why i love greg

July 16, 2009


greg: i guess you got on those max

me: sometimes i am the ninja, sometimes i am the goat

greg: to me you are always the ninja max



Holy smokes!

I want to date THAT guy.



:::original xin:::


day of the ninja

December 5, 2007


ninjaSo probably —

Everyone knows December fifth is Day of the Ninja right?

[You do now.]

In honor of Day of the Ninja I took the ninja quiz and that freaking quiz told me :


You are not a Ninja. You are a Man in Black.

You are not a Man in Black. You do not work for the CIA. You do not exist. You do not move outside the realm of normal society. This quiz does not exist. Nothing to see here. Move along please.


Why of all the —

Damn Quiz. It was rigged, I tell you, rigged. I am totally a ninja dumb quiz.

Say also if you forgot it was Day of the Ninja and your ninja outfit happens to be at the cleaners never fear you can whip up a nice new ninja outfit in no time so you will not be made fun of by your ninja peers — woah close one — the directions are over at Rain’s.

Happy Day of the Ninja.


:::are you a ninja:::


*please excuse me now i have to go “talk” to some people about a quiz result….



white ninja squirrelStil and I were talking —

About the hilarity of this drunken squirrel photo I natch had to swipe off her site [post to come later] because small debauched mammals are amusing to me for no reason I [or my family] can or really want to know —

And she told me about the white squirrel.

This was when she lived with The Weasel [I do not know The Weasel’s real name I just go with what I know though that makes posts here come out like episodes from Wind in the Willows sometimes] and there was a resident white squirrel. And immediately I wanted pictures but it was a stealth squirrel so there were not photos.

Good thing I am a fixer and went right out and found photos of a white squirrel or there would be no post today.

ps : i so love that photo i may have to write a real fairy tale to go with the white ninja squirrel photo


where that squirrel photo came from :
that is white squirrel by stickware

the waiter

July 6, 2007


ice skating waiterYou are the waiter —

This is funny as hell to me. Everyone was taking the Nikita Quiz and CriminyJickets comes back with “I am a waiter.”

I think it is made up and call him on it and he says, No, those were really the results : Waiter.

This creates suspicions maybe an important character was nicknamed “Waiter” but I do not think so and also do not care I am having too much fun with the idea you take a quiz, expecting to be some important character. You know, like, you think you are going to be Adama in Battlestar Galactica or River in Serenity or Izzy in Gray’s Anatomy and then your answer comes back, “You are an obscure waiter with no speaking role.”

That is just funny as hell to me.

Then he says, No, Max, “Walter.”

Ooops. Party’s over.


where the art work comes from :
that is ice skating waiter by alfred eisenstaedt

i am so nikita yay!

July 2, 2007


pita wilson as nikitaYou are totally Nikita.

[Yay! Yay! Yay!]

Okay the quiz was not really that excited about it.

I was though.

The last assassin quiz I took I ended up Leon aka Jean Reno from The Professional and Leon is not a pretty girl and is a really bad dresser and also is kind of a tard

Despite being super good at what he does and also nice to children.


:::what la femme nikita character are you:::


that is pita wilson she
played nikita in the tv show

In college, I could not sneak out for a smoke or sleep through the anthropology classes. Betil was a forensic anthropologist and a respected primatologist and very very smart and very very strict. You showed up, you turned off the recorders, and you shut up, listened and learned.

Well mostly.

use the radioactive ooze!

Okay that is not my test. Also I am not admitting the “you are hot do you work out?” notes on math tests that terrorized that newlywed math teacher into giving me A’s instead of reading and grading my exams.

where i lifted this turtle :
“like all things spanish, it is dangerous”
at missed manners

more fun with tests :
they totally studied

ninja trouble

February 20, 2007

martial_arts_1.pngJust in case anyone at risk is wondering.

[Cough cough AJ! cough cough.]

Two more Supernatural disks are showing from Netflix today.

If there is no Mr. Morgan on these disks —

There will be ninja trouble.