costume time yay!

July 28, 2012


So a friend and I are headed to New Orleans for Halloween. Oh yez. Up your insurance policies and, as the Doctor says: “Basically. Run.”

This kind of high fallutin’ All Hallow’s Eve action requires costumes.  I am torn between three:

WWII Pin Up Girl?

Star Wars Fighter Babe?


Or the ever constant Sailor Moon?



See that poll down there? Help a girl out and — Vote!




5 Responses to “costume time yay!”

  1. I love those boots Max.

  2. Max said

    Aren’t they amazing? I am not sure how they would do in the Quarter on cobblestones but they look great.

  3. Love them all, but having just left some costume parties in New Orleans, pick something with shoes you can stand in for a while – it’s a city of bar crawls and limited seating. :-)

    Have fun, and happy haunting!

  4. Max said

    Good point. Thanks.

  5. […] Polls aside, Star Wars Fighter Babe AKA Queen Amidala just totally won the Halloween costume […]

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