November 18, 2014



Movers are booked. Copious packing supplies have arrived. Paperwork is in works. This is about the time to totally stress out about the move but to my chagrin I discover the cigarette and alcohol stockpiles are way too low for a proper stress out.

This must be corrected immediately.


PS: I told you the blog was shut down for the move right? I totally lied. I am way too stressed to not blog.



3 Responses to “ahhhhh!”

  1. debi said

    Blogging therapy dose. Yay!

  2. Patricia Sorgi said

    Sending good thoughts your way. hoping it all goes well, that it feels like “home” soon and that you have plenty of help and beer on hand.

  3. Max said

    Thanks guys. Send cute panda pics. Ahhh!

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