debtor’s prison and tanks

October 9, 2013


tate tunnels


And Lo! Behold!

At 6:59 AM on Wednesday October 9th, Max Adams sent her tax accounts and [highly suspicious math] figurings to her beleaguered tax accountants and prayed life was good.



[It won’t be, it never is, something horrible always happens between now and the 15th that always spells “debtor’s prison” and “IRS reprisals” and possibly “small tanks and smart missiles” and ALWAYS requires more tax frenzy, but right now this moment? I can kid myself I am done.]



Thank you Blessed Virgin, Baby Jesus, God on High, Moses, King David, that guy who danced around temples and had hot diamonds on his hands he could not unload, Jason and the Argonauts, Ash from Army of Darkness, the Gray Eyed Goddess Athena, Zeus —



And also any and all pagan gods that might be hovering on the fringes and pissed off if they do not get a mention.




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