April 10, 2016


There is this hashtag on Twitter #ForcedFamilyFun that is brilliant — which is totally surprising.

Hashtag #ForcedFamilyFun was started by a TBS TV show sponsor [The Detour] and usually those crash and burn hard — but not this time.

I do not know if the show is any good I have never watched it but this time the show peeps got it so right and that hashtag stream should be funny as hell. Except  —

All these weird ass dysfunctional people [mostly parents uh ohs] are showing up and tweeting THEY HAVE FUN AND IT’S NOT FORCED!

I am not sure whether to file that under “irony” or “delusion” or “Wow Detour peeps that was totally a brilliant funny hashtag that should have worked clearly the internetz gods hate you I am so sorry.”


It did inspire me to dig out a childhood photo.


Hat Attitude




good travels, sol

July 26, 2015


david and sol feldthouse

From left to right, brothers David Feldthouse & Sol Feldthouse performing.


My cousin Sol left us on July 24th, 2015.

It will be a sadder world for the lack of him.

Good travels wherever your next journey takes you Sol.

I love you.


my cousin sol

July 23, 2015

Sol_1_txt Sol_2_txt Sol_3_txt

Sol Feldthouse left us July 24th, 2015

happy father’s day

June 21, 2015


This never gets old to me.


Happy Father’s Day.


missing vera

February 1, 2015


To become a US citizen, you are required to renounce your citizenship of birth.

To say, “I no longer love my country of birth or have any allegiance to that country at all.”

I think that’s kind of fucked up.

So did my mother-in-law.



[I was married to Swedes for a time.]



Vera lived in the United States for fifty years. From the time she was hauled over here as a young mother and bride — to the day she died.



Vera is the smartest woman I ever met.

Vera did the New York Times crossword puzzle every Sunday morning.

For fun and relaxation.

In her third language.

[She spoke seven.]

In under an hour.



[Okay actually a half hour but that just pisses me off so I’m trying to downplay that.]



[Okay actually Vera spoke nine languages, but Vera didn’t count languages Vera couldn’t rap in as “fluent.”]



[I can’t do that fucking New York Times crossword puzzle in a week.]



Vera could not vote in a US election because she would not renounce Sweden.



I lost Vera when I divorced her son.

She never forgave me for that.



I get that.

Vera never renounced Sweden.

How could she forgive me for renouncing her son?




baby_feetIn news completely unrelated to regular goings on at AFW, Celluloid Blonde and all things Max — My assistant Cris is the proud new father of a baby girl.  Welcome to the world, Baby Cici.  Yay!


*PS:  I have no Cici photos yet so am nabbing a cute baby pic off the internet and risking internet gods fury to do it, don’t judge me.



liar liar

October 4, 2014




When I was a kid growing up, adults said things to my parents like, “Oh your little girl is so pretty.”

Or, “Oh, your little girl is so smart.”

I just thought that’s what adults say to be polite.



Adults are total liars.

Any kid knows this.

They say food is delicious when it isn’t. They say houses are lovely when they aren’t. They say their feelings aren’t hurt when they are. They tell someone she looks lovely when they are thinking the whole time, Wow, that outfit is a disaster —

Adults lie about everything ALL THE TIME.



How would it ever occur to me, as a kid, adults were sincere about anything nice they said about me?





where that cartoon comes from :
that is from should you be laughing at this by hugleikur dagsson

[i was so needing a dagsson fix]


max paper doll

I had paper dolls when I was a kid.

I spent a lot of time with my grandmother.

I was dressing the paper dolls in ski clothes one day.

[It’s not my fault, some sort of Sochi winter Olympics shit was going down.]

My grandmother said, “Yeah it’s easy to dress them in ski clothes when you’re sitting under the air conditioning vent.”

Then she laughed.

I don’t think anyone else got my grandmother’s laugh.

I did.

[It was summer in California.]

[In a drought year.]

[And fucking hot.]

[If The Onion had been around then? My grandmother would have fucking owned it.]

My grandmother loved dogs.

I miss her.



the slut wars

March 2, 2014


This appeared on FB [via Raincoaster AKA Lorraine Murphy who was sharing from Women’s Rights News]:




In case you can’t read that — which some people can’t because of image clarity — I’m going to go all carpel tunnel on your ass and type it again:


QUESTION: “If you had a daughter and she was going to go out to a party with guys drinking would you let her go out looking like a slut?”


ANSWER: “If the next generation has sons that are as repulsed by rape as they should be then we won’t need to worry about our daughter’s clothing. Hell, if we just make our generation shift the blame from the victim to the perpetrator and recognize rape as an act of violence rather than a natural hazard then we won’t even notice clothing. In fact the only way that I’ll need to worry about my daughter’s clothing is if society stays this fucked. I’d probably end up doing something incredibly violent to somebody if anything ever happened to one of my loved ones and the system failed them.

“So the question becomes: If you had a son and he was going out to a party with girls drinking, would you let him go knowing that one of them could be my daughter and that if he ever touched her without her consent I’d kill you?

“You focus on raising a son that you can confidently send to a party even if you think that you will die if he inappropriately touches a woman and I’ll focus on raising a daughter full stop.”


*I believe the original source for that is a Tumblr blog, Marxisforbros, btw, if you want to check that out. And if I’m wrong someone tell me so I can correct that.


There are a lot of responses and comments below the post on the Women’s Rights News post. They range from “I can dress however I want!” to “Fucking feminzi scum!” [That’s not my typo, I can spell Feminazi.]

Here’s the thing.

In some cultures, any female not wearing a burka is “dressed like a slut.” Shall our daughters wear burkas so as not to inflame rapists? Is that what we should teach them? Or should we teach our sons not to rape?

I’m going with teach our sons not to be monsters and rapists. Mileage may vary. Here’s a burka:




And here’s a clip of a woman dressed in Western European clothing told she’s naked and trying to seduce people and should go home and put on some clothes [that starts at 146 on the clip if you want to skip ahead, they tell her she’s going to Hell too].



So back to THE THING.

EVERYONE in this conversation believes he or she knows what “dressing like a slut” means.

Bad news though.

What you think “dressing like a slut” means?

May be very very different from the boy who thinks your daughter is a rape toy because his and his parents’ idea of what “dressing like a slut” means is, well, not wearing a burka.


PS: All of this may be very new or confusing for some people so just in case you are a criminally insane bad parent or were raised wrong and so are a criminally insane rapist, here are some helpful tips on :::HOW NOT TO BE A RAPIST:::


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