i do not think it means what you think it means….

December 6, 2013


humming_birdI keep seeing —

This comparison between auto insurance and health insurance.

The comparison of auto insurance to health insurance is ridiculous.

You have a choice to purchase a car or not purchase a car. A car is a material possession. One you cannot even legally operate until you reach a designated age close to reaching legal maturity.

Likewise, with homeowner’s insurance, you have a choice, purchase a house or not. And this usually only happens after achieving adulthood.

Birth is not a choice.

You are born into this world alive, an infant, incapable of refusing life and/or purchasing insurance for what is not, in the first place, a material possession.

Life is not a material possession. Life is a state of being. And you enter it without benefit of a choice in the matter, any choice in your health upon arrival, or the ability or wherewithal to insure either.

Stop equating life with auto ownership. It is a ridiculous comparison.



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