time to return

March 30, 2012


So it is probably time to post something around these here parts. If AJ were here she’d say, Max, last post March 17, blog slacking! She is not so no one is saying that to me — but me.

There is a truckload of stuff I could post about too. Most of it, if political, bad. I am just not in the mood to be sad or dwell on horrific new intelligentia political. It’s there. Go see. Most of it is in my twitter feed. But I grow weary of knowing EVERYTHING wrong with the world. Let’s do something else. Let’s post this really cool reel from my friend Drew Lewis. Drew hasn’t left his apartment in a week. Send him sandwiches. And like his new reel. Yay!


Black Canvas Productions 2012 Demo Reel from Black Canvas on Vimeo.


PS: See those dead feeds at the bottom of the page? That is Dreamhost and Paper.li sucking. One of the reasons I have not had time to post around here. Gah! That will get fixed in April. Stay frosty.



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