omg omg omg!

January 25, 2014




This is so awesome! My friend James Patrick Joyce was mocking up old movie posters and he did a totally cool one for me but since I am difficult [or so I have been told] I say, Oh that so rocks thank you for Gable and Powell — but can I have Some Like It Hot?

And he did it!

Yay! Yay! Yay!

This is totally going in my obituary file.


*Oh like you guys have not written your obituary in advance with fabulous lies in it too.



6 Responses to “omg omg omg!”

  1. Fabulous! He does amazing work!

  2. Max said

    I am still reeling from the fabulous quotient yay!

  3. Max said

    [also I am getting a little worried about my gender identification what with throwing out words like fabulous and quotient there]

  4. I’m no master photo manipulator, but it’s lots of fun doing them. I guess that makes me some kind of minor geek.

  5. Max said

    Oh it’s fun. I love it.

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