Office art is up! Yay! Yay! Yay!

[Yeah yeah yeah, you’re saying, Hey Max! Why so late and where is the piece of furniture that goes under the office art? Quit it. Head injury after move in. I’m all proud I can hang art on a straight line. The furniture comes later ya bastards. And look, ohh, ahh, pretty! Yay!]

Taking off the accident weight.




To truly get the significance of this post, you would have to know about things like the December accident. Which, if you don’t know, well, forget it, you don’t really need to. Just admire the hair, dammit! Yay!


Who is responsible for that spiffy Max hair???:

Kate Leatherwood at Last Satellite Salon



You knew it would not end with SeeMaxRun, right? Of course not. The real goal was to vevamp the AFW site I just got sidetracked along the way.  So now AFW is revamped. It is a work in progress but it is coming together. Stop by and tell me what you think.



So for no reason other than sometime around 2 AM the other night I didn’t feel like reading one more script I went on a rampage and took apart seemaxrun and rebuilt it. I think it’s pretty — of course I like lots of white. It’s not done yet, either, but the bones are there. What do you think?

confederate flag parade!

June 29, 2015



july classes

June 28, 2015


white_chairs          July classes are —


Around the corner. I could tell you about them but I think I am coddling you too much. You could totally look these up on your own but instead I spend all my time posting about them everywhere on the internet and have to get fat pants.

That is too wrong. So. Instead —

I am going to post three links.

If you are lucky, you will hit a link that takes you to classes. If not? It will take you, um, somewhere else.

Ooh. Mystery!

Good luck, sports fans.






June 28, 2015


So I took a couple mental health days away from the computer and when I came back, holy cats! Justice and equality for everyone!

Gays can marry!

Three Strikes and the prison industrial complex take a hit!

Bree Newsome takes down the Confederate flag in South Carolina. [With help from fellow  activist James Tyson who’s not getting near enough credit but I get that I just hope they bailed him out too.]

Watch, this rocks:


With all this whacky goodness on at full throttle I should have probably quit while I was ahead. I didn’t so there is bummer news too. The Pentagon has legalized killing reporters. Six Black churches have burned this week in the South. Also punks put the Confederate flag back up in South Carolina right after law enforcement arrested Bree and James.


I’m still counting this week a win. It’s the first time I’ve logged back on after a mental health break and the good has been running neck and neck with the bad instead of lying mutilated a mile back somewhere on the road’s dusty shoulder.

fat pants!

June 21, 2015

So I have to get fat pants. [Isn’t the fat pants dog hilarious? Thank you Jardiland Light Biscuits!]

I have to get fat pants because I got hurt six months ago and haven’t exercised and also have lived in sweats and pajama pants for the last six months.

Interestingly, sweats and pajama pants are a lot more forgiving than jeans. Something that only really comes home after you try to stuff your fat little post injury size 6 bod into your skinny little pre injury bod size 2 jeans.

I could tell myself I will just exercise it off. But I need to leave the house one of these days before I exercise anything off and maybe not in sweats or pajamas.

Fat jeans are in the mail.

happy father’s day

June 21, 2015


This never gets old to me.


Happy Father’s Day.


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