christmas miracles

December 26, 2013


Know what that is? Ohyez, that is Minot North Dakota going Banksy.

I did not think we were going to get North Dakota but that baby came in at the last minute, just was we were wrapping up the Stripes count for Christmas. And you know what that means, right?

[No? You so need to get out more.*]

We got every state by Christmas. Yay yay yay!

Screen shot 2013-12-26 at 2.54.59 AM

*Don’t know what Going Banksy is? Wow where have you been hiding?

:::GO SEE:::



sunday evening plans

December 24, 2013


Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 6.18.50 AM


PS: We are giving away a free copy of :::the book::: in a random drawing at the end of the night.


mr. butts

November 9, 2013


mrbutts_cbIs it —

Amazing I still have this photo? That is Mr. Butts in his rocket pack. Originally he had a globe helmet he wore for the movie but the helmet photos were too smoky for the magazine so we gave him a space hat and put his space pack on him to shoot these for the Dog Fancy article.

I am holding anchovi pizza off camera to get this pose [every dog has his weakness] while Fabiana Cesa who I went to film school with and who is great with a camera shoots the pictures.


Mr. Butts was a major player in Plan 10 From Outer Space directed by Trent Harris starring Karen Black which I crewed on in college.


There is an entire Dog Fancy article and also a Cinefantastique article on Mr. Butts [yeah yeah yeah, you didn’t think I was paying tuition in college?] if I get time I will put them up and link them in. For now, you just get the really sweet dog. Also, the “Holy Mother of Christ, no tongue, Mr. Butts!” story is not currently online. But could be. If you ask nice.


ow the knee ow

August 27, 2013




So foolishly Saturday night I went dancing in totally inappropriate shoes.  [Hey, I did not know I was going dancing, I thought I was going to a comedy club.  And I did that too.  The dancing was a surprise event that came after.]  Then for good measure, I trotted up and down unfriendly stairs in said inappropriate shoes, did two shots of some really suspicious cinnamon flavored brew, and slammed my [bad, okay, they are both bad, but I picked the most bad for this stunt] knee into a hard surface just to bring that baby home.



The knee is not feeling very forgiving.  My knees have never been forgiving.  In the words of a past ortho doc, “So pretty on the outside, so ugly on the inside.”  So I am a little hobbled here, but hey, the knee has not demanded the knee brace yet.  Ooh la la, I can still wear shorts and pretty dresses — if I don’t go crazy on the shoes.  [Yeah, don’t count on that.]



Meanwhile, in other news.  If you were planning on that free bumper sticker with swag, you missed out.  That ended Sunday.  But the swag is still cool, free [bribe!] bumper sticker or not, and there is cool new book news on the horizon. 

:::THE BOOK::: is now available at Book People [Austin], Book Soup [West Hollywood], Cinema Books [Seattle],  Samuel French [Hollywood], and coming soon to Trident Booksellers and Cafe [Boston].  Yay!

[Check out :::WHERE TO BUY::: for the current list of booksellers.]

Also we’re talking to Book Soup about an author event.  That would seriously be yay, though involve [uh ohs] me getting on a plane.



And in other cool ass news, knee willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be playing softball in the upcoming Gridiron Heroes Celebrity Softball Tournament September 13-14 in Schertz Texas [that’s by San Antonio for the geographically impaired] so if you want to see mind over matter, come out to the Gridiron Heroes event and watch me run on this punk ass knee.  Yay!

I promise to wear appropriate foot wear and swing that bat.  Also I throw in home via Second and yell “Not the face!” a lot [my short stop days are over shut up] and should be doing a fabulous Kirk Gibson impression from the year The Dodgers brought that baby home.  Except I’m shorter and blonder.  Bottom line, It should be entertaining as hell, if you like to see small blondes run and curse a lot.

AND.  It’s for a :::DAMN GOOD CAUSE:::

See you there.


Your Gridiron Heroes Adams Girl



*BTW, we have done hot crazy Gridiron Hero action here before. Oh yez, last year we did the hot poker tournament and auction. Stop in. We’re not going anywhere.








