plans for the end of the world

March 22, 2013


still_lifeSo I’ve been —

Considering all the financial meltdown and end of the world stuff for a while. I’m not convinced it won’t happen. I’m not convinced it will happen. But it might be smart to be prepared if it does. And one of the ways of being prepared is to know how to get out of the United States.

[We are not going anywhere good in the US, you know, or maybe don’t, it depends on whether you have been paying attention.]


Everywhere else is melting down too. A lot of those places much faster than the U.S. Leaving pretty much the only place standing that even looks remotely reasonable Iceland, and why in Hell would Iceland want some Hollywood screenwriter?

Not to mention, if the whole world goes Mad Max, Iceland might have some problems maintaining sovereignty or borders. Hmm.


What I know is, no matter what happens, people are going to want alcohol. Call it addiction, call it privilege, call it escape, whatever you call it, if the whole world falls apart, someone somewhere is going to want to go to a nice club, listen to some music, and have a sip of whiskey.


I’m going to learn how to make whiskey.

[Fuck you, end of the world!]



2 Responses to “plans for the end of the world”

  1. I make very good beer and decent wine.
    Really been wanting to try my hand at distillation.
    Wanta collaborate?
    What about backwoods Canada?

  2. Max said

    We are so perfecting our distilling skills and blocking out a portion of back woods Canada. Just to be sure.

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