entertainment for a mind tired of murder

November 16, 2015


I am so tired of stories about serial killers. And about murders. And about murderers. And about cops hunting serial killers and murderers. And about lawyers trying murderers and proving murderers murdered people. And about terrorists. And about kidnappers. And about death and people hunting other people and people who kill other people and just — I am wrung out by and exhausted by murder as entertainment.

So I’ve been watching other things.

News Radio. Black Books. Beginners. Chalet Girl. About A Boy.

A lot of the time when I am working I have something playing background while I work so it does not matter that I have seen it before. It is keeping me company. And I cannot fall asleep alone in total silence. The shows keep me company then too.

Tonight I thought, Wow, I really need a list of shows and movies that are not about people killing people.

So that’s the start of my list. News Radio. Black Books. Beginners. About A Boy. Also The Station Agent and Wristcutters, A Love Story. Though people could argue there is death in there some places, it isn’t murder.

Feel free to add to my list in comments.


5 Responses to “entertainment for a mind tired of murder”

  1. Kym Kemp said

    All the movies based on books by Jane Austin….But the books are even better than the movies.

  2. benschill said

    “Moonstruck”… “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”… “Sideways” (depressing but no one gets killed) “Gosford Park” (only one murder and you hate the guy anyway) “… “Brideshesd Revisited” ( great example of dialog taken directly from the novel and it is delicious… Some of the best lines in motion picture history are casually tossed off in this one…)

  3. Max said

    Kym, yay! I was watching Pride & Prejudice too. The series with Colin Firth. I love that.

    Ben, Gosford Park is a MURDER mystery, jeez. I love Moonstruck though.

  4. Jae Eynon said

    Miss Potter, Wallace and Gromit, The Great British Bake-Off.

  5. michele said

    I’ve been watching Modern Family – it’s pretty funny

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