the girl with two dogs

June 5, 2013


two_black_dogsThere is a girl —

Who walks her two dogs down the path outside. She is little, about 5’3″. With long straight dark hair, a very white smile, and an hour glass figure a little over what Victoria Secret hires for.

The dogs are small dogs, black, about 20 pounds each. One is Poodle, one is Terrier.

The dogs were not sure about me and gave me the eagle eye when we first met. One barked. The Poodle, not the Terrier. But they decided they like me. Now they do the dog grin at me.

The girl is really sweet, and not American at all. Americans have these communication rules about insincere greetings. When someone says how goes it or what’s new, people say “fine” or “things are good.” They don’t really answer. They give the polite programmed response. It is a thing.

My small dogs friend doesn’t talk that way. When she stops and I ask some small polite question, she really answers. And tells me stories. About her day, her weekend, what just happened that is news.

I wonder whether this is cultural or she is lonely. I am not sure. But we talk.

It always makes my day more interesting.

Then I wonder whether that is cultural or I am lonely.

I will be moving soon.

I will miss the girl with two dogs.



2 Responses to “the girl with two dogs”

  1. She sounds lovely. Like someone from the past, who would engage in a conversation because that’s what you did when you saw someone again passing by. Those were the days.

  2. Max said

    She is lovely. And I totally do not believe you are old enough to remember the days you are describing.

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