ooh la la, the fancy author’s page

December 8, 2012


max_close_gold_bull_frameOh yez, I now have —

A fancy author’s page on Amazon. This came about because one, I was trying to convince Amazon it should list my books together under, well, moi. And two because I was feeling guilt after asking people to go like my Amazon page (that is new, that like feature, it was not around when the first book came out or I do not remember it being around) and realizing I had all these author friends and students and I had better go like all their pages too. Oops. So off I went on a “liking” spree and discovered author pages.

Aha! A way to make Amazon link my titles.

So there it is. The fancy Amazon author page. Yay!

Now if I can convince Amazon to bring up The NEW Screenwriter’s Survival Guide when someone does a search for my name we will all be in gravy.


*Photo Credit Michael J. Canales



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