merry christmas you animals

December 24, 2016



toxic plutonium rat urine!

December 21, 2016


Banksy Rat
Once upon a time an excitable friend sent me an email forward.

“Toxic rat radioactive urine on Coca Cola cans killing people!”

He was worried about my health. I drink a lot of Coca Cola. He meant well.

He was not happy with me when I said, “You know, rat urine is not toxic or radioactive right? Gross, yes, but not toxic or radioactive.”

I just saw a link on Facebook about 10 year olds leaving the Catholic Church. “10 year olds leaving the Catholic faith!” Very excitable yes?

The article says these 10 year olds [who are in 4th grade or some such] are leaving the Catholic faith because of what they learned in High School and University.

You guys all know 10 year olds are not in high school or university right?

They are in fucking grammar school!

There is a point at which, if you are not on a 3rd grader’s playground [or a 3rd grader] you are supposed to assume the mantle of adulthood and logic.

That’s not asking a lot people.

Rat urine is not poisonous. Or radioactive. Gross, yes. Poisonous or radioactive? Not.

10 years olds do not attend high school and university classes.

Not in any universe I attended grammar school in any way.



Stop. Think.

For fuck’s sake.


anthology ahoy!

December 20, 2016

Remember when I told you I have a story coming out in an anthololy? Well there was a slight publication delay but the anthology Debris & Detritus: The Lesser Greek Gods Running Amok has arrived. Yay!

Okay almost arrived, it technically arrives on February 10th. It is availalbe for pre-purchase now however. And it contains my sassy story The Night I Shot Johnny Valentine. Yay!

Also look at the cover. Ooh, ahh, pretty!

Debris & Detritus: The Lesser Greek Gods Running Amok


December 11, 2016

Yours truly is teaming up with Stage 32 again to bring you a new Stage 32 Next Level Webinar: Mastering Story Momentum: How to Jump Start Dramatic Tension & Pacing.

Here’s the intro clip.


Hope you can make it.




~ m




norma talmage max!

October 30, 2016

This is really fun to me. I posted this photo [which originally featured silent film star Norma Talmage] saying, Oh yez, that is what I want to be. Then I got taunted. So I photoshopped me into the photo.

[I don’t really use Photoshop. I hate Photoshop. But it has become a verb easier to use than, what? Graphics manipulation?]


Max: Bow, Puny Weeklings!

Bow! Bow! Bow before me, puny mortals! Yay!


photo day!

September 20, 2016

cute hair september 2016

austin glam party!

September 15, 2016


That is right, sports fans, yours truly Max Adams along with Kate Leatherwood from Last Satellite are having a party. We’ll be showcasing Kate’s amazing makeup skills for eyes, my Instantly Ageless, and the fabulous Ambra del Nepal from i Profumi di Firenze. If you are in Austin and feeling like you need some more glam in your life, please RSVP on the Last Satellite Facebook event page so we know to expect you.


Max & Kate Transformations!


Max & Kate Transformations









@NWSFortWorth Hates Austin

September 4, 2016

UPDATE: Well this is annoying. It turns out the Twitter weather accounts are EXACTLY like television cable companies and they say things like “we don’t service your area” because — they don’t “service” your area. So you don’t even go on their maps when they report the weather.

I hate being wrong.

Oh well.

My bad, @NWSFortWorth carry on.

@NWSSanAntonio Hates Austin









September 4, 2016


September is mildly crazed because I have two weeks off in late August early September between AFW classes to do just about everything I don’t have time to do while AFW classes are in session. So, it’s time off — with no time off.


This is not a bad thing. Part of what I need to do between classes is re-watch movies for classes and such. And also catch up on movies. Oh the horror! [Not really. This is part of the best part of my job.]


Classes do start back up September 13th and I should tell you about those. On the horizon, High Concept Writing AND The First 30 Pages. You should check them out.


The First 30 Pages, an online screenwriting class taught by screenwriter Max Adams


High Concept Writing, an online screenwriting class taught by screenwriter Max Adams



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