Join us for Indiechat 3/19 at 9pm EST! Topic: Screenplays

March 19th, 2013 by

As many of you may know we took over the twitter chat #indiechat. #Indiechat is held every Tuesday at 9pm EST. You can check out our previous chat logs on BiblioCrunch Storify.

This week on #indiechat Kate Tilton (@Froze8) will be will be hosting from the BiblioCrunch twitter account (@BiblioCrunch) with guest Max Adams (@CelluloidBlonde). Max will be giving her tips on screenwriting and answering questions!

Hope to see you there!

About Max Adams:

Photo Credit Michael J. Canales

Max Adams is an award winning screenwriter and author. She has written professionally for Columbia Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, and Tri-Star Pictures. Organizations she has lectured and/or taught at include University of Southern California, Austin Film Festival, Squaw Valley Community of Writers, Film Arts Foundation, New York Film Academy, Gotham Writers, University of Utah, and the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences. She is a former Writers Guild of America, West online screenwriting mentor, is the founder of two international online screenwriting workshops, The Left Door and 5150,  is the author of The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide; Or, Guerrilla Meeting Tactics and Other Acts of War, is a University of Utah associate instructor and is the founder of the The Academy of Film Writing. Her produced feature films include Excess Baggage, The Ladykillers, and One For the Money. You can connect with Max at The Academy of Film Writing or check out her book: The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide;  Or, Guerrilla Meeting Tactics and Other Acts of War. Photo Credit Michael J. Canales.



Going Banksy

December 14, 2012


So. Marketing. It is always interesting. And as funny and entertaining as the memes and billboard photos are, I can’t go out and get a damn billboard. I’m already freakishly out of pocket publishing the book just covering ISBNs, conversions, editing, cover work, art, you name it, I spent it. But. The book needs to get out there.

This is where Banksy comes in.

I love street art. I love the concept of going out and just stenciling up art all the hell over. And, while I don’t expect most people to be masters at glue, paint or stencils? I figure anyone can print an Avery label and slap that baby on the wall in a Starbucks restroom. Yay!

So —

Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it:

This is a PDF Template for guerrilla marketing stickers. All you need, to use this, is a box of Avery Labels #5164 [6 labels per sheet, 3 1/3″ by 4″ labels] and you can print 600 stickers and go all Banksy and slap those bad boy stickers on walls, tables, chairs, wherever, whenever.

The stickers do not have to be perfect. This is guerrilla stuff. Just as long as the title, url, and author name are in there, you are golden.

It would be funny as hell if these things started turning up all over the place from Canada to California to Paraguay.

Bonus Points: If you take a photo of yourself with the sticker and post it on the Facebook Page, you get total bonus points. [You can wear a ski mask.] And you go up on the interactive map that is going up soon here on site for sticker sightings. Or, if you spot a sticker? Take a photo of it and post it on the Facebook page. That totally works too. [Be sure and attach date spotted and location.]

Ready? Set? Go!

•Yes there will be prizes. Yay!
•There is no cut off date for Banksy frenzy.
•Extra points for creativity but hey, nobody do anything life threatening.



max_close_gold_bull_frameOh yez, I now have —

A fancy author’s page on Amazon. This came about because one, I was trying to convince Amazon it should list my books together under, well, moi. And two because I was feeling guilt after asking people to go like my Amazon page (that is new, that like feature, it was not around when the first book came out or I do not remember it being around) and realizing I had all these author friends and students and I had better go like all their pages too. Oops. So off I went on a “liking” spree and discovered author pages.

Aha! A way to make Amazon link my titles.

So there it is. The fancy Amazon author page. Yay!

Now if I can convince Amazon to bring up The NEW Screenwriter’s Survival Guide when someone does a search for my name we will all be in gravy.


*Photo Credit Michael J. Canales


meme winners yay!

December 5, 2012



Oh yez, we have meme winners. Yay! Go see.

Also, as of now the book is up on Barnes & Noble and Kobo and going up next on Amazon [expect that by Thursday]. We will see how long iBooks takes, word on the street is iBooks is pretty slow. But —

If you do not want to wait on Amazon and iBooks loading, if you want the book now, you can order it direct and get it email today: :::buy_the_book:::


*Confused? Don’t know what book we are talking about? Freak! We are talking about The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide.


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