Not much, but enough people think I should I figured that would get your attention.

Let’s do something better.

Instead of making me feel like an asshole?

Let’s give you something that makes you feel like less of an asshole.



When I watch this —

I feel uplifted.

And like there might still be hope for the human race.




the day we fight back

February 11, 2014


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“If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.” ~ Cardinal Richelieu

Please visit TheDayWeFightBack.Org

You also might want to hit Electronic Frontier Foundation

And Amy Goodman’s article on Truthdig


i was just following orders

December 18, 2013


following_ordersThere’s this article —

I’m seeing this article hit Facebook, repeatedly, with people [allegedly liberals] getting all enraged about it.

It’s about police in Colorado refusing to spend their time enforcing a “take away their guns” policy.

Here’s the article:

Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Laws on Gun Control [New York Times]

Here are some of the comments I have seen:

“They aren’t fit to hold the office of sheriff. AND they are, for the most part, cessessionists.”

“And here I thought they were to uphold the laws, not just the ones they like!”

“The one good thing is that they are “outing” themselves and, in their ignorance, they think everyone is onboard with them and their ideas. This, of course, is not so and brings them media attention and scrutiny. That tactic has already brought several of these types down.”




In the article, Sheriff John Cooke is pointing out it is impossible to tell whether identical gun magazines were purchased pre-law, or post-law. Which is a valid point. Apparently purchase, sale, and ownership of the magazines is only illegal from the point of the law going into effect — ownership of magazines purchased pre-law going into effect is not illegal.

Gun control advocates who are hard core appear to think law enforcement should spend its time storming gun owners’ homes searching their residences and confiscating legally purchased gun magazines just to be sure. Wow. My liberal brethren. Really?



That’s not “liberal,” btw. That’s “Nazi.” I hope you know that.



*Cue hate mail.



My other, and bigger concern, is, what happened to the law of “conscience”?

It used to be illegal for someone of color to drink out of a “white” drinking fountain. Would the same people going crazy yelling at law enforcement “it’s the law, just do it and don’t ask questions!” applaud, or deride, a police officer who refused to enforce the drinking fountain law?

It seems to me, lately, the question of conscience that should be allowed any officer of the law, according to both the “conservative” and “liberal” camps currently screaming “if I want it just do it, don’t ask fucking questions no conscience required!,” appears to not be a concern.

“If you are doing what I want, your conscience should not come into play.”

“If you are doing what I do not want, your conscience should come into play.”



Not to bring Hitler into the equation, but I am going too, How many people are still enraged the people taking orders in Nazi Germany said, “I was just doing my job”?

The Hitler guys were “enforcing the law.”



[Law, you know, is an arbitrary system made up by people. Yeah, sometimes we do our best. Sometimes we really seriously don't. It depends who is making the laws.]



Everyone post-Hitler seems pretty agreed, the Hitler employees should have seriously questioned orders and engaged their own free will and conscience.

And yet here we are today, with police saying, “That’s wrong, I won’t do it,” and —

Self professed fucking liberals, yes, fucking liberals! [I get to say that because I grew up a "liberal" and am so betrayed by the whole concept I can't even begin to stutter out how fucked up this is] screaming at them, “It’s not your job to think, it’s your job to do as you’re told!”

Jesus Christ. Seriously?

You really want to be the asshole saying, “Do the fucking law as written, be an automaton for the state, don’t engage your conscience”?

That’s backing up every Nazi who ever hit a twelve year old kid in the head with a rifle butt.



This is a question of conscience, and whether or not police should enforce all laws, regardless of what those laws are, acting as automatons of the state, or should at times question a law and whether or not that law is correct and/or should be enforced.



I personally am relieved to see some police officers engaging their consciences and thinking about and questioning the rules handed down to them from on high and whether or not as officers of the “law” in a more moral sense, they can or should in good conscience enforce those laws.



This same issue came up during the Occupy Wall Street protests when some law enforcement officers refused to beat and pepper spray peaceful protesters. Were those law enforcement officers entitled to make a moral decision about the orders they received, then, or should they have behaved as automatons of the state then too and beat and pepper sprayed teenage girls along with their gung ho less thoughtful companions?

And going back to Nazi Germany, should any of those guys have made a moral decision on their own? Or should they have just “followed orders”?




humming_birdI keep seeing —

This comparison between auto insurance and health insurance.

The comparison of auto insurance to health insurance is ridiculous.

You have a choice to purchase a car or not purchase a car. A car is a material possession. One you cannot even legally operate until you reach a designated age close to reaching legal maturity.

Likewise, with homeowner’s insurance, you have a choice, purchase a house or not. And this usually only happens after achieving adulthood.

Birth is not a choice.

You are born into this world alive, an infant, incapable of refusing life and/or purchasing insurance for what is not, in the first place, a material possession.

Life is not a material possession. Life is a state of being. And you enter it without benefit of a choice in the matter, any choice in your health upon arrival, or the ability or wherewithal to insure either.

Stop equating life with auto ownership. It is a ridiculous comparison.





brokenmaskThere’s a big internet scare —

About Los Angeles being the next big 9-11 hit.


November 15th.


