when reporters are the story

December 9, 2013




Something happened sometime somewhere in some galaxy really close to home.

News stopped being about news. News started being about the “Personality” reporting the news.



I do not know when this happened. I just know it did. And that something about this is not right.



I find myself saying things like “Someone should remind Fox News that the Pope doesn’t answer to ratings reviews, voters, Rupert Murdoch, shareholders, or the Republican Party. The Pope answers to God.”



It’s true. But still. I wonder when it became more important “Fox News” was reporting than what Fox News or its “personalities” were reporting.



All the articles I am reading online too are not just saying “Fox News.” They’re naming the people saying what they are saying. [Which I am not going to do here because the whole point here is, the reporter shouldn’t be more important than the story.



That doesn’t just go for Fox either. If I say “Rachel Maddow,” it’s not about what she’s saying. It’s about the fact “Rachel Maddow” said it.

[Oh well fuck me, there we go with a name, I was trying not to do that. Sigh.]



These are allegedly “reporters.” What is supposed to be important about what they say is, “THIS IS NEWS.”

But it isn’t. These days, what appears to be important is who said it.




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