May 20, 2012
















:::more photos of note::: [public intelligence]
:::more photos of note::: [chicago tribune]
:::more more photos of note::: [still scenes]


*where these photos come from: some of them come from
the above links, some come from twitter, some from facebook,
i do not always know the sources, it is important you look,
you see, them — these are the children of america, many of
them journalists, others veterans who fought to uphold the
constitution, these are your daughters, your sons, your sisters,
your brothers, we must stop this red vs. blue battle and say
enough is enough and draw a line in the sand now no more
american blood may be spilled for the occupation, no more
american lives may be destroyed to support the occupation,
we stop it now and hold firm — or go forever into history
just like every other empire before us that overstretched
its bounds and overstretched its peoples and then thought
beating them silent would stop the collapse



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