It’s kind of stupid. I’m not sure why anyone would follow up, say, I dunno, on a 2001 September attack in 20013 in November on a completely different day. Really? 12 years later? In a different month on a different day. Not that that is just bad marketing follow through. But, ultimately, completely stupid. Nobody waits 12 years to follow up. You are probably safe, Los Angeles. Unless your government wants to fuck with you. I’m pretty sure no terrorists are this marketing impaired. But the government? Pretty sure it is.


The internet warning says warnings are going out from Anonymous. People are talking. On one hand saying Anonymous is full of crap. On another hand saying, This is some government conspiracy to put info out there under the Anonymous handle to discredit Anonymous. And then there is the third hand, (nice to have three hands, right?), If Anonymous did just uncover and make public a 9-11 type attack, the fastest way to discredit Anonymous would be to just not do the attack.


Sucks to be you, Los Angeles, in the cross fire, in this discussion. Since, if you live in Los Angeles, this is not exactly an intellectual discussion, it is a question of whether or not you are going to get blown up tomorrow going into work.


I wonder sometimes how all of this turned into an “intellectual discussion.”


It’s not an intellectual discussion for me. I was born in Los Angeles. So were my parents. So were some of my grandparents. You’re not talking about, Oh I just happened to be there, when you talk about blowing up Los Angeles to me. You’re talking about blowing up my grandparents’ headstones.

Fuck you.


What people are not saying —

Los Angeles has already been hit. It is an insidious hit, but it’s a hit. Japan blew up and is spewing radioactivity into the Pacific and the airstream that is hitting the West Coast of the U.S., every day, and there’s a dog pile of radioactive flotsam from the Japan tsunami wake washing up all along the West Coast.


No one’s even talking about that effect on Hawaii, which was in the direct path of the first wash, but people at some point will have to start talking when thousands of pounds of radioactive flotsam hits shores from Baja to Seattle.

Also you have to consider the Hudson Current, which runs north to south from Alaska to Mexico unless there is an El Nino in effect, and then runs backwards, from Mexico to Alaska. Which means even places that shouldn’t be in the path, like Alaska? Are going to get hit.


Once upon a time after 9-11 some students and I in a chat room were talking about, if 9-11 were on purpose and a little more organized and insidious?, what would the next hit be.

We mapped it out.


So far that map is pretty accurate. But we missed some stuff. We thought Seattle would go before Los Angeles. Seattle has a for shit sea wall, bad bridges, a lot of political misbehaving in terms of funds, and is the easiest physical infrastructure to take down after New Orleans. But —

We just were not imaginative enough.


We never imagined someone would take out the entire Pacific Rim by blowing up Japan.


’nuff said

June 26, 2013





still_lifeSo I’ve been —

Considering all the financial meltdown and end of the world stuff for a while. I’m not convinced it won’t happen. I’m not convinced it will happen. But it might be smart to be prepared if it does. And one of the ways of being prepared is to know how to get out of the United States.

[We are not going anywhere good in the US, you know, or maybe don’t, it depends on whether you have been paying attention.]


Everywhere else is melting down too. A lot of those places much faster than the U.S. Leaving pretty much the only place standing that even looks remotely reasonable Iceland, and why in Hell would Iceland want some Hollywood screenwriter?

Not to mention, if the whole world goes Mad Max, Iceland might have some problems maintaining sovereignty or borders. Hmm.


What I know is, no matter what happens, people are going to want alcohol. Call it addiction, call it privilege, call it escape, whatever you call it, if the whole world falls apart, someone somewhere is going to want to go to a nice club, listen to some music, and have a sip of whiskey.


I’m going to learn how to make whiskey.

[Fuck you, end of the world!]



November 6, 2012




Today I will vote for a man who will bring the troops home so young men stop coming home missing legs, arms, faces and life because they were defending foreign oil wells. Today I will vote for a man who will restore habeas corpus. Today I will vote for a man who will end the “war on drugs” that is such an abysmal failure going on 50% of the prison population today is non-violent offenders. Who…
will NOT mandate every American buy health insurance from corporations at triple rates because Wellpoint said that looks like an awesome plan and then wrote the bills to make it so. Who will not appoint Goldman Sachs heads of state to oversee banking regulations and will not appoint Monsanto officials to oversea food and health regulation. Who will not say “It’s complicated” every time a simple question is asked. Who is not backed by nuclear power to the extent he will be in Chile pimping solar power while Fukushima is melting because, hey, Exelon paid for the Chicago campaign. Today I will vote for the last man standing who might save this country. And 90% of my friends and family members and fellow Americans will not.


ndaa and obama’s crown

September 13, 2012


The president —

“Strongly believes that to detain American citizens in military custody infinitely without trial, would be a break with our traditions and values as a nation, and wants to make sure that any type of authorization coming from congress, complies with our Constitution, our rules of war and any applicable laws.”

So that was a lie. U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest ruled in favor of Chris Hedges’ suit against Obama and NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act], permanently blocking disputed provisions in the NDAA as unconstitutional. And Obama and friends immediately filed an appeal. Actually they filed some sort of appeal a while back, anticipating NDAA would be knocked down by the judge after her May stance which temporarily restrained the implementation of NDAA.

Here is the thing to think about. A US president is fighting tooth and nail for the legal right to throw US citizens into jail, for life, without charges or a trial.

What sick science fiction movie is this coming out of?

And why is anyone voting for a president who would want the power to or try to do that?


There is another guy, by the way, who was big on arresting citizens and throwing them into prisons without charges or trial. His name was Stalin.


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