling people who they can sleep with. Stop telling people who they can marry. Stop spying on people. Stop torturing people. I look up more stuff on the guy: Stop feeling people up at airports. Stop writing laws that say you can assassinate people or incarcerate people without charges cause or a trial. And that is all working for me —

But that isn’t when I become a Ron Paul supporter.



I post on Facebook, I am looking at this Ron Paul thing. I get seriously attacked, like crazy, by fellow Democrats.

That isn’t when I became a Ron Paul supporter.



I post on Twitter, Ron Paul is interesting. I get called everything from a white supremacist to a fascist to a – okay maybe that language is too strong to post.

That isn’t when I became a Ron Paul supporter.



I post on the blog, linking to some stories and comments by people like David Sirota and Glen Greenwald who are saying maybe Ron Paul has something worthwhile to say. They aren’t “supporting him,” but maybe there is something to this. I get attacked. Again.

That isn’t when I became a Ron Paul supporter.



The day I become a Ron Paul supporter is when I have been on the net looking at interviews and treatises and clips and articles all featuring some of the 15 smartest journalists and satirists in the country all Democrats and the one thing I see over and over again is, “I don’t support this guy I just think what he is saying makes sense and you should read it but then dismiss it because he is a crank.”

That is the day I say, Fuck it, I support Ron Paul.

Because that is the day I get, I can’t be another liberal coward sitting back saying this is the only guy in America running for the presidency who says anything reasonable or worthy of election or even progressive, but I have to preface any repeat of what he says with “I don’t support this guy he is a crank” to make sure my liberal brethren don’t go unhinged on my ass.


Who’s A Real Progressive ~ David Sirota
Democratic Party Priorities – Glenn Greenwald
How Did Ron Paul Become the 13th Floor? ~ Jon Stewart





the birthday yay!

February 15, 2012

Max Adams, Michael Canales, Vivi Gregg

Max Adams, Michael Canales, and Vivi Gregg, Austin Texas February 2012

Max Adams, Patrick Megna

Max Adams, Patrick Megna, Austin Texas February 2012

Max Adams

Max Adams, Austin Texas February 2012

Kitty Sibille, Max Adams

Kitty Sibille, Max Adams Austin Texas February 2012


*photos by various birthday bash revelers, hey we were lucky to get the focus right let alone the photo credits


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