moses and the big gulp cup

January 28, 2015




There’s this Big Gulp plastic cup lying on its side on the ground by a new fence in the green.

I look at it every day when I am on my balcony smoking a cig.



The fence is new. It went up a few days ago. Some construction guys came with wood and nail guns and wheelbarrows and equipment. They were good with nail guns, but not really with measuring there’s an open spot in the fence where they couldn’t fit a slat of pre-measured wood. But they put that fence up in a day. And they brought Big Gulps.



When the fence was finished, the construction guys packed up their tools and nail guns and wheel barrows and wood slats that didn’t exactly fit and left.

But they didn’t pack up that Big Gulp plastic cup.



There must be a union rule construction workers ascribe to about fast food wrappers and Big Gulp cups. Construction workers always come along with tools and materials and wheel barrows and ladders and sometimes fancy hats and goggles and even cranes. And build things. Then construction workers always pack up all their tools and wander off. And —




What is that, like one of the commandments on the tablet Moses broke on the mountain?

“Union Construction Workers Shalt Not Pick Up Their Big Gulp Cups”?



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