books ah you bastards!

September 4, 2015


I went into a used book store once trying to sell off used books.

I was about to interstate move.

Books are heavy.

The store bought a ton of those books but the weird thing was, the girl at the counter asked me to tell her about the books, so I did, book by book, and then she said,

“Wait, have you read all these books?”

It is kind of weird to me anyone who works in a book store wouldn’t assume someone selling a used book has read the book.


I’m trying to give away books now. Books are heavy. They take up space. I can get them all on the iPad which is not heavy and does not take up space.

Here’s the problem.


All these damn books are signed.

I can’t give those away or sell them.



3 Responses to “books ah you bastards!”

  1. animar64 said

    I feel the same way about my record albums. I haven’t owned a stereo in over 20 years and some of my albums are signed promos.

  2. Max said

    Those are even harder to store and cart around because they are hot/cold sensitive and also breakable. I weep for you.

  3. SandySays1 said

    Try a school or library. Keep reading – “open minds open books.”

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