needles and lightning

September 3, 2012


The convoluted route —

That brought me to feng shui and acupuncture and yoga — is a face off with needles and lightning.


It started with martial arts. I got into martial arts because I had been in so many violent altercations I should not have survived, I just thought maybe I should actually learn how to fight.


I got accepted by a martial arts teacher who did not take beginners.

But he took me.

According to him only a really small percentage of the population even ever has a violent physical encounter.

I’d been in more than five in your face dangerous violent situations, was a girl who weighed 110 pounds — and shouldn’t have survived any of them — but walked away every time.


[“Walked away” is an exaggeration, sometimes I crawled, sometimes I was severely limping. Maybe “stayed alive” is the better word choice here.]


We did a lot of chi work in that dojo. “Chi” as a concept is so complex I would like to just send you to Wikipedia except Wikipedia is so screwed up on chi that would screw you up worse than me explaining it. So I guess I have to take a swipe.



:::to be continued:::




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