banksy countdown

November 16, 2013


Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 7.18.36 PM


STATES STILL TO GO: As of November 16th, 2013, we have 4 states to go before Christmas. I am not sure we will make it, but my partners in crime are optimistic. [Crazy partners in crime!) If you can nail one of these states you are a hero:

Delaware (?)
Idaho (*)
North Dakota
Wisconsin (*)

*There are asterisks or questions marks next to states people say they are picking up.

*We still have one total dead zone: North Dakota. Oh North Dakota how you mock me.

*Delaware is shady as fuck too.





2 Responses to “banksy countdown”

  1. What can I do for you in Delaware?

  2. Max said

    Hi, Gordon. Thanks for stopping by. This is all about going Banksy and you could Banksy in Delaware. All that info is here: TNSSG | GOING BANKSY

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