not your ‘mom’s’ soap bubbles

January 5, 2014


Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 11.33.05 PM


That is not a shot from Hollywood’s upcoming hot new science fiction flick. [Though maybe it should be.]  That is a photograph of a frozen soap bubble by Washington photographer Angela Kelly.


Kelly’s images are starkly beautiful and unusual. So starkly beautiful and unusual they’re on the internet everywhere from weather blogs to the Washington Post. Which rocks. It’s amazing when a photographer gets that much coverage for a single series of photographs. It’s career changing.

—> :::see kelly’s flickr portfolio:::


What is disturbing is, while I was trying to unearth the source of these images, I kept getting smacked in the face with “look what happens when a ‘mom’ takes pictures.”

Over and over again, that was a the headline. “Look what a ‘mom’ did.”


I kept wondering, what if a woman is a rocket scientist and designs the space shuttle navigation system, but also has given birth? How are they going to report that? “Look what happens when a ‘mom’ puts a steering wheel in a Space Shuttle”?


I have never seen a man who is a professional photographer and ALSO a parent described by reporters as “look what happens when a ‘dad’ takes out his camera” in national press coverage. Why? Because it’s fecking rude to totally discount someone’s professional accomplishments by diminutizing them with a child’s title for their parental status.

What next? Hillary Clinton is just “a ‘mom’ goes to Washington”?

I do not think so.


For the slow kids in the back row?


Dear Reporters: The correct title you are looking for is “professional photographer.”

You’re welcome.


:::visit professional photographer angela kelly’s facebook page:::



One Response to “not your ‘mom’s’ soap bubbles”

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